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Museum Exhibitions - February 2019

Updated 4 February

Each month, the AJA provides information about current and upcoming museum exhibits around the world that are related to topics within the scope of the journal. The list includes exhibition dates, locations, curators, information about catalogues, and links to museum websites with further information. It is organized by geographic location (The Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom and Russia, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and Oceania). Within that larger framework, exhibitions are arranged alphabetically by country and then by closing date. If a catalogue is not mentioned, then no catalogue is available. New museums and permanent gallery installations are included on the list for six months following their opening. The AJA Museum Review Editor welcomes input from readers for additions to this list.

The Americas


Mon sosie a 2000 ans
(My 2,000-Year-Old Double)

24 October 2018–12 May 2019
Musée de la Civilisation
Quebec City, Quebec

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United States

Jewelry: The Body Transformed

12 November 2018–24 February 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Melanie Holcomb and Beth Carver Wees

Catalogue: Holcomb, Melanie, ed. Jewelry: The Body Transformed. Pp. 280. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2018. $50. ISBN 978-1588396501 (cloth).

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Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual

9 November 2018–3 March 2019
Yale University Art Gallery
New Haven, Connecticut

Curator: Carolyn M. Laferrière

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Underworld: Imagining the Afterlife

31 October 2018–18 March 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

Curator: David Saunders

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Black Classicists | Fifteen Portraits

1 March 2018–Spring 2019
Center for Hellenic Studies
Washington, DC

Curator: Michele Valerie Ronnick

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The Future of the Past: Mummies and Medicine

14 May 2016–7 April 2019
Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Curator: Renee Dreyfus

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Egypt’s Sunken Cities

4 November 2018–14 April 2019
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Curator: Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers

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16 March 2018–21 April 2019
The Field Museum
Chicago, Illinois

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Nedjemankh and His Gilded Coffin

20 July 2018–21 April 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Diana Craig Patch, Janice Kamrin, and Niv Allon

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6 October 2018–21 April 2019
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
Sima Valley, California

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4 December 2018–21 April 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center
Los Angeles, California

Curators: Frances Terpak, Maristella Casciato, and Katherine Rochester

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Our Dark Material: Rediscovering an Egyptian Collection

4 June 2018–16 May 2019
Stanford Archaeology Center
Stanford, California

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Ancient Color

8 February 2019–26 May 2019
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Catherine Person and Caroline Roberts

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Palmyra: Loss and Remembrance

18 April 2018–27 May 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

Curators: Kenneth Lapatin, Rubina Raja, and Anne Marie Neilsen

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Jerusalem and Rome: Cultures in Context in the First Century CE

24 June 2018–June 2019
Museum of the Bible
Washington, D.C.

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Material Resources: Intersections of Art and the Environment

6 December 2018–2 June 2019
Bowdoin College Museum of Art
Brunswick, Maine

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Hymn to Apollo: The Ancient World and the Ballets Russes

6 March 2019–2 June 2019
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
New York, New York

Curator: Clare Fitzgerald

Catalogue: Fitzgerald, Clare, ed. Hymn to Apollo: The Ancient World and the Ballets Russes. Pp. 144. Princeton University Press, New Jersey 2019. $35. ISBN 978-0691193281 (cloth).

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The World Between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East

18 March 2019–23 June 2019
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Blair Fowlkes-Childs and Michael Seymour

Catalogue: Fowlkes-Childs, Blair, and Michael Seymour. The World between Empires: Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East. Pp. 368. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2019. $65. ISBN 978-1588396839 (cloth).

