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Current and Upcoming Museum Exhibitions

Updated 08 June 2024

Each month, the AJA provides information about current and upcoming museum exhibits around the world that are related to topics within the scope of the journal. The list includes exhibition dates, locations, curators, information about catalogues, and links to museum websites with further information. It is organized by geographic location (The Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom and Russia, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and Oceania). Within that larger framework, exhibitions are arranged alphabetically by country and then by closing date. If a catalogue is not mentioned, then no catalogue is known to us. New museums and permanent gallery installations are included on the list for six months following their opening. The AJA Museum Review Editor welcomes input from readers for additions to this list.

A new section, Digital/Online Exhibitions, now appears at the end. Born-digital exhibitions will be added here and maintained as long as the exhibitions continue to remain online.

The Americas

United States

Horizon of Khufu!

Various locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and China

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Mediterranean Marketplaces: Connecting the Ancient World

14 February 2024–TBD
Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East

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Life & Death in the Ancient World

13 January 2023–2026
Tampa Museum of Art

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Etruscan Gifts: Artifacts from Early Italy in the Bowdoin Collection

01 February 2024–09 February 2025
Walker Gallery

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Carpets and Canopies in Mughal India

22 March 2024–01 September 2024
Cleveland Museum of Art

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Picture Worlds: Greek, Maya, Moche Pottery

10 April 2024–29 July 2024
The Getty Villa
Los Angeles

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Africa & Byzantium

14 April 2024–21 July 2024
Cleveland Museum of Art

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Ancient Thrace: Treasures from the Classical World

06 November 2024–03 March 2025
The Getty Villa
Los Angeles

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First Royals of Europe

05 April 2024–19 January 2025
The Canadian Museum of History

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Europe, The United Kingdom, and Russia


Verhalen uit de ondergrond. Brugge in het jaar 1000
(Tales from the underground – Bruges in the year 1000)

9 December 2021–3 November 2024

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Dialogues d’antiquités Orientales
(Near Eastern Antiquities in Dialogue)

29 February 2024–28 September 2025
Musée du Louvre

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Egypt Augmented

Opened 18 October 2023-Fall 2024
Musée du Louvre

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Of Beasts and Men - Menschen und Tiere in der Antiken Kunst

Opened 31 March 2023-TBD
Oberhessisches Museum

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Elephantine: Insel der Jahrtausende
(Elephantine: Island of the Millennia)

Opened 26 April 2024–27 October 2024
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

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An Archaeology of Disability

15 December 2023–15 June 2024
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

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The rediscovered fragment

29 April 2021–28 April 2026
Musei Capitolini

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Il Museo della Forma Urbis
Museum of the Forma Urbis

January 2024–TBD
Celio archaeological park

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Poder femenino: lo divino a lo demoníaco
(Feminine power: the divine to the demonic)

15 February 2024–9 June 2024
La Caixa Forum

10 July 2023–3 November 2024
La Caixa Forum

27 November 2024–30 March 2025
La Caixa Forum

30 April 2023–10 August 2025
La Caixa Forum

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Superhelden: damals und heute
(Superheroes: Then and now)

November 2023–June 2024
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwitg

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Retour vers le futur antérieur. Trésors archéologiques du 21e siècle.
(Back to the past future. Archaeological treasures of the 21st century)

25 November 2023–24 September 2024
Musée Romain De Lausanne-Vidy

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United Kingdom

Nothing Without Us: Experiences of Disability

Opened 16 November 2023
Pitt Rivers Museum

Curator: Kyle Lewis Jordan

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Introducing Must Farm, a Bronze Age Settlement

Opened 27 April 2024–28 September 2024
Peterborough Museum

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Vatican City

Life and Death in the Rome of the Caesars

Opened 17 November 2023
Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis
Vatican City

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Legion Life in the Roman Army

01 February 2024–23 June 2024
The British Museum

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The Middle East


Fashioning an Empire: Textiles from Safavid Iran

November 2023-22 June 2024
Museum of Islamic Art

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Ancient Sculptures: India Egypt Assyria Greece Rome

1 December 2023-October 2024
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

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Discovering Ancient Egypt

December 2023–08 September 2024

National Museum of Australia

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Digital / Online Exhibitions

This section includes born-digital exhibitions.

Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Catalogue: Emberling, Geoff and Suzanne Davis (eds). Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile and Beyond. Kelsey Museum Publications 16. Pp. xviii + 193. Ann Arbor: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 2021. $39.00. ISBN: 978–0–9906623–9–6 (paper and freely downloadable).

For more information:–el–kurru/index.php

Unsilencing the Archives: Laborers at Tell en–Nasbeh (1926–1935)

Bade Museum of Biblical Archaeology

For more information:

Return to Palmyra

Getty Institute
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades

More information here:

Persepolis Reimagined

J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades

For more information:

Uruk 5,000 Jahre Megacity
(Uruk – 5,000 years of megacity) 

Staatliche Museum

For more information:

Complete Museum Tour 360

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
San Jose
For more information:

Aura: Art and Authenticity

Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University
Palo Alto

For more information:

Fly Over Zone: Virtual Museum

Opened 21 June 2022

This website includes virtual tours of ancient sites and a virtual museum of Greek and Roman sculpture.

For more information:

Heroes & Hoplites

The Hellenic Museum

For more information:

Wondrous Machines

Opened 7 October 2022
RD Milns Antiquities Museum

Lead Curator: Janette McWilliam

For more information:

Musée national de Préhistoire: VISITE VIRTUELLE
National Museum of Prehistory: Virtual Visit

National Museum of Prehistory
les Eyzies

For more information: