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Current and Upcoming Museum Exhibitions

Updated 2 November 2020

Each month, the AJA provides information about current and upcoming museum exhibits around the world that are related to topics within the scope of the journal. The list includes exhibition dates, locations, curators, information about catalogues, and links to museum websites with further information. It is organized by geographic location (The Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom and Russia, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and Oceania). Within that larger framework, exhibitions are arranged alphabetically by country and then by closing date. If a catalogue is not mentioned, then no catalogue is known to us. New museums and permanent gallery installations are included on the list for six months following their opening. The AJA Museum Review Editor welcomes input from readers for additions to this list.

The public health crisis associated with COVID-19 has closed many museums around the world. We will persist in listing all of the exhibitions that we know about in the hopes that they will be accessible again soon. Many of the exhibitions on the list have robust websites that are worth a close look. Please check with individual museums before making a visit in person.

The Americas


Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life

22 February 2020–8 November 2020
Museum of Natural History
Halifax, Nova Scotia

For more information:

Egyptian Mummies: Ancient Lives. New Discoveries

19 September 2020–21 March 2021
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Ontario

Catalog: Taylor, John H., and Daniel Antoine. Ancient Lives, New Discoveries: Eight Mummies, Eight Stories. Pp. 192. British Museum Press, London 2014. $10.40. ISBN 978-0714119120 (paper).

For more information:

Pompeii. The Immortal City

18 November 2021–11 September 2022
Musée de la civilisation
Quebec City, Quebec

For more information:

United States

Assyria to America

24 October 2019–13 December 2020
Bowdoin College Museum of Art
Brunswick, Maine

Curators: Sean P. Burrus and James Higginbotham

For more information:

The Banner Project: Robert Pruitt

26 October 2019–13 December 2020
Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts

For more information:

Glory of Spain: Treasures from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library

1 March 2020–3 January 2021
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Houston, Texas

Curator: Mitchell Codding

For more information:

Randal Stegmeyer: Exposing the Past

1 May 2020–3 January 2021
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Curators: Terry Wilfong and Randal Stegmeyer

For more information:

Making the Met, 1870-2020

29 August 2020–3 January 2021
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Andrea Bayer and Laura Corey

Catalogue: Bayer, Andrea, and Laura Corey. Making the Met, 1870-202. Pp. 288. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2020. $34.28. ISBN 978-1588397096 (cloth).

For more information:

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition

5 October 2019–6 January 2021
Carnegie Science Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Catalog: Wieczorek, Alfried, and Wilfried Rosendahl, eds. Mummies of the World. Pp. 384. Prestel, New York 2010. $59.90. ISBN 978-3791362755 (paper).

For more information:

King Tut: Treasures of the Tomb

Opened 7 July 2020
Discovery Center of Idaho
Boise, Idaho

For more information:

The Marzio Years: Transforming the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1982–2010

25 October 2020–10 January 2021
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Houston, Texas

For more information:

Rayyane Tabet Alien Property
(Rayyane Tabet and the Story of the Ninth-Century BCE Stone Reliefs Excavated at Tell Halaf, Syria)

30 October 2019–18 January 2021
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Kim Benzel and Clare Davies

Catalogue: Benzel, Kim, Rayyane Tabet, and Clare Davies. Rayyane Tabet/Alien Property. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 77.2. Pp. 48. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2019. $14.95. ISBN 978-1588397041 (paper).

For more information:

Treasures of Ancient Egypt: Sunken Cities

4 July 2020–18 January 2021
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Richmond, Virginia

For more information:

Pompeii. The Immortal City

26 October 2020–24 January 2021
Orlando Science Center
Orlando, Florida

For more information:

The Gosford Wellhead: An Ancient Roman Masterpiece

1 June 2020–14 February 2021
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curator: Seán Hemingway

For more information:

Robert Baines: Living Treasure and Fabulous Follies

Opened 27 August 2020
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art
Bloomington, Indiana

Curator: Juliet Graver Istrabadi

For more information:

King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

Opens Fall 2020
The Saunders Castle at Park Plaza
Boston, Massachusetts

For more information:

Queen Nefertari’s Egypt

6 December 2020–14 March 2021
Kimbell Art Museum
Fort Worth, Texas

For more information:

Community Spotlight
(Bronze Statue of Isis and Horus)

Opens 10 October 2020
The Penn Museum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For more information:

Stories from Storage

7 February 2021–16 May 2021
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, Ohio

For more information:

Art and Peoples of the Kharga Oasis

11 October 2017–23 May 2021
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York

Curators: Helen Evans and Andrea Myers Achi

For more information:

The Bacchus Conservation Project: The Story of a Sculpture

7 March 2020–27 June 2021
North Carolina Museum of Art
Raleigh, North Carolina

For more information:

Golden Mummies of Egypt

13 February 2021–11 July 2021
North Carolina Museum of Art
Raleigh, North Carolina

For more information:

Sacred Adornment: Jewelry as Belief in Ancient Egypt

29 February 2020–8 November 2021
Glencairn Museum
Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Curator: Jennifer Houser Wegner

For more information:

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

15 May 2021–2 January 2022
Natural History Museum of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

For more information:

HerStory: Stories of Ancient Heroines and Everyday Women

9 July 2020–9 January 2022
Tampa Museum of Art
Tampa, Florida

For more information:

Queen Nefertari: Eternal Egypt

9 October 2021–16 January 2022
Portland Art Museum
Portland, Oregon

Curator: Christian Greco

For more information:

Assyria: Palace Art of Ancient Iraq

2 October 2019–5 September 2022
J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa
Pacific Palisades, California

Curators: Tim Potts and Sara E. Cole

Catalogue: Collins, Paul. Assyrian Palace Sculptures. Pp. 144. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles 2020. $40. ISBN 978-1606066485 (cloth).

For more information:

Europe, The United Kingdom, and Russia


Böse Kaiser: Eine Ausstellung des Münzkabinetts
(Evil Emperors: An Exhibition in the Coin Collection)

12 November 2019–28 February 2021
Kunsthistorisches Museum

For more information:


Toutankhamon. À la découverte du pharaon oublié
(Tutankhamen. Discovering the Forgotten Pharaoh)

14 December 2019–3 January 2021
Europa Expo

For more information:

Oog in oog met de Romeinen
(Face to Face with the Romans)

6 February 2021–1 August 2021
Gallo-Romeins Museum

For more information:

Czech Republic

Na brezích Nile
(On the Banks of the Nile)

24 July 2019–10 January 2021
Náprstkovo muzeum asijských, afrických a amerických kultur

For more information:

Sluneční králové
(Kings of the Sun: Archaeological Discoveries of Czech Egyptologists)

31 August 2020–7 February 2021
Národní Muzeum

Catalogue: Národní Muzeum. Sluneční králové/Kings of the Sun. Pp. 144. Národní Muzeum, Prague. 190 Kč. ISBN 978-8070366356 (paper).

For more information:

Poklady numismatických sbírek
(Treasures of the Numismatic Collections)

23 June 2020–27 June 2021
Národní Muzeum

For more information:


After the Apocalypse: Deep Environmental History and Europe’s Geo-Cultural Heritage

Opened 12 September 2020
Moesgaard Museum

For more information:

BES. Dæmongud – Ægyptens beskytter
(BES. Demon God – Protector of Egypt)

20 May 2020–31 October 2021
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

For more information:


Egiptuse hiilgus
(Egypt of Glory
: Art from the Nile Valley)

10 October 2020–21 March 2021
Kumu kunstimuuseum

Curators: Paolo Marini and Jaanika Anderson

For more information:


Egyptin loisto
(Egypt of Glory)

9 October 2020–21 March 2021
Amos Rex

For more information:


Dans l’œil d’Hérodote
(In the Eye of Herotodus
The Ancient Greeks and Identity)

17 September 2020–27 November 2020
Musée Adolf Michaelis

For more information:

Mille et un Orients: Les Grands Voyages de Girault de Prangey (1804-1892)
(One Thousand and One Orients: The Great Voyages of Girault de Prangey (1804-1892))

1 July 2020–29 November 2020
Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Guy Baillet Place du Centenaire

For more information:

Josef Koudelka. Ruines
(Josef Koudelka. Ruins)

15 September 2020–16 December 2020
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, François-Mitterand

Catalogue: Koudelka, Josef. Ruines. Pp. 368. Éditions Xavier Barral / BnF, Paris 2020. €55. ISBN 978-2365112611 (cloth).