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A View from the Jeweler’s Bench: Ancient Treasures, Contemporary Statements

14 February 2019–7 July 2019
Bard Graduate Gallery
New York, New York

Curator: Sasha Nixon

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Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt

22 March 2019–11 August 2019
Pulitzer Arts Foundation
St. Louis, Missouri

Curators: Edward Bleiberg and Stephanie Weissberg

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A Glimpse of Ancient Yemen

18 August 2018–18 August 2019
Freer|Sackler Gallery
Washington, D.C.

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Ancient and Modern Glass from the Collection

23 March 2019–18 August 2019
Tampa Museum of Art
Tampa, Florida

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Ancient Egypt: From Discovery to Display

Opens 23 February 2018
Penn Museum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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Shaping Clay in Ancient Iran

8 September 2018–September 2019
Freer|Sackler Gallery
Washington, D.C.

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In the Round: Ancient Art from All Sides

23 August 2018–13 October 2019
Bowdoin Art Museum
Brunswick, Maine

Curator: James Higginbotham

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After Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri

26 June 2019–28 October 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

Curator: Kenneth Lapatin

Catalogue: Lapatin, Kenneth, ed. Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri. Pp. 296. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles 2019. $65. ISBN 978-1606065921 (cloth).

For more information:

Who Am I? Remembering the Dead through Facial Reconstruction

26 April 2018–31 December 2019
John Hopkins Archaeological Museum
Baltimore, Maryland

Curators: Margaret Swaney and Sanchita Balachandran

For more information:

Graffiti as Devotion Along the Nile

23 August 2019–5 January 2020
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Geoff Emberling and Suzanne Davis

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What in the World Is a Grain Mummy?

20 July 2019–8 January 2020
North Carolina Museum of Art
Raleigh, North Carolina

Curator: Caroline Rocheleau

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Kelsey Contemporaries: Randal Stegmeyer

7 February 2020–26 July 2020
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Terry Wilfong and Randal Stegmeyer

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Europe, The United Kingdom, and Russia


Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures 

6 November 2018–28 April 2019
Kunsthistorisches Museum

Curators: Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf

Catalogue: Anderson, Wes, and Juman Malouf. Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures. Pp. 176. Walther König, Cologne 2018. $52.75. ISBN 978-2757214800 (cloth).

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Gradine, gomile i špilje, zapadno dubrovačko područje
(Hillforts, Stone Mounds and Caves in the Western Dubrovnik Region)

3 December 2018–15 May 2019
Dubrovnik Museums, Archaeology Museum

Curator: Domagoj Perkić

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Czech Republic

(The Celts)

25 May 2018–24 February 2019
National Museum

Curator: Viktoria Čist’aková

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Vejen til Palmyra
(The Road to Palmyra)

20 September 2019–1 March 2020
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

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Etienne Drioton, un égyptologue au fil du Nil
(Etienne Drioton, an Egyptologist along the Nile)

11 January 2019–2 February 2019
Musée Municipal Josèphe Jacquiot

Curator: Michèle Juret

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Un rêve d’Italie. La collection du marquis Campana
(A Dream of Italy. The Marquis Campana’s Collection)

7 November 2018–18 February 2019
Musée du Louvre

Curators: Françoise Gaultier, Laurent Haumesser, and Anna Trofimova

Catalogue: Haumesser, Laurent, and Anna Trofimova. Un rêve d’Italie: la collection du marquis Campana. Pp. 76. Coédition musée du Louvre éditions / Liénart, Paris 2018. €49. ISBN 978-2359062502 (cloth).

For more information:

L'esprit des ruines
(The Spirit of Ruins: Photographs by Ferrante Ferranti)

1 December 2018–3 March 2019
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

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Claude, un empereur au destin singulier
(Claudius, an emperor with a singular destiny)

1 December 2018–4 March 2019
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

Curators: Geneviève Galliano, Hugues Savay-Guerraz, and François Chausson

Catalogue: Chausson, François, and Geneviève Galliano, eds. Claude (Lyon, 10 av. J.-C. - Rome, 54 ap. J.-C.). Un empereur au destin singulier. Pp. 320. Lienart éditions, Paris 2019. €38. ISBN 978-2359062557 (paper).

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L'armée de Rome: la puissance et la gloire
(Rome’s Army, Power and Glory)

15 December 2018–22 April 2019
Musée départemental Arles antique

Curator: Katia Schörle

Catalogue: Schörle, Katia, ed. L'armée de Rome: la puissance et la gloire. Pp. 300. Silvana Editoriale, Milan 2019. €30. ISBN 978-8836637478 (paper).

For more information:

Le Temps des Collections VII: Belles d’Égypte
(Collections’ Time, 7th Edition: Beauties from Egypt)

7 December 2018–19 May 2019
Musée des Antiquités

Catalogue: Amic, Sylvain, ed. Le temps des collections VII - Fashion! Mode et textiles dans les musées métropolitains. Pp. 192. Silvana, Paris 2019. €19,50. ISBN 978-8836640164 (paper).

For more information:

L’Archéologie en bulles
(Archaeology Goes Graphic)

26 September 2018–1 July 2019
Musée du Louvre

Curators: Jean-Luc Martinez and Fabrice Douar

Catalogue: Martinex, Jean-Luc. L'Archéologie en Bulles - Petite Galerie - Musee du Louvre. Pp. 192. Le Seuil, Paris 2018. €29. ISBN 978-2021395662 (cloth).

For more information:

Royaumes oubliés. Les héritiers de l'empire hittite
(Forgotten Kingdoms. Heirs of the Hittite Empire)

2 May 2019–12 August 2019
Musée du Louvre

Curator: Vincent Blanchard

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Toutânkhamon. Le Trésor du Pharaon
(Tutankhamun. The Pharaoh's Treasure)

23 March 2019–15 September 2019
Grande Halle de La Villette

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Medeas Liebe und die Jagd nach dem Goldenen Vlies
(Medea’s Love and the Quest for the Golden Fleece)

5 October 2018–10 February 2019
Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung
Frankfurt am Main

Curator: Vinzenz Brinkmann

Catalogue: Brinkmann, Vinzenz. Medeas Liebe und die Jagd nach dem Goldenen Vlies. Pp. 224. Hirmer, Munich 2018. €45. ISBN 978-3777431147 (cloth).

For more information:

Gold & Wein: Georgiens älteste Schätze
(Gold and Wine: Georgia’s oldest treasures)

6 October 2018–10 February 2019
Archäologisches Museum

Curators: Liane Giemsch and Svend Hansen

Catalogue: Giemsch, Liane, and Svend Hansen. Gold & Wein: Georgiens älteste Schätze. Pp. 304. Nünnerich-Asmus, Mainz 2018. €29,90. ISBN 978-3961760541 (cloth).

For more information:

Stein(h)art. Altägyptische Gefäße von ewiger Schönheit
(Stone(h)art. Ancient Egyptian vessels of eternal beauty)

11 November 2018–10 February 2019
Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen - Museum Weltkulturen

Curators: Gabriele Pieke and Tanja Vogel

For more information:

Crafting Power – Konzepte und Praxis von Arbeit im prä- und frühdynastischen Ägypten
(Crafting Power 
– ideas and practices of work in pre- and early dynastic Egypt)

1 November 2018–28 February 2019
Das Ägyptische Museum der Universität Bonn

For more information:

Mumien: Geheimnisse des Lebens
(Mummies: Secrets of Life)

16 September 2018–31 March 2019
Reiss-Engelhorn Museum

For more information:

Welcome to Jerusalem

11 December 2017–30 April 2019
Jüdisches Museum Berlin

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Europa in Bewegung. Lebenswelten im frühen Mittelalter
(Europe on the Move. A Journey through the Early Middle Ages)

15 November 2018–12 May 2019

Catalogue: LVR-Landesmuseum. Europa in Bewegung: Lebenswelten im frühen Mittelalter. Pp. 208. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2018. €29.95. ISBN 978-3806238280 (cloth).

For more information:

Pergamon. Meisterwerke der antiken Metropole und 360°-Panorama von Yadegar Asisi
(Pergamon. Masterpieces from the Ancient Metropolis with a 360° Panorama by Yadegar Asisi)

Opened 17 November 2018

Catalogue: Scholl, Andreas, and Agnes Schwarzmaier, eds. Pergamon - Meisterwerke der antiken Metropole und 360°-Panorama von Yadegar Asisi. Pp. 320. Imhof Verlag, Petersberg. €39,95. ISBN 978-3-7319-0793-0 (cloth).

