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Book Reviews April 2009

April 2009 (113.2)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews April 2009

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Classical Archaeology (p. 287)
By Susan E. Alcock and Robin Osborne 
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

The Archaeology of Difference: Gender, Ethnicity, Class and the "Other" in Antiquity. Studies in Honor of Eric M. Meyers (pp. 287–288)
By Douglas R. Edwards and C. Thomas McCollough
Reviewed by Rachel Hallote

Life and Death in a Prehistoric Settlement in Northwest Anatolia: The Ilipinar Excavations. Vol. 3, with Contributions on Hacilartepe and Menteşe (p. 289)
By Jacob Roodenberg and Songül Alpaslan Roodenberg 
Reviewed by Roger Matthews

Les Ivoires d'Ougarit et l'Art des Ivoiriers du Levant au Bronze Récent (p. 290)
By Jacqueline Gachet-Bizollon
Reviewed by Claudia E. Suter

Prehistoric Metal Artefacts from Italy (3500–720 BC) in the British Museum (pp. 291–292)
By Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri, Ellen Macnamara, and Duncan Hook
Reviewed by David Ridgway

Bright Blades and Red Metal: Essays on North Italian Prehistoric Metalwork (pp. 291–292)
By Mark Pearce 
Reviewed by David Ridgway

Thinking the Bronze Age: Life and Death in Early Helladic Greece (pp. 292–293)
By Erika Weiberg 
Reviewed by Daniel J. Pullen

Rethinking Mycenaean Palaces II (pp. 293–294)
By Michael L. Galaty and William A. Parkinson
Reviewed by Gisela Walberg

Local Responses to Colonization in the Iron Age Mediterranean (pp. 294–295)
By Tamar Hodos
Reviewed by Adolfo J. Domínguez

The Theseus Painter: Style, Shapes and Iconography (pp. 295–296)
By Olaf Borgers
Reviewed by Victoria Sabetai

Archaeological Promenades around the Acropolis (pp. 296–299)
By Christina Vlassopoulou, George Kavvadias, Eutychia Giannikapani, Vassiliki Christopoulou, Alkestis Choremi-Spetsieri, Nicoletta Saraga, Kalliopi Lazaridou, and Olga Dakoura-Vogiatzoglou
Reviewed by Kevin Glowacki

The Parthenon: From Antiquity to the Present by Jenifer Neils; Periklean Athens and Its Legacy: Problems and Perspectives (pp. 296–299)
By Judith M. Barringer and Jeffrey M. Hurwit
Reviewed by Kevin Glowacki

Greek Athletics in the Roman World: Victory and Virtue (pp. 299–300)
By Zahra Newby 
Reviewed by Hugh M. Lee

The World of the Herods: Volume 1 of the International Conference "The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans" Held at the British Museum, 17–19 April 2001 (pp. 300–301)
By Nikos Kokkinos
Reviewed by Andrew M. Smith II

The World of the Nabataeans: Volume 2 of the International Conference "The World of the Nabataeans" Held at the British Museum, 17–19 April 2001 (pp. 300–301)
By Konstantinos D. Politis 
Reviewed by Andrew M. Smith II

The Herculaneum Women: History, Context, Identities (pp. 301–303)
By Jens Daehner, Kordelia Knoll, Christiane Vorster, and Moritz Woelk 
Reviewed by Tina Najbjerg

A Port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3rd c. BC–5th c. AD) (pp. 303–304)
By Alessandra Avanzini
Reviewed by Paul Yule

Meaning and Identity in a Greek Landscape: An Archaeological Ethnography (pp. 304–305)
By Hamish Forbes
Reviewed by Camilla MacKay