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Museum Exhibitions - June 2019

Updated 3 June

Each month, the AJA provides information about current and upcoming museum exhibits around the world that are related to topics within the scope of the journal. The list includes exhibition dates, locations, curators, information about catalogues, and links to museum websites with further information. It is organized by geographic location (The Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom and Russia, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and Oceania). Within that larger framework, exhibitions are arranged alphabetically by country and then by closing date. If a catalogue is not mentioned, then no catalogue is available. New museums and permanent gallery installations are included on the list for six months following their opening. The AJA Museum Review Editor welcomes input from readers for additions to this list.

The Americas


Fayum Mummy Portraits

Opens 18 May 2019
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Ontario

Curator: Paul Denis

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Momies Égyptiennes, passé retrouvé, mystères dévoilés
(Egyptian Mummies. Exploring Ancient Lives)

7 September 2019–2 February 2020
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Montreal, Quebec

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Tutankamón: La tumba, el oro y la maldición
(Tutankhamun: The tomb, the gold, and the curse)

29 March 2019–29 July 2019
Centro Cultural Paso del Norte

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United States

The World between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East

18 March 2019–23 June 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Blair Fowlkes-Childs and Michael Seymour

Catalogue: Fowlkes-Childs, Blair, and Michael Seymour. The World between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East. Pp. 368. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2019. $65. ISBN 978-1588396839 (cloth).

For more information:

A View from the Jeweler’s Bench: Ancient Treasures, Contemporary Statements

14 February 2019–7 July 2019
Bard Graduate Gallery
New York, New York

Curator: Sasha Nixon

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Ancient Color

8 February 2019–28 July 2019
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Catherine Person and Caroline Roberts

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Women & Museums
(Sara VanDerBeek’s photographs with a selection of objects from Mia’s collection)

7 March 2019–28 July 2019
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt

22 March 2019–11 August 2019
Pulitzer Arts Foundation
Saint Louis, Missouri

Curators: Edward Bleiberg and Stephanie Weissberg

Catalogue: Bleiberg, Edward, ed. Striking Power. Pp. 80. Pulitzer Arts Foundation/Brooklyn Museum, New York 2019. $19.95. ISBN 978-0997690194 (paper).

For more information:

A Glimpse of Ancient Yemen

18 August 2018–18 August 2019
Freer|Sackler Gallery
Washington, D.C.

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Egypt. The Time of Pharaohs

15 February 2019–18 August 2019
Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Ancient and Modern Glass from the Permanent Collection

23 March 2019–18 August 2019
Tampa Museum of Art
Tampa, Florida

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Ancient Egypt: From Discovery to Display

Opened 23 February 2019
Penn Museum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

For more information:

Queens of Egypt

1 March 2019–15 September 2019
National Geographic Museum
Washington, D.C.

Curator: Fred Hiebert

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Shaping Clay in Ancient Iran

8 September 2018–September 2019
Freer|Sackler Gallery
Washington, D.C.

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Legacy: Selections from the Gillett G. Griffin Collection

20 July 2019–6 October 2019
Princeton University Art Museum
Princeton, New Jersey

For more information:

In the Round: Ancient Art from All Sides

23 August 2018–13 October 2019
Bowdoin Art Museum
Brunswick, Maine

Curator: James Higginbotham

For more information:

Art and Peoples of the Kharga Oasis

11 October 2017–21 October 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Helen Evans and Andrea Myers Achi

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Written in Stone: The Rosetta Stone Exhibit

13 April 2019–27 October 2019
The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
West Branch, Iowa

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Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri

26 June 2019–28 October 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

Curator: Kenneth Lapatin

Catalogue: Lapatin, Kenneth, ed. Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri. Pp. 296. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles 2019. $65. ISBN 978-1606065921 (cloth).

For more information:

Who Am I? Remembering the Dead through Facial Reconstruction

26 April 2018–31 December 2019
John Hopkins Archaeological Museum
Baltimore, Maryland

Curators: Margaret Swaney and Sanchita Balachandran

For more information:

Watercolors of the Acropolis: Émile Gilliéron

13 May 2019–3 January 2020
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curator: Joan Mertens

Catalogue: Mertens, Joan, and Lisa Conte. Watercolors of the Acropolis: Emile Gilliéron in Athens. Pp. 48. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2019. $14.95. ISBN 978-1588396709 (paper).