For more information:

Kulturlandschaft Syrien. Bewahren und Archivieren in Zeiten des Krieges
(The Cultural Landscape of Syria. Preservation and Archiving in Times of War)

28 February 2019–26 May 2019

For more information:

Mykene. Die sagenhafte Welt des Agamemnon
(Mycenae. The 
Legendary World of Agamemnon)

1 December 2018–2 June 2019
Badisches Landesmuseum

Catalogue: Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe. Mykene. Die sagenhafte Welt des Agamemnon. Pp. 400. Philipp von Zabern, Munich 2018. €39.95. ISBN 978-3805351799 (cloth).

For more information:

Spuren der NS-Verfolgung. Provenienzforschung in den kulturhistorischen Sammlungen der Landeshauptstadt Hannover 
(Traces of Nazi Persecution. Provenance research in the cultural and historical collections of the state capital Hannover)

6 December 2018–16 June 2019
Museum August Kestner

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Saxones: eine neue geschichte der alten Sachsen
(Saxons: a new story of the old saxony)

5 April 2019–18 August 2019
Landesmuseum Hannover - Das WeltenMuseum

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Die Krone von Kertsch: Schätze aus Europas Frühzeit
(The Crown of Kerch: Treasures from the Dawn of European History)

19 October 2017–29 September 2019
Neues Museum

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150 Jahre Münzkabinett. Münzen, Medaillen, Menschen
The Münzkabinett Turns 150. Coins, Medals and People)

23 November 2018–27 October 2019

For more information:

10 Jahre Neues Museum. Mit Virtual Reality durch 150 Jahre Geschichte
(10 Years of the Neues Museum.  A Virtual Reality Tour of 150 Years of History)

16 October 2019–31 December 2019
Neues Museum

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Spot an! Szenen einer römischen Stadt
Spot on! Spotlight on a Roman City)

31 August 2019–26 January 2020
Rheinisches Landesmusum

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Οι αμέτρητες όψεις του Ωραίου
(The Countless Aspects of Beauty)

22 May 2018–31 December 2019
National Archaeological Museum

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Κρήτη. Τρεις αρχαίες πόλεις ζωντανεύουν: Απτέρα • Ελεύθερνα • Κνωσός
(Crete. Emerging cities: Aptera • Eleftherna • Knossos)

12 December 2018–30 April 2019
Museum of Cycladic Art

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Αντιγράφοντας (σ)το παρελθόν: Ιστορίες Αντιγραφής και Έμπνευσης
(Copying (in) the Past: Imitation & Inspiration Stories)

25 November 2018–24 November 2019
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

For more information:


Cani in posa: dall’antichità ad oggi
(Dogs in Pose: from antiquity to today)

20 October 2018–10 February 2019
La Venaria Reale
Venaria Reale

Curator: Francesco Petrucci

Catalogue: Petrucci, Francesco. Cani in posa. Dall’antichità ad oggi. Pp. 232. Silvana, Milan 2018. €26,66. ISBN 978-8836641420 (paper).

For more information:

Iapodes. Il popolo misterioso degli altopiani dell’Europa centrale
(Giapodi. The mysterious mountaineers of Central Europe)

15 November 2018–17 February 2019
Museo d’Antichità “J.J. Winckelmann”

Curator: Archaeological Museum of Zagreb

For more information:

Res Rustica. Archeologia, botanica e cibo nel 79 d.C.
(Res Rustica. Archaeology, botany and food in 79 CE)

21 November 2018–18 February 2019
Museo Archeologico di Napoli

For more information:

Vasimania. Dalle Explicationes di Filippo Buonarroti al Vaso Medici
(Vasimania - From the Explicationes of Filippo Buonarroti to the Medici Vase)

12 December 2018–28 February 2019
Museo Casa Buonarroti

Curators: Maria Grazia Marzi and Clara Gambaro

For more information:

Viaggio nel Colosseo - Magico fascino di un monument. Opere di Gerhard Gutruf
(Journey in the Colosseum - The magic charm of a monument. Works by Gerhard Gutruf)

6 December 2018–3 March 2019
Mercati di Traiano–Museo dei Fori Imperiali

For more information:

Winckelmann. Capolavori diffusi nei Musei Vaticani
(Winckelmann. Masterpieces throughout the Vatican Museums)

9 November 2018–9 March 2019
Musei Vaticani
Vatican City

Curators: Guido Cornini and Claudia Valeri

Catalogue: Cornini, Guido, and Claudia Valeri. Winckelmann. Capolavori diffusi nei Musei Vaticani. Pp. 128. Edizioni Musei Vaticani, Vatican City 2018. €35. ISBN 978-8882714291 (paper).

