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Article Format

Title and Abstract

The title of the article should be centered at the top of the title page, with the abstract below. The abstract should be no longer than 200 words and should outline the problems discussed, methodology, and conclusions.

Paragraphs and Headings

Paragraphs should be left-aligned and unindented. Use a double return after each paragraph. All headings should be typed on a separate line, not run in with the text. There should be no additional spacing before or after lines. Headings should be labeled <A>, <B>, or <C>. C-level subheads should be avoided whenever possible.

Notes and Acknowledgements

The AJA does not use in-text citations, except for references to primary ancient sources. Notes should be formatted as endnotes, numbered in one series, and double-spaced. A note should not exceed 200 words. See also Bibliographic References and Footnotes. Acknowledgments should not be included in an initial submission, as this may compromise anonymity. In a revised submission, any acknowledgments should appear in the first footnote, with the note reference placed at the end of the abstract.

Greek Characters

Authors should set Greek text in New Athena Unicode, a public-domain Greek font available at

Authors might find GreekKeys helpful; it is a custom polytonic Greek keyboard program that provides easy access to specialized characters (e.g., for metrics, epigraphy, and papyrology) that are absent from most system fonts. GreekKeys 2015 is free to members of the Society for Classical Studies.


References to figures in the text must appear in consecutive order (fig. 1 is cited before fig. 2, which is cited before fig. 3, etc.; fig. 2a is cited before fig. 2b, etc.), and no figure references should appear only in the notes. Figures are placed during composition as soon as possible after their first text reference.  A list of figures with captions, keys, and credits should be provided at the end of the manuscript text. Captions should be set as suggested below, with credits placed in parentheses and ending with a period (see also Image Gallery figures):

  • Fig. 1. Detail of the northwest corner of the Sanctuary of Apollo.
  • Fig. 2. Trench 1, section a, northern elevation with strata indicated, from the south. The foundation trench is represented by deposits 4–8 and 17 (drawing by S. Schmidt).
  • Fig. 3. Corridor Z, layout of the decoration (Paley and Sobolewski 1987, pl. 4; courtesy R. Sobolewski).
  • Fig. 4. Vedder painting concentric circles on the skyphos. Note the tilt of the pivot in the direction of motion (R. Schreiber).

List of Works Cited

Sources cited in the text must appear at the end of the manuscript with full bibliographic information according to AJA guidelines. Entries should be left-aligned and unindented. Use a double return after each entry.