For more information:

Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile

23 August 2019–5 January 2020
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Geoff Emberling and Suzanne Davis

For more information:

What in the World Is a Grain Mummy?

20 July 2019–8 January 2020
North Carolina Museum of Art
Raleigh, North Carolina

Curator: Caroline Rocheleau

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Nubia: Ancient Kingdoms on the Nile

13 October 2019–20 January 2020
Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts

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Queen Nefertari: Eternal Egypt

15 November 2019–29 March 2020
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City, Missouri

For more information:

Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks.  Highlights from the Yale Babylonian Collection

6 April 2019–30 June 2020
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
New Haven, Connecticut

Curators: Agnete Lassen, Eckart Frahm, and Klaus Wagensonner

For more information:

Kelsey Contemporaries: Randal Stegmeyer

7 February 2020–26 July 2020
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Terry Wilfong and Randal Stegmeyer

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18 March 2020–27 July 2020
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

For more information:

Assyria: Palace Art of Ancient Iraq

2 October 2019–6 September 2022
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

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Europe, The United Kingdom, and Russia


In vino veritas: Wein im alten Ägypten
(In vino veritas: Wine in ancient Egypt)

14 June 2019–12 January 2020
Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek Papyrusmuseum

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Heliopolis: De zonnestad
(Heliopolis: The City of the Sun)

28 March 2019–18 August 2019
Fondation Boghossian / Boghossianstichting

Curators: Marie-Cécile Bruwier and Florence Doyen

Catalogue: Bruwier, Marie-Cécile, and Anne Van Loo, eds. Heliopolis — La ville du soleil. Pp. 229. Fonds Mercator, Brussels 2010. €60,90. ISBN 978-9061539308 (paper).

For more information:


Vejen til Palmyra
(The Road to Palmyra)

20 September 2019–1 March 2020
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

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L’Archéologie en bulles
(Archaeology Goes Graphic)

26 September 2018–1 July 2019
Musée du Louvre

Curators: Jean-Luc Martinez and Fabrice Douar

Catalogue: Martinex, Jean-Luc. L'Archéologie en bulles - Petite Galerie - Musee du Louvre. Pp. 192. Le Seuil, Paris 2018. €29. ISBN 978-2021395662 (cloth).

For more information:


27 March 2019–22 July 2019
Le Louvre-Lens

Curators: Alexandre Farnoux, Alain Jaubert, Luc Piralla, and Vincent Pomarède

For more information:

Royaumes oubliés. De l’empire hittite aux Araméens
(Forgotten Kingdoms. From the Hittite Empire to the Arameans)

2 May 2019–12 August 2019
Musée du Louvre

Curator: Vincent Blanchard

Catalogue: Album royaumes oubliés de l'empire Hittite aux Araméens. Pp. 56. Leinart, Paris 2019. €8. ISBN 978-2359062908 (paper).

For more information:

Toutânkhamon. Le Trésor du Pharaon
(Tutankhamun. Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh)

23 March 2019–15 September 2019
Grande Halle de La Villette

For more information:

Préhistoire. Une énigme moderne
(Prehistory. A modern enigma)

8 May 2019–16 September 2019
Centre Pompidou

Curators: Cécile Debray, Rémi Labrusse, and Maria Stavrinaki

Catalogue: Debray, Cécile, Rémi Labrusse, and Maria Stavrinaki. Préhistoire. Une énigme moderne. Pp. 304. Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris 2018. €39,90. ISBN 978-2844268488 (paper).

For more information:

Bling-Bling! Le verre gaulois s’affiche!
(Bling-Bling! Gaulish glass on display!)