For more information:

Dans les cuisines d’Alésia
(In the Kitchens of Alésia)

27 June 2020–30 December 2020
MuséoParc Alésia

For more information:

Terre! Escale mythiques en Méditerranée
(Earth! Mythical Stopovers in the Mediterranean)

15 July 2020–3 January 2021
Musée d’Histoire de Marseille

Catalogue: Musée d'histoire de Marseille. Terre!: Escales mythiques en Méditerranée. Pp. 336. Snoeck, Gent 2020. €30. ISBN 978-9461616180 (paper).

For more information:

(If I Were a GLADIATOR!)

22 August 2020–3 January 2021
Musée départemental Arles antique

Catalogue: Lopez, Brice. Si j'étais gladiateur… Pp. 48. Tautem, Mirebeau-Sur-Bèze 2019. €15. ISBN 979-1097230227 (paper).

For more information:

D’Alésia à Rome, l’aventure archéologique de Napoléon III  
(From Alésia to Rome, the Archaeological Adventure of Napoleon III)

19 September 2020–3 January 2021
Musée d’Archéologie Nationale

Curators: Daniel Roger, Corinne Jouys-Barbelin, and Anissa Yelles

Catalogue: Roger, Daniel, Corinne Jouys-Barbelin, and Anissa Yelles. D'Alésia à Rome: l'aventure archéologique de Napoléon III. Pp. 192. Athenaeum, Beaune 2020. €30. ISBN 978-2711874743 (paper).

For more information:

Invictus. Au cœur de deux légions mythiques
(Invictus. Focus on Two Acclaimed Legions)

19 September 2020–3 January 2021
Musée de la Légion Étrangère 

For more information:

Jean Cocteau & Sa Mythologie
(Jean Cocteau & His Mythology)

11 September 2020–24 January 2021
Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins

For more information:

Soleils noirs
(Black Suns: From Egypt to Soulages, the Epic of Black Color)

25 March 2020–25 January 2021
Louvre Lens

Curators: Marie, Lavandier, Juliette Guépratte, Luc Piralla-Heng Vong, and Alexandre Estaquet-Legrand

Catalogue: Lavandier, Marie, Juliette Guépratte, and Luc Piralla-Heng Vong, eds. Soleils noirs. Pp. 384. Lienart /Musée du Louvre-Lens 2020. €39. ISBN 978-2359063110 (paper).

For more information:

Le Génie maritime et le génie civil romains. Aquarelles de Jean-Claude Golvin
(Roman Maritime and Civil Engineering: Watercolors by Jean-Claude Golvin)

1 January 2021–31 January 2021
Chapelle du Méjan

For more information:

Louvre Design

7 October 2020–1 February 2021

Curators: Samy Rio and Claire Fayolle

For more information:

Pharaon, Osiris et la momie: l’Egypte ancienne à Aix-En-Provence
(Pharaoh, Osiris, and the Mummy: Ancient Egypt in Aix-En-Provence)

19 September 2020–14 February 2021
Musée Granet

Curators: Christophe Barbotin and Bruno Ely

For more information:

Une saison en Égypte: Au Pays de la musicienne d’Amon-Ré 
(A Season in Egypt: In the Land of the Musician of Amon-Re)

12 July 2020–31 March 2021
Musée Calvet

For more information:

Chercheurs de peste à Marseille
(Plague Researchers in Marseille: Archaeological and Anthropological Research on Mediterranean Plagues from Antiquity to the Present)

27 October 2020–31 May 2021
Musée d’Histoire de Marseille

For more information:

Musée Archéologique mode d'emploi: la vie mouvementée des collections
(Archaeological Museum, 
A User’s Guide: The Eventful Life of Collections)

20 May 2019–28 June 2021
Musée Archéologique

Curators: Bernadette Schnitzler and Sylvie Bucher

For more information:ée-archéologique-mode-d-emploi-la-vie-mouvementée-des-collections