For more information:

L’Arte di donare: Nuove acquisizioni del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze
(The Art of Giving: New Acquisitions in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence)

10 March 2018–10 March 2019
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze

Curators: Mario Iozzo and Maria Rosaria Luberto

Catalogue: Iozzo, Mario, and Maria Rosaria Luberto. L’Arte di donare: Nuove acquisizioni del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze. Catalogo della mostra (Firenze, 10 marzo 2018–10 marzo 2019). Pp. 128. Polistampa, Florence 2018. €24. ISBN 978-8859618508 (paper).

For more information:

Ercole e il suo mito
(Hercules and his myth)

13 September 2018–10 March 2019
La Venaria Reale
Venaria Reale

Curator: Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hase

Catalogue: von Hase, Friedrich Wilhelm. Ercole e il suo mito. Pp. 262. Silvana, Milan 2018. €25,50. ISBN 978-8857239354 (paper).

For more information:

Annibale, un mito mediterraneo
(Hannibal, A Mediterranean Myth)

16 December 2018–17 March 2019
Palazzo Farnese

For more information:

“FuORIpercorso”- Preziosi reperti dai depositi del “Griffo”
("FuORIpercorso"- Precious finds from the storerooms of the "Griffo")

17 December 2018–24 March 2019
Regional Archaeological Museum “Pietro Griffo”

For more information:

Da Palermo Capitale del Regno a Palermo Capitale della Cultura: una mostra racconta i Borbone e l’archeologia a Palermo, Napoli e Pompei
(From Palermo Capital of the Kingdom to Palermo Capital of Culture: an exhibition about the Bourbons and archaeology in Palermo, Naples and Pompeii)

2 December 2018–31 March 2019
Museo Archeologico Regionale "Antonino Salinas"

For more information:

Il classico si fa popDi scavi, copie e altri pasticci
(The Classic Becomes Pop. Excavations, copies, and other messes)

14 December 2018–7 April 2019
Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo and Crypta Balbi 

Curators: Mirella Serlorenzi, Marcello Barbanera, and Antonio Pinelli

Catalogue: Serlorenzi, Mirella, Marcello Barbanera, and Antonio Pinelli. Il classico si fa pop. Di scavi, copie e altri pasticci. Pp. 288. Mondadori Electa, Milan 2019. ISBN 9788891820730 (paper).

For more information:

Pompei e gli Etruschi
(Pompeii and the Etruscans)

12 December 2018–2 May 2019
Parco Archeologico di Pompei

Curators: Massimo Osanna and Stéphan Verger

Catalogue: Osanna, Massimo, Paolo Giulierini, and Stéphan Verger. Pompei e gli Etruschi. Pp. 280. Mondadori Electa, Milan 2018. €38,25. ISBN 9788891819956 (paper).

For more information:

Ludwig Pollak. Archeologo e mercante d’arte (Praga 1868 – Auschwitz 1943)
(Ludwig Pollak. Archaeologist and art dealer (Prague 1868 – Auschwitz 1943))

5 December 2018–5 May 2019
Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco e Museo Ebraico di Roma

Curators: Orietta Rossini and Olga Melasecchi

Catalogue: Rossini, Orietta, ed. Ludwig Pollak. Archeologo e mercante d'arte (Praga 1868-Auschwitz 1943). Gli anni d'oro del collezionismo internazionale da Giovanni Barracco a Sigmund Freud). Pp. 272. Gangemi, Rome 2018. €31,71. ISBN 978-8849236880 (paper).