6 April 2019–22 September 2019
MuséoParc Alésia

For more information:

L'art et la matière. Prière de toucher
(Art and Matter. Prayer through touch)

13 April 2019–22 September 2019
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

For more information:

Égypte, premières impressions
(Egypt, first impressions: photographs and objects from 1850-1880)

21 June 2019–29 September 2019
Le Musée Champollion

For more information:

La Description de l'Egypte' à Mâcon, de l'aventure éditoriale à l'écrin du savoir
(The Description of Egypt at Mâcon, from an editorial adventure to a chest of knowledge)

23 July 2019–6 October 2019
Le Musée des Ursulines

For more information:

On n’a rien inventé! Produits, commerce et gastronomie dans l’Antiquité romaine
(We did not invent anything! Products, commerce and gastronomy in Roman antiquity)

15 June 2019–24 November 2019
Musée d’Histoire de Marseille

Curators: Manuel Moliner and Ingrid Sénépart

For more information:

Khéops: La grande pyramide
(Cheops: The Great Pyramid)

12 April 2019–5 January 2020
Espace Mendès France

For more information:

Musée Archéologique mode d'emploi: la vie mouvementée des collections
(Archaeological Museum, a user’s guide: the eventful life of the collections)

20 May 2019–31 December 2020
Musée Archéologique

Curators: Bernadette Schnitzler and Sylvie Bucher

For more information:ée-archéologique-mode-d-emploi-la-vie-mouvementée-des-collections


Glanzlichter – Wolfgang Skoluda im Dialog mit der Antike
(Highlights – Wolfgang Skoluda in Dialogue with Antiquity)

13 March 2019–10 June 2019
Staatlichen Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek

For more information:

Syrien. Fragmente einer Reise, Fragmente einer Zeit
(Syria. Fragments of a Journey, Fragments of a Time: Photographs by Yvonne von Schweinitz from the years 1953 and 1960)

22 March 2019–16 June 2019
Archäologische Museum Hamburg

Curators: Claus Friede and Mathias von Marcard

For more information:

Schimmernde Krüge von Erz
(Lustrous Jugs Made of Metal Ore)

19 September 2018–23 June 2019
Staatlichen Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek

For more information:

Valentinian I. und die Pfalz in der Spätantike
(Valentinian I and the Palatinate in Late Antiquity)

16 September 2019–11 August 2019
Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer

Catalogue: Schubert, Alexander, Axel von Berg, and Ulrich Himmelmann, eds. Valentinian I. und die Pfalz in der Spätantike. Pp. 136. Verlag Regionalkultur, Ubstadt Weiher 2018. €19,95. ISBN 978-3955051167 (cloth).

For more information:

Saxones: eine neue geschichte der alten Sachsen
(Saxones: a new story of the old saxony) 

5 April 2019–18 August 2019
Landesmuseum Hannover - Das WeltenMuseum

Catalogue: Ludowici, Babette, and Vera Brieske. Saxones: Eine neue Geschichte der alten Sachsen. Eine neue Geschichte für Niedersachsen. Pp. 400. wbg Theiss in Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt. €35. ISBN 978-3806240054 (cloth).

For more information:


Patara. Lykiens Tor zur römischen Welt
(Patara. Lycia’s gate to the Roman world)

14 April 2019–18 August 2019

For more information:

Cinderella, Sindbad & Sinuhe: Arabisch-deutsche Erzähltraditionen
(Cinderella, Sindbad & Sinuhe: Arab-German Storytelling Traditions)


18 April 2019–18 August 2019
Neues Museum

Catalogue: Lepper, Verena. Cinderella, Sindbad & Sinuhe: Arabisch-deutsche Erzähltraditionen Arab-German Storytelling Traditions. Pp. 360. Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin 2019. €28.90. ISBN 978-3865994264 (paper).

For more information:

Göttliche Pflanzen: Antike Mythologie. Christentum. Islam. 
(Divine Plants: Antique Mythology, Christianity, Islam)

2 December 2018–25 August 2019

For more information:

Spuren der NS-Verfolgung. Provenienzforschung in den kulturhistorischen Sammlungen der Landeshauptstadt Hannover 
(Traces of Nazi Persecution. Provenance research in the cultural and historical collections of the state capital Hannover)

6 December 2018–29 September 2019
Museum August Kestner

For more information:

Mumien: Archive des Lebens
(Mummies, Archives of Life) 

13 April 2019–3 October 2019
Naturkunde- und Mammut-Museum

For more information:

150 Jahre Münzkabinett. Münzen, Medaillen, Menschen
(The Münzkabinett Turns 150. Coins, Medals and People)

23 November 2018–27 October 2019

For more information:

Hund, Katze, Maus – Tiere in Alltag und Mythos
(Dog, Cat, Mouse – Animals in Everyday Life and Myth) 

23 March 2019–27 October 2019
Pompejanum Aschaffenburg

For more information:

PharaonenGold: 3,000 Jahre altägyptische Hochkultur
(Pharaohs’ Gold: 3,000 Years of Ancient Egypt)

18 May 2019–24 November 2019
Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte

Catalogue: Grewenig, Meinrad Maria. PharaonenGold: 3.000 Jahre altägyptische Hochkultur. Pp. 256. Edition Cantz, Berlin 2019. €27.50. ISBN 978-3947563401 (paper).

For more information:

Archäologische Neuentdeckungen in der slowakischen Hauptstadt Bratislava
(Archaeological discoveries in the Slovak capital Bratislava)

9 May 2019–1 December 2019
Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt

For more information:

Spot an! Szenen einer römischen Stadt
(Spot on! Spotlight on a Roman City)

31 August 2019–26 January 2020
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

For more information:

Starke Typen. Griechische Porträts der Antike
(Strong Figures. Greek Portraits from Antiquity)

19 June 2019–2 February 2020
Altes Museum

For more information:

Der Babel-Bibel-Streit
(The Babel Bible Dispute)

5 November 2019–28 March 2020

For more information:

Berlins größte Grabung
(Berlin’s Largest Excavation)

2 October 2019–19 April 2020
Research Area Biesdorf

For more information:

Medicus: Die Macht des Wissens
(The Physician: A Cultural History Exhibition)

8 December 2019–21 June 2020
Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer

For more information:

Tutanchamun: Sein Grab und seine Schätze
(Tutankhamun - His Tomb and Treasures)

30 May 2020–31 January 2021

For more information:

ECHO. Die Aura der Antike: Werner Kroener
(ECHO. The Aura of Antiquity: Werner Kroener)

20 June 2020–14 March 2021
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

For more information:

Die Krone von Kertsch: Schätze aus Europas Frühzeit
(The Crown of Kerch: Treasures from the Dawn of European History) 

19 October 2017–29 September 2022
Neues Museum

For more information:

Der Untergang des römischen Reiches
(The Fall of the Roman Empire)

25 June 2019–27 November 2022
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

For more information:


Αναβιώνοντας τις Αιγαιακές ενδυμασίες της Ύστερης Εποχής του Χαλκού
(Bringing to Life Aegean Late Bronze Age Costume)

10 May 2019–30 June 2019
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Curator: Diana Wardle

For more information:

Acropolis Redux: Caryatid/Frieze | Ακρόπολη Redux: Καρυάτιδα/Ζωφόρος

18 May 2019–14 July 2019
Gennadius Library

Curator: Jenifer Neils

For more information:

Πικάσο και Αρχαιότητα. Γραμμή και πηλός
(Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay)

20 June 2019–20 October 2019
Museum of Cycladic Art

Curators: N. C. Stampolidis and Olivier Berggruen

For more information:

(Sight | Antony Gormley on the Island of Delos)

2 May 2019–31 October 2019
Archaeological site & museum of Delos island

Curators: Iwona Blazwick and Elina Kountouri

For more information:

Αντιγράφοντας (σ)το παρελθόν: Ιστορίες Αντιγραφής και Έμπνευσης
(Copying (in) the Past: Imitation & Inspiration Stories)

25 November 2018–24 November 2019
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

For more information:

Aρχαϊκά Χρώματα
(Archaic Colors)

31 July 2012–31 December 2019
The Acropolis Museum

For more information:

Οι αμέτρητες όψεις του Ωραίου
(The Countless Aspects of Beauty)

26 May 2018–31 December 2019
National Archaeological Museum

For more information:


100mila anni in Liguria. Evoluzioni e cambiamenti
(100 thousand years in Liguria. Evolution and Change)

26 October 2018–9 June 2019
Museo di Archeologica Ligure

For more information:

Dodonaios. L’oracolo di Zeus e la Magna Grecia
(Dodonaios. The oracle of Zeus and Magna Graecia)

8 March 2019–9 June 2019
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria
Reggio Calabria

Curators: Carmelo Malacrino, Konstantinos Soueref, Fausto Longo, and Luigi Vecchio

For more information:

Una sosta lungo la via Emilia, tra selve e paludi. La mansio di Forum Gallorum a Castelfranco Emilia
(A stop along the Via Emilia, between forests and marshes. The mansio of Forum Gallorum in Castelfranco Emilia)

13 April 2019–10 June 2019
Castelfranco Emilia, Museo Civico Archeologico
Corso Martiri

Curators: Sara Campagnari, Francesca Foroni, and Diana Neri

For more information:

Gemme Antiche dei Medici e dei Lorena
(Ancient Gems of the Medici and the Lorena) 

Reopened 14 December 2018
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze 

For more information:

Antiquarium del Parco Archeologico di Ercolano

Opened 20 December 2018

For more information:

Collezioni in dialogo: Un capolavoro del Museo Egizio di Torino raccontato dai Musei Vaticani
(Collections in dialogue: A masterpiece from the Museo Egizio in Turin recounted by the Vatican Museums)

4 December 2018–30 June 2019
Musei Vaticani
Vatican City

For more information:

Storie di vita, gli antichi romani raccontati dalla scienza
(Stories of life, the ancient Romans as told by science) 

31 January 2019–30 June 2019
Museo delle Civiltà – Museo preistorico etnografico “Luigi Pigorini”

Curators: Paola Catalano, Valentina Gazzaniga, and Giorgio Manzi

For more information:

Etiopia. La Bellezza rivelata. Sulle orme degli antichi esploratori
(Ethiopia. Beauty revealed. In the footsteps of the ancient explorers)

24 March 2019–30 June 2019
Museo di Storia Naturale

Curators: Carlo Franchini and Leonardo Latella

For more information:

Canova e l’antico
(Canova and Antiquity)

28 March 2019–30 June 2019
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

Curator: Giuseppe Pavanello

Catalogue: Pavanello, Giuseppe, edCanova e l'antico. Catalogo della mostra (Napoli, 28 marzo-30 giugno 2019)Pp. 360. Mondadori Electa, Milan 2019. €34. ISBN 978-8891825216 (cloth).

For more information:

Bestie e mostri ad Aquileia. Uso e persistenze delle figure animali tra natura e simbolismo dall’età romana al Rinascimento
(Beasts and Monsters in Aquileia. The use and persistence of naturalistic and symbolic animal figures from antiquity to the Renaissance)

24 April 2019–7 July 2019
Palazzo Meizlik

For more information:

Roma Universalis. L'impero e la dinastia venuta dall'Africa
(Roma Universalis. The empire and the dynasty from Africa)

15 November 2018–25 August 2019
Parco archeologico del Colosseo

Curators: Alessandro d’Alessio, Clementina Panella, and Rossella Rea

Catalogue: D’Alessio, Alessandro, Clementina Panella, and Rossella Rea. Roma Universalis. L'impero e la dinastia venuta dall'Africa. Catalogo della mostra (Roma, 15 novembre 2018-25 agosto 2019). Pp. 327. Mondadori Electa, Rome 2018. €37,50. ISBN 978-8891820723 (paper).

For more information:

Sacra Neapolis. Culti, miti, leggende
(Sacra Neapolis. Cults, myths, legends)

22 December 2018–15 September 2019
Lapis Museum

For more information:

Volti di Roma alla Centrale Montemartini. Fotografie di Luigi Spina
(Faces of Rome at the Centrale Montemartini. Photographs by Luigi Spina)

18 April 2019–22 September 2019
Centrale Montemartini

Curators: Claudio Parisi Presicce and Luigi Spina

Catalogue: Presicce, Claudio Parisi, and Luigi Spina. Volti di Roma alla Centrale Montemartini. Fotografie di Luigi Spina. Pp. 119. Silvana Editoriale, Rome 2019. €28. ISBN 88-36642721 (cloth).

