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Book Reviews January 2006

January 2006 (110.1)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews January 2006

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory (pp. 167–168)
By Jean Guilaine, Jean Zammit, and Melanie Hersey 
Reviewed by John E. Robb

Stealing History: Tomb Raiders, Smugglers, and the Looting of the Ancient World (pp. 168–169)
By Roger Atwood
Reviewed by Patty Gerstenblith

Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property (pp. 168–169)
By Robert Layton, Peter G. Stone, and Julian Thomas 
Reviewed by Patty Gerstenblith

The Early Upper Paleolithic beyond Western Europe (pp. 169–171)
By P.J. Brantingham, S.L. Kuhn, and K.W. Kerry 
Reviewed by Robin Dennell and Paul Pettitt

The Invention of Cuneiform: Writing in Sumer (pp. 171–172)
By Jean-Jacques Glassner, Zainab Bahrani, and Marc van de Mieroop
Reviewed by Eleanor Robson

The Graffiti on the Khonsu Temple Roof at Karnak: A Manifestation of Personal Piety (pp. 172–173)
By Helen Jacquet-Gordon 
Reviewed by Jacco Dieleman

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt (pp. 173–175)
By Lynn Meskell 
Reviewed by Elizabeth Frood

Griechische Kragsteintore. Typologie, Konstruktion und Verbreitung vom 6.–2. Jahrhundert v. Chr (pp. 175–176)
By Andreas Rathke 
Reviewed by Anne Marie Carstens

Die Polychromie der archäischen und frühklassischen Skulptur (pp. 176–177)
By Vinzenz Brinkmann
Reviewed by John Boardman

The Horse and Jockey from Artemision: A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Period (pp. 177–178)
By Seán Hemingway 
Reviewed by Gerhard Zimmer

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Greece 6, Thebes 1 (pp. 178–179)
By Victoria Sabetai 
Reviewed by Brian A. Sparkes

Poetry, Theory, Praxis. The Social Life of Myth, Word and Image in Ancient Greece. Essays in Honour of William J. Slater (pp. 179–181)
By Eric Csapo and Margaret Miller
Reviewed by Karl Kilinski II

Attalos, Athens, and the Akropolis. The Pergamene "Little Barbarians" and Their Roman and Renaissance Legacy (pp. 181–183)
By A. Stewart; Manolis Korres
Reviewed by Elizabeth Kosmetatou

The Construction of Hadrian's Wall (pp. 183–184)
By P.R. Hill 
Reviewed by Barry C. Burnham

The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii. Vol. 4, The Silver Treasure (pp. 184–185)
By Kenneth Painter 
Reviewed by Robert I. Curtis

Constantine and Rome (pp. 185–186)
By R. Ross Holloway
Reviewed by Sarah Bassett

Seals on the Persepolis Fortification Tablets. Vol. 1, Images of Heroic Encounter (pp. 187–188)
By Mark B. Garrison, Margaret Cool Root, and Charles E. Jones 
Reviewed by Barbara A. Porter

Frauen in der Spätantike: Status und Repräsentation: Eine Untersuchung zur römischen und frühbyzantinischen Bildkunst (pp. 188–189)
By Kathrin Schade 
Reviewed by Eva Synek