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List of Books Received

July 2020 (124.3)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Adornato, Gianfranco, Eva Falaschi, and Alessandro Poggio, eds. Περὶ γραφικῆς: Pittori, Tecniche, Trattati, Contesti tra Testimonianze e Ricezione. Milan: Edizioni Universitarie di Lettere Economia Diritto 2019. Pp. 266. €74. ISBN 978-88-7916-897-7 (paper).

Allen, Martyn G., ed. The Role of Zooarchaeology in the Study of the Western Roman Empire (JRA Suppl. 107). Portsmouth, R.I.: Journal of Roman Archaeology 2019. Pp. 168. $69.75. ISBN 978-0-9994586-1-7 (cloth).

Araque Gonzalez, Ralph. Inter-Cultural Communications and Iconography in the Western Mediterranean During the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age. Göttingen: Verlag Marie Leidorf 2018. Pp. 397. €54.80. ISBN 978-3-89646-797-3 (cloth).

Baldwin Bowsky, Martha W. Stamps on Terra Sigillata Found in Excavations of the Theatre of Aptera, Crete. Oxford: Archaeopress 2019. Pp. 208. £38. ISBN 978-1-78969-238-9 (paper).

Basiliku, Ntora. Ο Μυκηναϊκος Πολιτισμος. Athens: Archaeological Society at Athens 2019. Pp. xviii + 716. Price not available. ISBN 978-618-5047-43-6 (paper).

Berg, Ria, and Ilkka Kuivalainen, eds. Domus Pompeiana M. Lucretii IX 3, 5.24: The Inscriptions, Works of Art and Finds from the Old and New Excavations (Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 136). Vantaa: Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters 2019. Pp. 323. €30. ISBN 978-951-653-433-9 (cloth).

Blakely, Sandra, and Billie Jean Collins, eds. Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean. Atlanta: Lockwood Press 2019. Pp. xxix + 565. $59.95. ISBN 9781948488167 (paper).

Cable, John S. Megadrought in the Carolinas: The Archaeology of Mississippian Collapse, Abandonment and Coalescence. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press 2020. Pp. xvii + 311. $64.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2046-1 (cloth).

Carmody, Stephen B., and Casey R. Barrier, eds. Shaman, Priest, Practice, Belief: Materials of Ritual and Religion in Eastern North America. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press 2019. Pp. ix + 333. $69.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2042-3 (cloth).

Chalikias, Konstantinos, and Emilia Oddo, eds. Exploring a Terra Incognita on Crete: Recent Research on Bronze Age Habitation in the Southern Ierapetra Isthmus. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press 2019. Pp. xviii + 143. $36. ISBN 978-1-931534-99-4 (paper).

Cline, Eric H. Digging Up Armageddon: The Search for the Lost City of Solomon. Princeton: Princeton University Press 2020. Pp. xxiii + 397. $35. ISBN 978-0-691-16632-2 (cloth).

Colas-Rannou, Fabienne. Créatures hybrides de Lycie: Images et identité en Anatolie antique (VIe–IVe siecle avant J.-C.). Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes. Pp. 214. €35. ISBN 978-2-7535-7901-9 (paper).

Colavito, Jason. The Mound Builder Myth: Fake History and the Hunt for a “Lost White Race.” Norman: University of Oklahoma Press 2020. Pp. xii + 386. $24.95. ISBN 978-0-8061-6461-8 (paper).

Court, Sarah, and Leslie Rainer. Herculaneum and the House of the Bicentenary: History and Heritage. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute 2020. Pp. viii + 168. $29.95. ISBN 978-1-60606-628-7 (paper).

Cousins, Eleri H. The Sanctuary at Bath in the Roman Empire. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. x + 227. $110. ISBN 978-1-108-49319-2 (cloth).

Crawford-Lackey, Katherine, and Megan E. Springate, eds. Identities and Place: Changing Labels and Intersectional Communities of LGBTQ and Two-Spirit People in the United States. New York: Berghahn 2020. Pp. xxv + 279. $140. ISBN 978-1-78920-479-7 (cloth).

Culbert, T. Patrick, and Laura J. Kosakowsky. The Ceramic Sequence of Tikal: Tikal Report 25B. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press 2020. Pp. xxvii + 413. $89.95. ISBN 978-1-949057-03-4 (cloth).

de Grummond, Nancy Thomson. Cetamura del Chianti. Austin: University of Texas Press 2020. Pp. xxv + 149. $29.95. ISBN 978-1-4773-1993-2 (paper).

