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Initial Submission

Authors must register for an account on Editorial Manager. Instructions for verifying the account will then be emailed to the author.

To submit a manuscript, go to Editorial Manager, log in as Author, and follow the instructions. Authors should also refer to the Initial Manuscript Submission Checklist.

The manuscript should be uploaded as a Microsoft (MS) Word file (not a PDF) and should include, in the following order: abstract, text, table captions, figure captions, catalogue or appendix captions, list of works cited, and endnotes. It should be typed double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides and should conform as much as possible to article format and editorial style.

Tables should be uploaded in a separate MS Word file (not Excel files or PDFs) and numbered consecutively. The AJA cannot generally print tables longer than one published page (see also Article Format).

Upload figures as individual .tif, .psd, .eps, or .ai files (not PDFs) and number them consecutively (see also Figure Preparation).

Catalogues or appendices should be uploaded as individual MS Word files (not PDFs) and numbered consecutively.

Supplementary content should be submitted at the same time as the initial submission.

Authors should make every effort to maintain anonymity in the text and should not include any information in headers or footers in the MS Word files or image files. Non-native English-language speakers are strongly advised to have their manuscripts read and edited by a native English speaker prior to submission.

A manuscript will not be considered for review if it does not conform to the above instructions.