For more information:

SplendOri. Il lusso negli ornamenti ad Ercolano
(SplendOri: Luxury in the ornaments of Herculaneum)

20 December 2018–30 September 2019
Antiquarium del Parco Archeologico di Ercolano

Catalogue: Sirarno, F. ed. Splendori. Il lusso negli ornamenti a Ercolano. Pp. 32. Arte'm, Naples 2019. €4,25. ISBN 978-8856906684 (paper).

For more information:

Claudio Imperatore. Messalina, Agrippina e le ombre di una dinastia
(Emperor Claudius. Messalina, Agrippina and the shadows of a dynasty)

6 April 2019–27 October 2019
Museo dell'Ara Pacis

Curators: Claudio Parisi Presicce, Orietta Rossini, and Lucia Spagnuolo

Catalogue: Presicce, Claudio Parisi, and Lucia Spagnuolo, eds. Claudio Imperatore: Messalina, Agrippina e le ombre di una dinastia. Pp. 320. L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rome 2019. €38. ISBN 978-8891318169 (paper).

For more information:

MitoMania. Storie ritrovate di uomini ed eroi
(Mythomania. Stories of men and heroes recovered)

10 April 2019–10 November 2019
Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto

Curators: Eva Degl’Innocenti, Anna Consonni, Luca Di Franco, and Lorenzo Mancini

Catalogue: Degl’Innocenti, Eva, Anna Consonni, and Luca Di Franco. Mitomania. Storie ritrovate di uomini ed eroi. Pp. 112. Gangemi, Rome 2019. €17. ISBN 978-8849237030 (paper).

For more information:

DOMUS GRIMANI 1594 – 2019: la collezione di Sculture classiche a Palazzo dopo quattro secoli
(DOMUS GRIMANI 1594 – 2019: The collection of classical sculptures reassembled in its original setting after four centuries)

Opens May 2019
Museo di Palazzo Grimani

Curators: Toto Bergamo Rossi and Daniele Ferrara

Catalogue: Rossi, Toto Bergamo, and Daniele Ferrara. Domus Grimani 1593-2019. La collezione di sculture classiche a palazzo dopo 400 anni. (Venezia, 7 maggio 2019-2 maggio 2021). Pp. 180. Marsilio, Venice 2019. €30. ISBN 978-8829701247 (paper).

For more information:

Il Colosseo si racconta: la storia infinita di una icona tra archeologia, filmati e lingue orientali
(The Colosseum tells its story: the never-ending story of an icon between archeology, videos, and Oriental languages) 

21 December 2018–21 December 2019
Parco archeologico del Colosseo

Curator: Rossella Rea

Catalogue: Rea, Rossella. Il Colosseo si racconta. Mondadori Electa, Milan 2019. €8,50. ISBN 978-8891824066 (paper).

For more information:

Archimede a Siracusa
(Archimedes in Syracuse)

26 May 2018–31 December 2019
Galleria Civica Montevergini

Curator: Giovanni Di Pasquale

Catalogue: Di Pasquale, Giovanni. Archimede a Siracusa. Catalogo della mostra (Siracusa, 26 maggio 2018-31 dicembre 2019). Pp. 64. Giunti Editore, Florence 2018. €8,50. ISBN 978-8809871762 (paper).

For more information:

Archeologia Invisible
(Invisible Archaeology)

13 March 2019–6 January 2020
Museo Egizio

Catalogue: Museo Egizio. Archeologia invisibile. Catalogo della mostra (Torino, 13 marzo 2019-6 gennaio 2020). Pp. 88. Franco Cosimo Panini, Modena 2019. €16,72. ISBN 978-8857015118 (paper).

For more information:

Storie d’Egitto: La riscoperta della raccolta egizia del Museo Civico di Modena
(Stories from Egypt. The rediscovery of the Egyptian collection of the Civic Museum of Modena)

16 February 2019–7 June 2020
Musei Civici

Curator: Cristiana Zanasi

Catalogue: Zanasi, Cristiana. Storie d’Egitto: La riscoperta della raccolta egizia del Museo Civico. Pp. 128. All'Insegna del Giglio, Florence 2019. €28. ISBN 978-8878149137 (paper).

