Naomi F. Miller

Naomi F. Miller is a research project manager in the Near East Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Her research focuses on long-term human impact on the landscape through the analysis of archaeobotanical remains. Another current project involves using plants for preserving the historic sites and landscapes of Gordion, Turkey. She maintains a website that includes a bibliography of archaeobotanical site reports from the Near East at Her previous articles in AJA include "Uruk Colonies and Anatolian Communities: An Interim Report on the 1992–1993 Excavations at Hacinebi, Turkey" (with G.J. Stein et al., AJA 100 [1996] 205–60), "Excavation and Survey in the Jabbul Plain, Western Syria: The Umm el-Marra Project 1996–1997" (with G.M. Schwartz et al., AJA 104 [2000]), and "Science in Archaeology: A Review" (with P.E. McGovern et al., AJA 99 [1995] 79–142).