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List of Books Received

April 2020 (124.2)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Äikäs, Tiina, and Anna-Kaisa Salmi, eds. The Sound of Silence: Indigenous Perspectives on the Historical Archaeology of Colonialism. New York: Berghahn 2019. Pp. xii + 223. $120. ISBN 978-1-78920-329-5 (cloth).

Bennett, James E. The Archaeology of Egypt in the Third Intermediate Period. New York: Cambridge University Press 2019. Pp. xxiv + 350. $110. ISBN 978-1-108-48208-0 (cloth).

Bishop, M.C. The Secret History of the Roman Roads of Britain. Philadelphia: Pen and Sword Military 2019. Pp. xiii + 210. $29.95. ISBN 978-1-52-676113-2 (paper).

Cau Ontiveros, Miguel Ángel, and Catalina Mas Florit, eds. Change and Resilience: The Occupation of Mediterranean Islands in Late Antiquity (Joukowsky Institute Publication 9). Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. xxviii + 308. $45. ISBN 978-1-78925-180-7 (paper).

Cébeillac-Gervasoni, Mireille, Nicolas Laubry, and Fausto Zevi, eds. Ricerche su Ostia e il suo territorio: Atti del Terzo Seminario Ostiense (Roma, École française de Rome, 21–22 Ottobre 2015) (CÉFR 553). Rome: École française de Rome 2019. Pp. 412. €69. ISBN 978-2-7283-1332-7 (paper).

Chionetti, Alex. Mysteries of the Tayos Caves: The Lost Civilizations Where the Andes Meet the Amazon. Rochester, N.Y.: Bear and Company 2019. Pp. xiii + 241. $20. ISBN 9781591433569 (paper).

Clark, Kate. Playing with the Past: Exploring Values in Heritage Practice. New York: Berghahn 2019. Pp. xxxii + 195. $29.95. ISBN 978-1-78920-300-4 (paper).

Crawford-Lackey, Katherine, and Megan E. Springate, eds. Preservation and Place: Historic Preservation by and of LGBTQ Communities in the United States. New York: Berghahn 2019. Pp. xxvi + 359. $140. ISBN 978-1-78920-306-6 (cloth).

Crowley, Patrick R. The Phantom Image: Seeing the Dead in Ancient Rome. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 2019. Pp. xi + 308. $60. ISBN 978-0-226-64829-3 (cloth).

Crüsemann, Nicola, Margarete van Ess, Markus Hilgert, Beate Salje, eds. English translation, Timothy Potts, ed. Uruk: First City of the Ancient World. Los Angeles: Getty Publications 2019 (orig. pub. as Uruk: 5000 Jahre Megacity, 2013). Pp. xi + 394. $80. ISBN 978-1-60606-444-3 (cloth).

Emberling, Geoff, and Suzanne Davis, eds. Graffiti as Devotion Along the Nile and Beyond. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 2019. Pp. xviii + 193. $39. ISBN 978-0-9906623-9-6 (paper).

Fagan, Brian, and Nadia Durrani. What We Did in Bed: A Horizontal History. New Haven and London: Yale University Press 2019. Pp. viii + 224. $26. ISBN 978-0-300-22388-0 (cloth).

Feder, Kenneth L. The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory. New York: Oxford University Press 2019. Pp. xxviii + 612. $92.95. ISBN 978-0-19-005993-4 (paper).

Fischer, Thomas. Army of the Roman Emperors. Philadelphia: Casemate 2019. Pp. xxxx + 416. $45. ISBN 978-1-61200-810-3 (cloth).

Fitzpatrick, Andrew P., and Colin Haselgrove, eds. Julius Caesar’s Battle for Gaul: New Archaeological Perspectives. Philadelphia: Oxbow 2019. Pp. xxvi + 309. $55. ISBN 978-1-78925-050-3 (paper).

Fogelin, Lars. An Unauthorized Companion to American Archaeological Theory. Pp. xx + 323. Open access at

Goldhahn, Joakim. Birds in the Bronze Age: A North European Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2019. Pp. xxvii + 419. $120. ISBN 978-1-108-49909-5 (cloth).

Grant, David. Unearthing the Family of Alexander the Great: The Remarkable Discovery of the Royal Tombs of Macedon. Havertown, Penn.: Pen and Sword Military 2019. Pp. viii + 351. $42.95. ISBN 978-1-52-676343-3 (cloth).

Hobart, Michelle, ed. A Companion to Sardinian History, 500–1500. Leiden: Brill 2017. Pp. 654. $287. ISBN 9789004341234 (cloth).

Lucas, Jason, Carrie Ann Murray, and Sara Owen, eds. Greek Colonization in Local Contexts: Case Studies in Colonial Interactions (University of Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology Monograph 4). Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. vi + 241. $59.99. ISBN 978-1-78925-132-6 (paper).

Lulof, Patricia, Ilaria Manzini, and Carlo Rescigno, eds. Deliciae Fictiles V: Networks and Workshops. Architectural Terracottas and Decorative Roof Systems in Italy and Beyond. Oxford: Oxbow 2018. Pp. xix + 571. £60. ISBN 978-1-78925-310-8 (cloth).

MacGillivray, J.A., and L.H. Sackett, eds. Palaikastro Building 1 (BSA Suppl. 48). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2019. Pp. xxvi + 480. $215. ISBN 978-0-904887-70-9 (cloth).

Manakidou, Eleni, and Amalia Avramidou. Η Κεραμικα της Κλασικης Εποχης στο βορειο Αιγαιο και την Περιφερεια του (480–323/300 π. Χ.). Classical Pottery of the Northern Aegean and its Periphery (480–323/300 BC). Thessaloniki: University Studios Press 2019. Pp. 649. €60. ISBN 978-960-12-2442-8 (paper).