For more information:


Oog voor het verfijnde: aanwinsten collectie Klassieke wereld
(An Eye for Elegance: acquisitions for the Classical World collection)

8 February 2019–9 June 2019
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

For more information:

Treasury! Masterpieces from the Hermitage

2 February 2019–25 August 2019
Hermitage Amsterdam

Catalogue: Hermitage Amsterdam. Treasury! Masterpieces from the Hermitage. Pp. 224. Nieuwe Kerk/Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2019. €29.95. ISBN 978-9078653783 (paper).

For more information:


2 May 2019–1 September 2019
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

For more information:

Paestum ervaren
(Experiencing Paestum)

2 May 2019–September 2019
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

For more information:

Oud-Europa - nieuw onderzoek naar een belangrijke collectie
(Ancient Europe: New research into an important [archaeological] collection)

15 June 2018–Spring 2020
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Curator: Luc Amkreutz

For more information:


Боги, люди, герои. Из собрания Национального археологического музея Неаполя и Археологического парка Помпеи
(‘Gods, Men, Heroes’. From the Museo Nazionale Archeologico, Naples and the Parco Archeologico di Pompei)

19 April 2019–23 June 2019
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

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Мечты об Италии. Коллекция маркиза Кампаны
(A Dream of Italy. The Marquis Campana Collection)

17 July 2019–20 October 2019
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

Curators: Françoise Gaultier, Laurent Haumesser, and Anna Trofimova

Catalogue: Haumesser, Laurent, and Anna Trofimova. Un rêve d’Italie: la collection du marquis Campana. Pp. 76. Coédition musée du Louvre éditions / Liénart, Paris 2018. €49. ISBN 978-2359062502 (cloth).

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Глиптика: прошлое и настоящее
(Glyptics: Past and Present)

17 May 2019–27 November 2019
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

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«Я воздвиг там мой царский дворец…». Памятники ассирийского искусства из коллекции Британского музея
(‘I founded therein my royal palace’. Assyrian Art from the British Museum)

10 December 2019–29 March 2020
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

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Lapis Specularis. La luz bajo tierra
(Lapis Specularis. The light underground)

10 April 2019–23 June 2019
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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Ankesenamón: En busca de la reina perdida de Egipto
(Ankesenamón: In search of the lost queen of Egypt)

February 2019–June 2019
Museo Arqueológico de Cacabelos

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La Pintura Romana en Hispania
(Roman Painting in Hispania)

4 April 2019–22 July 2019
Museo del Teatro Romano de Cartagena

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Lujo. De los asirios a Alejandro Magno
(Luxury. From the Assyrians to Alexander the Great)

5 April 2019–11 August 2019

Catalogue: Fletcher, Alexandra, and Thomas Kiely. Lujo: De los asirios a Alejandro Magno. Pp. 208. Ediciones Invisibles, Barcelona 2019. €25,65. ISBN 978-8494898716 (paper).

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Faraón: Rey de Egipto
(Pharaoh: King of Egypt)

20 February 2019–25 August 2019

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Passió per l’Egipte faraònic: 200 anys de colleccionisme al Museu Egipci de Barcelona
(Passion for Pharaonic Egypt: 200 Years of Collecting in the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona)

12 July 2018–31 August 2019
Museu Egipci

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Irán. Cuna de civilizaciones
(Iran. Cradle of Civilizations)

14 March 2019–1 September 2019
Museo Arqueológico de Alicante

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Cabezas cortadas. Símbolos de poder
(Cut Heads. Symbols of Power)

2 April 2019–1 September 2019
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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La medicina en l'època romana
(Medicine in Roman Times)

12 April 2019–8 September 2019
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya Olèrdola

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"De villa perfecta". Viure i treballar al Pla de l'Horta en època romana.
("Perfect villa". Living and working in the Pla de l'Horta in Roman times.)

