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List of Books Received

July 2021 (125.3)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Ardeleanu, Stefan. Numidia Romana? Die Auswirkungen der römischen Präsenz in Numidien (2. Jh. v. Chr.–1. Jh. n. Chr.) (AF 38). Wiesbaden: Reichert 2021. Pp. 628. €98. ISBN 9783954905096 (cloth).

Banducci, Laura M. Foodways in Roman Republican Italy. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2021. Pp. 366. $85. ISBN 978-0-472-13230-0 (cloth).

Barbieri-Low, Anthony J. Ancient Egypt and Early China: State, Society, and Culture. Seattle: University of Washington Press 2021. Pp. xiv + 316. $50. ISBN 9780295748900 (e-book).

Barrett, John C. Archaeology and Its Discontents: Why Archaeology Matters. New York: Routledge 2021. Pp. 180. $160. ISBN 9780367560201 (cloth).

Beitzel, Barry J. Where Was the Biblical Red Sea? Examining the Ancient Evidence (Studies in Biblical Archaeology, Geography, and History). Bellingham, Wash.: Lexham 2020. Pp. 160. $25.99. ISBN 978-1683594383 (paper).

Ben Lazreg, Nejib, Lea M. Stirling, and Jennifer P. Moore, eds. Leptiminus (Lamta) Report No. 4. The East Cemetery: Stratigraphy, Ceramics, Non-ceramic Finds and Bio-archaeological Studies. 2 vols. (JRA Suppl. 110). Portsmouth, R.I.: Journal of Roman Archaeology 2021. Pp. 716 (both volumes). $149 (both volumes). ISBN 978-0-9994586-4-8 (cloth).

Bérard, Reine-Marie, ed. Il diritto alla sepoltura nel Mediterraneo antico (CÉFR 582). Rome: École française de Rome 2021. Pp. 366. €37. ISBN 978-2-7283-1441-6 (paper).

Bianchi, Elisabetta, and Matteo D'Acunto, eds. Opere di regimentazione delle acque in età arcaica: Roma, Grecia e Magna Grecia, Etruria e Mondo Italico. Rome: Quasar 2020. Pp. 618. €85. ISBN 978-88-5491-067-6 (paper).

Blanke, Louise. An Archaeology of Egyptian Monasticism: Settlement, Economy and Daily Life at the White Monastery Federation (Yale Egyptological Publications 2). New Haven: Yale Egyptology 2019. Pp. xvi + 227. $40. ISBN 9781950343003 (cloth).

Boyd, Michael J., and Roger C.P. Doonan, eds. Far from Equilibrium: An Archaeology of Energy, Life and Humanity. A Response to the Archaeology of John C. Barrett. Oxford: Oxbow 2021. Pp. 352. $67.50. ISBN 9781789256031 (cloth).

Caneva, Stefano G., ed. The Materiality of Hellenistic Ruler Cults (Kernos Suppl. 36). Liège: Presses Universitaires de Liège 2020. Pp. 299. €30. ISBN 978-2-87562-242-6 (paper).

Cifani, Gabriele. The Origins of the Roman Economy: From the Iron Age to the Early Republic in a Mediterranean Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2021. Pp. 466. $140. ISBN 9781108478953 (cloth).

Counts, Derek B., Erin Walcek Averett, Kevin Garstki, and Michael Toumazou. Visualizing Votive Practice: Exploring Limestone and Terracotta Sculpture from Athienou-Malloura Through 3D Models. Grand Forks: The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota 2020. Pp. xi + 345. ISBN 978-1-7345068-7-7. Open access at DOI: 10.31356/dpb011.

Cutright, Robyn E. The Story of Food in the Human Past: How What We Ate Made Us Who We Are. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press 2021. Pp. 296. $79.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2082-9 (cloth).

Daniel, I. Randolph, Jr. Time, Typology, and Point Traditions in North Carolina Archaeology: Formative Cultures Reconsidered. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press 2021. Pp. 232. $59.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2086-7 (cloth).

Ennabli, Abdelmajid. Carthage “Les travaux et les jours”: Recherches et découvertes, 1831–2016 (Études d’antiquités africaines 43). Paris: CNRS Éditions 2020. Pp. 496. €70. ISBN 9782271131157 (paper).

Faust, Avraham. The Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Southwest: Imperial Domination and Its Consequences. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2021. Pp. 400. $115. ISBN 9780198841630 (cloth).

Fazzini, Richard, and Betsy Bryan. The Precinct of Mut at South Karnak: An Archeological Guide. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press 2021. Pp. 94. $24.95. ISBN 9789774169731 (paper).

Fowler, Catherine S. Dutton’s Dirty Diggers: Bertha P. Dutton and the Senior Girl Scout Archaeological Camps in the American Southwest, 1947–1957. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press 2020. Pp. 344. $39.95. ISBN 978-1-60781-781-9 (paper).

Gertoux, Gérard. Summit Meeting Between Queen Esther and General Themistocles (to Stop Athenian Imperialism). Tassin, France: 2020. Pp. 110. $13.35. ISBN 9781716325533 (paper).

Graham, Shawn. An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology: Raising the Dead with Agent-Based Models, Archaeogaming and Artificial Intelligence (Digital Archaeology 1). New York: Berghahn 2020. Pp. 210. $149. ISBN 978-1-78920-786-6 (cloth).

Guillon, Élodie. Les arrière-pays des cités phéniciennes à l’époque hellénistique (IVe–Ier S. AV. N. È.): Approches historique et spatiale d’une aire géoculturelle (Collezioni di studi fenici 50). Rome: CNR Edizioni 2020. Pp. 251. €57. ISBN 978-88-8080-411-6 (paper).