Dehl-von Kaenel, Christiane, ed. Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Germany 106. Dresden 4: Geometric and Corinthian Ceramics. Munich: Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 2019. Pp. 119. €98. ISBN 978-3-7696-3783-0 (cloth).

Dumont, Sylvie. Vrysaki: A Neighborhood Lost in Search of the Athenian Agora. Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens 2020. Pp. xi + 264. $80. ISBN 978-0-87661-969-8 (cloth).

Düring, Bleda S. The Imperialisation of Assyria: An Archaeological Approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. xviii + 185. $110. ISBN 978-1-108-47874-8 (cloth).

Engels, Benjamin, Sabine Huy, and Charles Steitler, eds. Natur und Kult in Anatolien (Byzas 24). Istanbul: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut 2019. Pp. xxiii + 388. €50. ISBN 978-605-9680-96-7 (paper).

Forsén, Björn, ed. Thesprotia Expedition IV: Region Transformed by Empire (Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens 24). Helsinki: Finnish Institute at Athens 2020. Pp. 482. €30. ISBN 978-952-68500-4-7 (paper).

Gansell, Amy Rebecca, and Ann Shafer, eds. Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology. New York: Oxford University Press 2020. Pp. xxxxv + 418. $99. ISBN 978-0-19-067316-1 (cloth).

Gex, Kristine. Eretria XXIII: Ausgrabungen und Forschungen. Im Zentrum Der Stadt: Klassische und Hellenistische Funde und Befunde aus dem Grundstück Bouratza (Ausgrabung 1979–1981). Renens: PCL Presses Centrales SA 2019. Pp. 188. CHF 100. ISBN 978-2-88474-412-6 (paper).

Glowacki, Mary, and Gordon F. McEwan, eds. The Wari Civilization and Their Descendants: Imperial Transformations in Pre-Inca Cuzco. Lanham.: Lexington Books 2020. Pp. xvi + 155. $90. ISBN 978-1-4985-8962-8 (cloth).

Graepler, Daniel, and Jorun Ruppel, eds. Weiß wie Gips? Die Behandlung der Oberflächen von Gipsabgüssen / White as Plaster? Plaster Casts and the Treatment of Their Surface (Göttingen Studien zur Mediterranen Archäologie 10). Göttingen: Verlag Marie Leidorf 2019. Pp. 304. €42.80. ISBN 978-3-86757-509-6 (cloth).

Gray, D. Ryan. Uprooted: Race, Public Housing, and the Archaeology of Four Lost New Orleans Neighborhoods. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press 2020. Pp. xxi + 231. $54.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-2047-8 (cloth).

Koortbojian, Michael. Crossing the Pomerium: The Boundaries of Political, Religious, and Military Institutions from Caesar to Constantine. Princeton: Princeton University Press 2020. Pp. xix + 228. $39.95. ISBN 978-0-691-19503-2 (cloth).

Langin-Hooper, Stephanie M. Figurines in Hellenistic Babylonia: Miniaturization and Cultural Hybridity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. xii + 320. $99.99. ISBN 978-1-108-48814-3 (cloth).

Lemos, Irene S., and Athena Tsingarida, eds. Beyond the Polis: Rituals, Rites, and Cults in Early and Archaic Greece (12th–6th Centuries BC) (Études d’archéologie 15).Brussels: Centre de Recherches en Archéologie et Patrimoine 2019. Pp. 302. €80. ISBN 9782960202922 (paper).

Lopez-Rabatel, Liliane, and Yves Sintomer, eds. Sortition and Democracy: History, Tools, Theories. Exeter: Imprint Academic 2020. Pp. v + 515. $59.90. ISBN 9781788360166 (paper).

Mackensen, Michael. Relief- und stempelverzierte nordafrikanische Sigillata des späten 2. bis 6. Jahrhunderts: Römisches Tafelgeschirr der Sammlung K. Wilhelm. 2 vols. (Münchner Beiträge zur Provinzialrömischen Archäologie 8). Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag 2019. Pp. 366. €85. ISBN 978-3-95490-413-6 (cloth).

Marciniak, Arkadiusz, ed. Concluding the Neolithic: The Near East in the Second Half of the Seventh Millennium BC. Atlanta: Lockwood Press 2019. Pp. vi + 334. $65. ISBN 9781937040833 (paper).

Martin, S. Rebecca, and Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper, eds. The Tiny and the Fragmented: Miniature, Broken, or Otherwise Incomplete Objects in the Ancient World. New York: Oxford University Press 2018. Pp. xii + 227. $85. ISBN 978-0-19-061481-2 (cloth).