McCurdy, Leah, ed. Active Archaeology Notebook. New York: Thames and Hudson 2018. Pp. 72. $25. ISBN 978-0-500-84113-6 (paper).

Neer, Richard, and Leslie Kurke. Pindar, Song, and Space: Towards a Lyric Archaeology. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2019. Pp. xvi + 457. $54.95. ISBN 978-1-4214-2978-6 (cloth).

Olivier-Trottenberg, Yasmin, ed. Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Germany 105. Munich 20: Antikensammlungen ehemals Museum Antiker Kleinkunst: Etruskisch rotfigurige Keramik. Munich: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften 2019. Pp. 75. €98. ISBN 978-3-7696-3782-3 (cloth).

Outram, Alan K., and Amy Bogaard. Subsistence and Society in Prehistory: New Directions in Economic Archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2019. Pp. xvii + 272. $110. ISBN 978-1-107-12877-4 (cloth).

Papantoniou, Giorgos, Demetrios Michaelides, and Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou, eds. Hellenistic and Roman Terracottas (Monumenta Graeca et Romana 23). Leiden: Brill 2019. Pp. xxviii + 424. $238. ISBN 978-90-04-38469-9 (cloth).

Perego, Elisa, Rafael Scopacasa, and Silvia Amicone, eds. Collapse or Survival: Micro-dynamics of Crisis and Endurance in the Ancient Central Mediterranean. Philadelphia: Oxbow 2019. Pp. xxix + 175. $70. ISBN 978-1-78925-100-5 (cloth).

Pettegrew, David K., William R. Caraher, and Thomas W. Davis, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology. New York: Oxford University Press 2019. Pp. xv + 707. $175. ISBN 978-0-19-936904-1 (cloth).

Poulter, Andrew. The Transition to Late Antiquity on the Lower Danube: Excavations and Survey at Dichin, a Late Roman to Early Byzantine Fort and a Roman Aqueduct. Philadelphia: Oxbow 2019. Pp. viii + 896. $110. ISBN 978-1-78570-958-6 (cloth).

Renfrew, Colin, and Paul Bahn. Archaeology Essentials: Theories/Methods/Practice. 4th ed. New York: Thames and Hudson 2018. Pp. 352. $45. ISBN 978-0-500-84138-9 (paper).

Rous, Sarah A. Reset in Stone: Memory and Reuse in Ancient Athens. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press 2019. Pp. xviii + 366. $99.95. ISBN 978-0-299-32280-9 (cloth).

Rousioti, Dimitra. Ιερά και Θρησκευτικές Τελετουργίες στην Ανακτορική και Μετανακτορική Μυκηναϊκή Περίοδο. Athens: Maistros 2018. Price not available. ISBN 978-960-6846-28-1 (paper).

Scheding, Paul. Urbaner Ballungsraum im römischen Nordafrika: Zum Einfluss von mikroregionalen Wirtschafts- und Sozialstrukturen auf den Städtebau in der Africa Proconsularis (Studien zur Antiken Stadt 16). Munich: Reichert Verlag 2019. Pp. 297. €98. ISBN 9783954903139 (cloth).

Spataro, Michela, and Alexandra Villing, eds. Ceramics, Cuisine, and Culture: The Archaeology and Science of Kitchen Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. viii + 278. $55. ISBN 978-1-78925-341-2 (paper).

Tamm, Marek, and Laurent Olivier, eds. Rethinking Historical Time: New Approaches to Presentism. London: Bloomsbury Academic 2019. Pp. xiv + 224. $114. ISBN 978-1-350-06508-6 (cloth).

Tanasi, Davide, and Carlo Veca. Incontri e Mobilità nel Mediterraneo preistorico: Le necropoli siciliane di Cozzo del Pantano e Matrensa (BAR-IS 2950). Oxford: BAR Publishing 2019. Pp. xiii + 239. £59. ISBN 978-1-4073-5645-7 (paper).

Twiss, Katheryn C. The Archaeology of Food: Identity, Politics, and Ideology in the Prehistoric and Historic Past. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2019. Pp. xiii + 247. $29.99. ISBN 978-1-108-46406-2 (paper).

Villing, Alexandra, J. Lesley Fitton, Victoria Donnellan, and Andrew Shapland. Troy: Myth and Reality. London: Thames and Hudson 2019. Pp. 312. $60. ISBN 978-0-500-48055-7 (cloth).

Von der Porten, Edward P. Ghost Galleon: The Discovery and Archaeology of the San Juanillo on the Shores of Baja California. College Station: Texas A&M University Press 2019. Pp. xii + 227. $40. ISBN 978-1-62349-767-5 (cloth).

Will, Elizabeth Lyding, and Kathleen Warner Slane. Cosa: The Roman and Greek Amphoras (MAAR Suppl.). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2019. Pp. xii + 214. $90. ISBN 978-0-472-13143-3 (cloth).

Wright, Alice P. Garden Creek: The Archaeology of Interaction in Middle Woodland Appalachia. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press 2019. Pp. xii + 195. $54.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2040-9 (cloth).

Yoffee, Norman, ed. The Evolution of Fragility: Setting the Terms. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research 2019. Pp. x + 196. ISBN 978-1-902937-88-5. Open access at

Zachari, Vasiliki, Élise Lehoux, and Noémie Hosoi, eds. La cité des regards: Autour de François Lissarrague. Rennes, France: Presses Universitaires de Rennes 2019. Pp. 306. €30. ISBN 978-2-7535-7609-4 (paper).

List of Books Received

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 124, No. 2 (April 2020)

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DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1242.BooksReceived