Les tables du pouvoir. Une histoire des repas de prestige
(The Tables of Power. A History of Prestigious Meals)

31 March 2021–26 July 2021

Curator: Zeev Gourarier

For more information:

Paris – Athènes: Naissance de la Grèce moderne 1675 1919
(Paris – Athens: The Birth of Modern Greece 1675 1919)

21 April 2021–23 August 2021
Musée du Louvre

Curators : Jean‐Luc Martinez and Marina Lambraki‐Plaka

For more information:

Boire avec les dieux
(Drinking with the Gods)

9 April 2021–29 August 2021
Cité du Vin

Curator: Jean-Yves Marin

For more information:

L’empereur romain, un mortel parmi les dieux
(The Roman Emperor, A Mortal among the Gods)

13 May 2021–19 September 2021
Musée de la Romanité

For more information:

Pharaons des deux terres. L'épopée africaine des rois de Napata
(Pharaohs of the Two Lands.
The African Epic of the Kings of Napata)

27 October 2021–7 February 2022
Musée du Louvre

Curator: Vincent Rondot

For more information:


6 April 2022–25 July 2022

Curators: Cécile Giroire and Martin Szewczyk

For more information:

Splendeurs d'Asie centrale. Sur les routes caravanières d'Ouzbékistan
(Splendors of Central Asia. On the Caravan Routes of Uzbekistan)

20 April 2022–25 July 2022
Musée du Louvre

Curators: Yannick Lintz and Rocco Rante

For more information:

Pharaons Superstars
(Superstar Pharaohs)

Opens June 2022
Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée

Curator: Frédéric Mougenot

Catalogue: Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée. Pharaons superstars. Pp. 256. Actes Sud, Arles 2020. €35. ISBN 978-2330133306 (paper).

For more information:


28 September 2022–16 January 2023

Curators: Vincent Rondot, Didier Devauchelle, Hélène Guichard, Hélène Bouillon, Sylvie Guichard, and Christophe Barbotin

For more information:

Les Choses. Une histoire de la nature morte depuis la préhistoire
(Things. A History of the Still Life Since Prehistoric Times)

12 October 2022–23 January 2023
Musée du Louvre

Curators: Laurence Bertrand‐Dorléac and Dimitri Salmon

For more information:

Les mondes souterrains
(Underground Worlds)

March 2022–July 2023

For more information:


(Plague! The History of Plague and Its Global Impact)

20 September 2019–15 November 2020
LWL-Museum für Archäologie

For more information:

Berlins größte Grabung
(Berlin’s Largest Excavation)

2 October 2020–4 January 2021
Neues Museum

Curator: Anne Sklebitz

For more information:

Voll ent-wickelt. Die Münchner Ochsenmumie
(Fully Developed. The Munich Ox Mummy)

24 November 2019–10 January 2021
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst

For more information:

Momentaufnahmen – Nubien um 1900
(Photographic Memories – Nubia around 1900)

6 March 2020–10 January 2021
Neues Museum

Catalogue: Helmbold-Doyé, Jana, and Thomas Gertzen, eds. Reise durch Nubien – Fotos einer Expedition um 1900: Travels in Nubia – Photographs of an expedition around 1900 (Menschen – Reisen – Forschungen). Pp. 192. Reichert, Wiesbaden 2020. €49. ISBN 978-3954903672 (cloth).

For more information:

(Unwrapped! 125 Years of History in the Museum Natur und Mensch)

20 June 2020–10 January 2021
Museum Natur und Mensch
Freiburg im Breisgau

For more information:,Len/1535763.html

Hund, Katze, Maus, Tiere in der Antike
(Dog, Cat, Mouse. Animals in Antiquity)

30 June 2020–10 January 2021
Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek

For more information:,78/dog-cat-and-mouse

STATUS MACHT BEWEGUNG: Lust und Last körperlicher Aktivität
(STATUS POWER MOVEMENT. Delight and Drudgery of Physical Activity
: Movement as a Means of Representing Status across Various Cultural, Temporal, and Geographical Spaces)

11 September 2020–10 January 2021
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kulturforum

Catalogue: Grosser, Frederik, Teresa Laudert, Silvia Massa, and Philipp Zobel, eds. STATUS MACHT BEWEGUNG: Lust und Last körperlicher Aktivität. Pp. 104. Sandstein, Dresden 2020. €18. ISBN 978-3954985654 (paper).