Meignen, Liliane, and Ofer Bar-Yosef, eds. Kebara Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel: The Middle and Upper Paleolithic Archaeology, Pt. 2 (BASPR 51). Cambridge, Mass.: Peabody Museum Press 2019. Pp. xxiv + 455. $75. ISBN 978-0-87365-554-5 (paper).

Mikulska, Katarzyna, and Jerome A. Offner, eds. Indigenous Graphic Communication Systems: A Theoretical Approach. Louisville: University Press of Colorado 2019. Pp. xx + 393. $93. ISBN 978-1-60732-876-6 (cloth).

Miles, Richard, and Simon Greenslade. The Bir Messaouda Basilica: Pilgrimage and the Transformation of an Urban Landscape in Sixth Century AD Carthage. Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. 397. $90. ISBN 978-1-78570-680-6 (cloth).

Palyvou, Clairy. Daidalos at Work: A Phenomenological Approach to the Study of Minoan Architecture. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press 2018. Pp. xxxii + 254. $45. ISBN 978-1931534949 (paper).

Papantoniou, Giorgos, Christine E. Morris, and Athanasios K. Vionis, eds. Unlocking Sacred Landscapes: Spatial Analysis of Ritual and Cult in the Mediterranean (SIMA 151). Uppsala: Astrom Editions 2019. Pp. xviii + 279. €68. ISBN 978-9925-7455-4-8 (cloth).

Petzl, Georg. Sardis: Greek and Latin Inscriptions. Pt. 2, Finds from 1958 to 2017. (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis 14). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 2019. Pp. xxix + 325. $90. ISBN 9780674987265 (cloth).

Redmond, Brian G., Bret J. Ruby, and Jarrod Burks, eds. Encountering Hopewell in the Twenty-First Century, Ohio and Beyond. Vol. 2, Settlements, Foodways, and Interaction. Akron: University of Akron Press 2020. Pp. xi + 348. $89.95. ISBN 978-1-629221-03-8 (cloth).

Reynolds, Paul. Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain. Vol. 3, The Roman and Late Antique Pottery from the Vrina Plain Excavations. (Butrint Archaeological Monographs 6). Oxford: Oxbow 2020. Pp. ix + 318. $95. ISBN 978-1-78925-221-7 (cloth).

Richards, Michael P., and Kate Britton, eds. Archaeological Science: An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. xii + 454. $42.99. ISBN 978-0-521-14412-4 (paper).

Rustow, Marina. The Lost Archive: Traces of a Caliphate in a Cairo Synagogue. Princeton: Princeton University Press 2020. Pp. xx + 598. $45. ISBN 978-0-691-15647-7 (cloth).

Sporn, Katja, and Alexandra Kankeleit, eds. Die Abteilung Athen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts und die Aktivitäten Deutscher Archäologen in Griechenland 1874–1933: Tagung DAI Cluster 5 in Athen. Deutsches Archäologisches Institut und Benaki Museum, 12. bis 13. Dezember 2016. Munich: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut 2019. Pp. vi + 299. €49. ISBN 978-3-447-11359-5 (paper).

Swigart, Rob. Mixed Harvest: Stories from the Human Past. New York: Berghahn 2020. Pp. xiii + 223. $24.95. ISBN 9781789206203 (paper).

Szabό, Miklόs, Lászlό Borhy, Theresa Olajos, Noël-Yves Tonnerre, and István Zimonyi. Le bassin des Carpates avant l’arrivée des Hongrois: Celtes, Romains, peuples barbares du haut Moyen Âge dans le bassin du Danube. 400 av. J.-C.–895 apr. J.-C. Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes 2019. Pp. 456. €35. ISBN 978-2-7535-7625-4 (paper).

Thomas, Ariane, and Timothy Potts, eds. Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins. Los Angeles: Getty Publications 2020. Pp. 236. $65. ISBN 978-1-60606-649-2 (cloth).

Vout, Caroline. Classical Art: A Life History from Antiquity to the Present. Princeton: Princeton University Press 2018. Pp. xi + 359. $39.50. ISBN 9780691177038 (cloth).

Willet, Rinse. The Geography of Urbanism in Roman Asia Minor. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing 2020. Pp. xvii + 398. $135. ISBN 9781781798430 (cloth).

List of Books Received

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 124, No. 3 (July 2020)

Published online at

DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1243.BooksReceived