Hodos, Tamar. The Archaeology of the Mediterranean Iron Age: A Globalising World c. 1100–600 BCE. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. 336. $110. ISBN 9780511979316 (cloth).

Holum, Kenneth G., ed. Caesarea Maritima Excavations in the Old City 1989–2003 Conducted by the University of Maryland and the University of Haifa, Final Reports. Vol. 1, The Temple Platform (Area TP), Neighboring Quarters (Area TPS and Z), and the Inner Harbor Quays (Area I): Hellenistic Evidence, King Herod’s Harbor Temple, Intermediate Occupation, and the Octagonal Harbor Church (ASOR Archaeological Reports 27). Alexandria, Va.: ASOR Publications 2021. Pp. 472. $89.95. ISBN 978-0-89757-115-9 (cloth).

Istria, Daniel, ed. Mariana: L’évêche et les édifices de culte du Ve au XVIe siècle (CÉFR 574). Rome: École française de Rome 2020. Pp. 266. €39. ISBN 978-2-7283-1455-3 (paper).

Jasmin, Michaël, and Pierre de Miroschedji. Fouilles de Tel Yarmouth (1980–2009): Rapport final. Vol. 1, Les fouilles sur l’acropole (Ancient Near Eastern Studies Suppl. 56) Leuven: Peeters 2020. Pp. xxxii + 582. €160. ISBN 9789042939967 (cloth).

Jennings, Justin. Finding Fairness: From Pleistocene Foragers to Contemporary Capitalists. Gainesville: University Press of Florida 2021. Pp. 332. $90. ISBN 9780813066745 (cloth).

Koons, Michele L., and Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod, eds. The Egyptian Mummies and Coffins of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: History, Technical Analysis, and Conservation. Louisville: University of Colorado Press 2021. Pp. viii + 209. $18.95. ISBN 978-1-64642-087-2 (e-book).

Lebas, Jean-Baptiste Apollinaire. The Luxor Obelisk and Its Voyage to Paris. Translated by Bob Brierand Colette Fossez Sumner. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press 2021. Pp. 215. $39.95. ISBN 9781617979958 (cloth).

Lichtenberger, Achim, and Rubina Raja, eds. Environmental Studies, Remote Sensing, and Modelling: Final Publications from the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project I (Jerash Papers 6). Turnhout: Brepols 2020. Pp. xiv + 247. €65. ISBN 978-2-503-58886-5 (cloth).

London, Gloria. Wine Jars and Jar Makers of Cyprus: The Ethnoarchaeology of Pitharia. Nicosia: Astrom Editions 2020. Pp. 240. €25.44. ISBN 978-9925-7455-5-5 (cloth).

Mittertrainer, Anahita Nasrin. Sinnbilder politischer Autorität? Frühsasanidische Städtebilder im Südwesten Irans. Munich: Universitätsbibliothek der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2020. Pp. 444. €52.90. ISBN 978-3-95925-131-0 (paper).

Papadimitriou, Nikolas, James C. Wright, Sylvian Fachard, Naya Polychronakou-Sgouritsa, and Eleni Andrikou, eds. Αthens and Attica in Prehistory: Proceedings of the International Conference, Athens, 27–31 May 2015. Oxford: Archaeopress 2020. Pp. 698. £90. ISBN 9781789696714 (cloth).

Pedersen, Poul, Birte Poulsen, and John Lund, eds. Karia and the Dodekanese: Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean. Vol. 2, Early Hellenistic to Early Byzantine. Oxford: Oxbow 2021. Pp. 336. £50. ISBN 9781789255140 (cloth).

Piccioni, Aura. Culti domestici in Italia meridionale ed Etruria. Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner 2020. Pp. 276. €45. ISBN 978-3-7954-3552-3 (cloth).

Pratt, Catherine E., Oil, Wine, and the Cultural Economy of Ancient Greece: From the Bronze Age to the Archaic. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2021. Pp. xiv + 409. $99.99. ISBN 9781108835640 (cloth).

Simek, Jan F., Erin E. Dunsmore, Johannes Loubser, and Sierra M. Bow. The Cosmos Revealed: Precontact Mississippian Rock Art at Painted Bluff, Alabama. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press 2021. Pp. 216. $49.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2085-0 (cloth).

Stager, Lawrence E., Daniel M. Master, and Adam J. Aja. Ashkelon 7: The Iron Age I (Final Reports of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon). University Park: Eisenbrauns 2020. Pp. 1000. $159.95. ISBN 978-1-64602-090-4 (cloth).

Stewart, Peter. A Catalogue of the Sculpture Collection at Wilton House. Oxford: Archaeopress 2020. Pp. 438. $160. ISBN 978-1789696554 (paper).

Thomas, David Hurst, et al. Alpine Archaeology of Alta Toquima and the Mt. Jefferson Tablelands (Nevada). 2 vols. (Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History 104). New York: American Museum of Natural History 2020. Pp. 908 (both volumes). Price not available. ISBN 978-0-9852016-9-2 (paper).

Valladares, Herica. Painting, Poetry, and the Invention of Tenderness in the Early Roman Empire. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2021. Pp. 266. $99.99. ISBN 9781108835411 (cloth).

Yegül, Fikret K. The Temple of Artemis at Sardis. 2 vols. (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis Reports 7). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 2020. Pp. 336 (both volumes). $150 (both volumes). ISBN 9780674248564 (cloth).

List of Books Received
American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 125, No. 3 (July 2021)
Published online at
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