For more information:

Bunte Götter – Golden Edition. Die Farben der Antike
(Gods in Color – Golden Edition. Polychromy in Antiquity)

30 January 2020–17 January 2021
Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung
Frankfurt am Main

Curator: Vinzenz Brinkmann

Catalogue: Brinkmann, Vinzenz, and Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, eds. Bunte Götter – Golden Edition. Die Farben der Antike. Pp. 280. Prestel, Munich 2020. €49. ISBN 978-3791359366 (cloth).

For more information:

Corona-Masken und altägyptische Amulette: Sinnstiftung gegen die Not 
(Corona Masks and Ancient Egyptian Amulets: Creating Meaning from Need)

Opened 18 July 2020
Ägyptische Museum der Universität Bonn

For more information:

Marc-Erwin Babej: Yesterday – Tomorrow
(The Rebirth of Egyptian Art after 2,000 Years of Dormancy and Its Evolution in Photorealistic Media)

15 March 2020–31 January 2021

Catalogue: Babej, Mar Erwin, ed. Marc Erwin Babej. Yesterday – Tomorrow. A Work in Aspective Realism. Pp. 220. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg 2017. €38. ISBN 978-3868287936 (cloth).

For more information:

Voyage: Mit französischen Zeichnern auf Reisen
(Voyage: Traveling with French Illustrators - Russian Landscapes, the Eternal City, Egyptian Temples)

13 October 2020–31 January 2021
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

For more information:

Das Piranesi-Prinzip. Zum 300. Geburtstag des großen italienischen Meisters
The Piranesi Principle. On the 300th Birthday of the Great Italian Master)

4 October 2020–7 February 2021
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunstbibliothek

Catalogue: Schelbert, Georg, and Moritz Wullen. Das Piranesi-Prinzip. Pp. 144. E.A. Seemann, Leipzig 2020. €27. ISBN 978-3865024435 (paper).

For more information:

Der römische Legionär – Weit mehr als ein Krieger
(The Roman Legionary – Far More Than a Warrior)

24 October 2019–7 February 2021
Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle
Freiburg im Breisgau

For more information:

HumANimal: Das Tier und wir
(HumANimal: Animals and UsHuman Views of Animals from Antiquity to the Present))

21 February 2020–14 February 2021
Badisches Landesmuseum

Catalogue: Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe. HumANimal: das Tier und wir. Pp. 162. Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe 2020. €8. ISBN 978-3937345925 (paper).

For more information:

freiburg.archäologie – 200 Years of Research in the City

14 December 2019–21 February 2021
Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle

For more information:,Len/1455214.html

Gladiatoren – Helden des Kolosseums
(Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum)

16 September 2020–28 February 2021
Archäologisches Museum

For more information:

Germanen. Eine archäologische Bestandsaufnahme
(The Germanic Tribes: 
An Archaeological Inventory / A Critical Look)

18 September 2020–21 March 2021

Curators: Matthias Wemhoff and Gabriele Uelsberg

Catalogue: Wemhoff, Matthias, and Gabriele Uelsberg. Germanen: Eine archäologische Bestandsaufnahme. Pp. 448. wbg Theiss in Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2020. €40. ISBN 978-3806242614 (cloth).

For more information:

Spätantike und Byzantinische Kunst
(Late Antique and 
Byzantine Art)

Opened 3 October 2020

For more information:

Faszination Ägypten: Frühe Grafiken & Aquarelle aus dem Land der Pharaonen
(Fascination Egypt: Early Graphics & Watercolors from the Land of the Pharaohs)

26 September 2020–5 April 2021
Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum

For more information:

Guter Dämon Bes: Schutzgott der Ägypter
(Good Demon Bes: God of Protection of the Egyptians)

5 November 2020–11 April 2021
Museum August Kestner

For more information:ämon-Bes.-Schutzgott-der-Ägypter

Klartext: Zur Geschichte des Bode-Museums
(Plain Talk: About the History of the Bode-Museum)