31 May 2019–15 September 2019
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Girona

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Bacus, les màscares del déu
(Bacchus, the god masks)

15 June 2019–15 September 2019
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empúries

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Arqueología en el exilio: El museo de Arqueología de Cataluña y la guerra civil española (1936-1939)
(Archeology in Exile: The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939))

Opens April 2019
Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Barcelona

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Reciclando Emerita
(Recycling Emerita)

17 May 2019–15 May 2020
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

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Die Frage der Provenienz — Einblicke in die Sammlungsgeschichte
(The Question of Provenance — Unwrapping Collection History) 

1 December 2018–30 June 2019
Museum Rietberg

Curator: Esther Tisa

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(Ovid’s Metamorphoses: From Ancient to Contemporary Art)

10 May 2019–16 February 2020
Musée d’art et d’histoire

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Gladiator. Die wahre Geschichte
(Gladiator. The true story)

22 September 2019–22 March 2020
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

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L'antiquité couchée sur le papier et gravée dans les livres
(Antiquity Recumbent on Paper and Engraved in Books)

4 November 2019–23 May 2020
Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie

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United Kingdom

Sounds of Roman Egypt

22 January 2019–8 June 2019
Petrie Museum

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Hoards: the hidden history of ancient Britain

13 April 2018–16 June 2019
Buxton Museum

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28 June 2019–28 September 2019
Brading Roman Villa, Isle of Wight

October 2019–December 2019
Peterborough Museum

Eddington’s prehistoric and Roman past

28 January 2019–8 July 2019
The Fitzwilliam Museum

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Ancient Egypt Rediscovered

Reopened 8 February 2019
National Museum of Scotland

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Borderline Funny: Hadrian’s Wall imagined in humorous cartoons

25 May 2019–22 September 2019
Segedunum Roman Fort

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Lanchester Diploma: Britain’s First Complete Fleet Diploma

16 October 2017–30 September 2019
Museum of Archaeology

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Before Egypt: Art, Culture & Power

11 May 2019–26 October 2019
Victoria Gallery and Museum

Curator: Gina Criscenzo-Laycock

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From Gurob to the Getty: The Voyages of an Ancient Egyptian Ship-Cart Model

18 June 2019–26 October 2019
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

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The Celebrated Mr. Belzoni: A Cultural Gift to the Fitzwilliam

23 July 2019–10 November 2019
Fitzwilliam Museum

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Prehistoric Pioneers: a journey through life in Bronze Age Britain

14 June 2019–24 November 2019
Museum of Archaeology

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Last Supper in Pompeii

25 July 2019–12 January 2020
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Curator: Paul Roberts

Catalogue: Roberts, Paul. Last Supper in Pompeii. Pp. 224. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 2019. £26.64. ISBN 978-1910807309 (paper).

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Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

2 November 2019–3 May 2020
Saatchi Gallery

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The Middle East


ממצאים אבודים
(Finds Gone Astray: Objects confiscated from looters and unauthorized dealers in antiquities)

Opened 31 December 2018
Bible Lands Museum

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נתיבי ישראל בממלכת יהודה
(Highway through History: Finds from rescue excavations at Tel Beit Shemesh)

Opened 20 March 2019
Bible Lands Museum

Curators: Oree Meiri, Yehuda Kaplan, and Yigal Bloch

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פיטר ופאן מיוון הקדומה אל ארץ-לעולם-לא
(Peter and Pan.  From Ancient Greece to Neverland)

12 June 2019–11 December 2019
Israel Museum

Curators: Rachel Caine Kreinin and David Mevorah

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אלים, גיבורים ובני תמותה ביוון העתיקה
(Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece)

Until January 2020
Bible Lands Museum

Curator: Silvia Rozenberg

Catalogue: Rozenberg, Silvia. Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece. Pp. 198. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem 2017. $51. ISBN 978-9657027318 (paper).

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Exhibition of artifacts discovered in Tuna el-Gebel region in Al-Minya

Opened 17 April 2019
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

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South Africa

Kemet: Life in Ancient Egypt

1 December 2019–1 December 2019
Iziko Museums of South Africa: Slave Lodge
Cape Town

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East Asia and Oceania


Gods, Myths and Mortals: Greek Treasures Across the Millennia

9 October 2014–10 October 2019
Hellenic Museum
Melbourne, Victoria

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(Connections between objects in the Nicholson, Macleay, and University Art collections and objects in museums elsewhere)

14 November 2018–20 December 2019
The Nicholson Museum, Sydney University Museums
Sydney, New South Wales

Curators: James Fraser, in collaboration with curators from the Macleay Museum

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