For more information: and

Il viaggio della Chimera. Gli Etruschi a Milano tra archeologia e collezionismo
(The Journey of the Chimera. The Etruscans in Milan between archaeology and collecting) 

12 December 2018–12 May 2019
Civico Museo Archeologico

For more information:

Gemme Antiche dei Medici e dei Lorena
(Ancient Gems of the Medici and the Lorena) 

Reopened 14 December 2018
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze 

For more information:

Antiquarium del Parco Archeologico di Ercolano

Opened 20 December 2018

For more information:

Roma Universalis. L'impero e la dinastia venuta dall'Africa
(Roma Universalis. The empire and the dynasty from Africa)

15 November 2018–25 August 2019
Parco archeologico del Colosseo

Curators: Alessandro d’Alessio, Clementina Panella, and Rossella Rea

Catalogue: D’Alessio, Alessandro, Clementina Panella, and Rossella Rea. Roma Universalis. L'impero e la dinastia venuta dall'Africa. Catalogo della mostra (Roma, 15 novembre 2018-25 agosto 2019). Pp. 327. Mondadori Electa, Rome 2018. €37,50. ISBN 978-8891820723 (paper).

For more information:

SplendOri. Il lusso negli ornamenti ad Ercolano
(SplendOri: Luxury in the ornaments of Herculaneum)

20 December 2018–30 September 2019
Antiquarium del Parco Archeologico di Ercolano

For more information:

Il Colosseo si racconta: la storia infinita di una icona tra archeologia, filmati e lingue orientali
(The Colosseum tells its story: the never-ending story of an icon between archeology, videos, and Oriental languages)

21 December 2018–21 December 2019
Parco archeologico del Colosseo

Curator: Rossella Rea

For more information:

Archimede a Siracusa
(Archimedes in Syracuse)

26 May 2018–31 December 2019
Galleria Civica Montevergini

Curator: Giovanni Di Pasquale

Catalogue: Di Pasquale, Giovanni. Archimede a Siracusa. Catalogo della mostra (Siracusa, 26 maggio 2018-31 dicembre 2019). Pp. 64. Giunti Editore, Florence 2018. €8,50. ISBN 978-8809871762 (paper).

For more information:


Goden van Egypte
(Gods of Egypt)

12 October 2018–31 March 2019
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Curator: Maarten J. Raven

Catalogue: Raven, Maarten. Goden van Egypte. Op zoek naar de wetten van de kosmos. Pp. 168. Sidestone Press, Leiden 2018. €19.95. ISBN 9789088907210 (cloth).

For more information:

NUBIË — Land van de Zwarte Farao’s
(Nubia — Land of the Black Pharaohs)

16 December 2018–5 May 2019
Drents Museum

Catalogue: Steffens, Bastiaan. Nubië. Land van de zwarte farao’s. Pp. 176. Uitgeverij WBOOKS, Zwolle 2018. €24,95. ISBN 9789462583061 (cloth).

For more information:

Treasury! Masterpieces from the Hermitage

2 February 2019–25 August 2019
Hermitage Amsterdam

For more information:

Oud-Europa - nieuw onderzoek naar een belangrijke collectie
(Ancient Europe: New research into an important [archaeological] collection)

15 June 2018–Spring 2020
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Curator: Luc Amkreutz

For more information:


Animalia inter emeritenses
(Animals among the Emeritenses)

18 May 2018–18 May 2019
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

For more information:


Afghanistan. Menschen & Kulturerbe in Gefahr
(Afghanistan. People & Heritage in Danger)

22 September 2018–17 February 2019
Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum 

For more information:

Nackt! Die Kunst der Blösse
(Naked! The Art of Nudity)

26 October 2018–28 April 2019
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

For more information:

Irrtümer und Fälschungen der Archäologie
(Errors and Forgeries of Archeology) 

24 November 2018–26 May 2019
Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum 

Catalogue: Mühlenbrock, Josef, and Tobias Esch. Irrtümer & Fälschungen der Archäologie. Pp. 352. Nünnerich-Asmus, Mainz 2018. €29,90. ISBN 978-3961760305 (paper).

For more information:

César et le Rhône. Chefs-d’œuvre antiques d'Arles
(Caesar and the Rhone. Ancient masterpieces from Arles) 

8 February 2019–26 May 2019
Musée d’art et d’histoire

Catalogue: Musée d’art et d’histoire. César et le Rhône-les Chefs-d'Oeuvre Antiques d'Arles. Snoeck, Gent 2019. €35. ISBN 978-9461615114 (paper).

For more information:

Die Frage der Provenienz — Einblicke in die Sammlungsgeschichte
(The Question of Provenance — Unwrapping Collection History) 

1 December 2018–30 June 2019
Museum Rietberg

For more information:

(Ovid’s Metamorphoses: From Ancient to Contemporary Art)

10 May 2019–16 February 2020
Musée d’art et d’histoire

For more information:

L'antiquité couchée sur le papier et gravée dans les livres
(Antiquity Recumbent on Paper and Engraved in Books)

4 November 2019–23 May 2020
Musée d’art et d’histoire

For more information:

United Kingdom

Reimagining Ancient Greece

24 September 2018–24 February 2019 
Great North Museum
Newcastle upon Tyne

Curators: Sally Waite and Andrew Parkin

For more information:

Antinous: Boy Made God

25 September 2018–24 February 2019
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Curator: Bert Smith

Catalogue: Smith, R. R. R., and M. Melfi. Antinous: Boy Made God. Pp. 128. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 2018. $25. ISBN 978-1910807279 (paper).

For more information:

I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria

8 November 2018–24 February 2019
The British Museum

Curator: Gareth Brereton

Catalogue: Brereton, Gareth, ed. I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria (British Museum). Pp. 360. Thames and Hudson, London 2018. £40. ISBN 978-0500480441 (cloth).

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Cast Court

Reopened 1 December 2018
Victoria and Albert Museum

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Borderline Funny: Hadrian’s Wall imagined in humorous cartoons

25 May 2019–25 September 2019
Segedunum Roman Fort

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Lanchester Diploma: Britain’s First Complete Fleet Diploma

16 October 2017–30 September 2019
Museum of Archaeology

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The Middle East


שר הטבעות
(Freud of the Rings: gifts from Freud to his pupils)

20 July 2018–2 March 2019
The Israel Museum

Curator: Morag Wilhelm

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חידת המלך
(A Royal Enigma: statue head from Tel Abel Beth Maacah, 9th century BCE)

30 May 2018–30 May 2019
The Israel Museum

Curator: Eran Arie

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ממצאים אבודים
(Finds Gone Astray: Objects confiscated from looters and unauthorized dealers in antiquities)

Opened 31 December 2018
Bible Lands Museum

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אלים, גיבורים ובני תמותה ביוון העתיקה
(Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece)

Until January 2020
Bible Lands Museum

Curator: Silvia Rozenberg

Catalogue: Rozenberg, Silvia. Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece. Pp. 198. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem 2017. $51. ISBN 978-965-7027-31-8 (paper).

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 سوريا سلاماً
(Syria Matters) 

23 November 2018–30 April 2019
The Museum of Islamic Art

Curators: Julia Gonnella and Rania Abdellatif

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United Arab Emirates

طرق التجارة في الجزيرة العربية : روائع آثار المملكة العربية السعودية عبر العصور
(Roads of Arabia: Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia)

8 November 2018–16 February 2019
Louvre Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Catalogue: Franke, Ute, and Joachim Gierlichs, eds. Roads of Arabia: The Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia. Pp. 308. Wasmuth, Tubingen 2012. $47. ISBN 978-3803033567 (paper).

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East Asia and Oceania


Dionysos: Portrait of a God

June 2018–May 2019
RD Milns Antiquities Museum
St. Lucia, Queensland

Curators: James Donaldson, Janette McWilliam, and Rebecca Smith

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Gods, Myths and Mortals: Greek Treasures Across the Millennia

9 October 2014–10 October 2019
Hellenic Museum
Melbourne, Victoria

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