Opens 18 November 2020

For more information:

Vom Fragment zum Monument. Das Ischtar-Tor in Berlin
(From Fragment to Monument. The Ishtar Gate in Berlin)

10 November 2020–30 May 2021

For more information:

Medicus: Die Macht des Wissens
(The Physician: The Power of Knowledge
. The History of Medicine from Antiquity to the Present)

5 September 2020–13 June 2021
Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer

Catalogue: Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer. Medicus. Die Macht des Wissens. Zwischen Magie, Religion und Forschung: Ein Streifzug durch die Geschichte der Medizin von Mesopotamien, über die Antike, das Mittelalter bis zur Moderne. Pp. 400. wbg Theiss in Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2019. €24,30. ISBN 978-3806241037 (paper).

For more information:

James Simon. Die Kunst des sinnvollen Gebens
(James Simon. The Art of Giving Well)

11 May 2021–25 July 2021

Curators: Olaf Matthes and Felix von Boehm

Catalogue: Matthes, Olaf. James Simon: Die Kunst des sinnvollen Gebens. Pp. 80. Hentrich and Hentrich, Berlin 2011. €8.90. ISBN 978-3942271356 (paper).

For more information:

freiburg.archäologie – Life before the Founding of the City

13 September 2020–29 August 2021
Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle

For more information:,Len/1469763.html

ECHO. Die Aura der Antike: Werner Kroener
(ECHO. The Aura of Antiquity: Werner Kroener)

20 June 2020–12 September 2021
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

For more information:

Achmîm. Ägyptens vergessene Stadt
(Achmîm. Egypt's Forgotten City)

21 May 2021–12 September 2021

For more information:

Sternensucher – Von der Himmelsscheibe bis zur Rosetta-Mission
(Star Seekers - From the Sky Disc to the Rosetta Mission)

3 October 2020–30 September 2021
Arche Nebra

For more information:

Von Eva bis Greta. Frauen auf Münzen und Medaillen
(From Eve to Greta. Women on Coins and Medallions)

27 November 2020–17 October 2021

For more information:

Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra – Neue Horizonte
(The Nebra Sky Disc – New Horizons)

4 June 2021–9 January 2022
Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte

Catalogue: Meller, Harald, and Michael Schefzik, eds. Die Welt der Himmelsscheibe von Nebra - Neue Horizonte. Pp. 208. wbg Theiss in Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2020. €28. ISBN 978-3806242232 (cloth).

For more information:

Tutanchamun - Sein Grab und die Schätze
(Tutankhamun - His Grave and the Treasures)

10 September 2021–27 February 2022

For more information:

Die Krone von Kertsch: Schätze aus Europas Frühzeit
(The Crown of Kerch: Treasures from the Dawn of European History) 

19 October 2017–25 September 2022
Neues Museum

For more information:


September 2021–September 2022
LWL-Museum für Archäologie

For more information:

Der Untergang des Römischen Reiches
(The Fall of the Roman Empire)

25 June 2022–27 November 2022
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

For more information:


Aρχαϊκά Χρώματα
(Archaic Colors)

31 July 2012–31 December 2020
Acropolis Museum

For more information:

Αδριανός & Αθήνα. Συνομιλώντας με έναν ιδεατό κόσμο
(Hadrian and Athens. Conversing with an Ideal World)

27 November 2017–31 December 2020
National Archaeological Museum

For more information:

νέα αποκτήματα / νέες προσεγγίσεις
(New Acquisitions / New Approaches)

1 October 2020–31 January 2021
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

For more information:

Αρχαιολατρεία και Φιλελληνισμός. Συλλογή Θανάση και Μαρίνας Μαρτίνου
(Antiquarianism and Philhellenism. The Thanassis and Marina Martinos Collection)

10 December 2020–5 April 2021
The Museum of Cycladic Art

Curators: Fani Maria Tsigakou and N. Chr. Stampolidis

For more information:

Η ποίηση στο σχήμα των πραγμάτων
(Poetry in the Shape of Things: Antiquities Recreated as Poems)

18 May 2020–17 May 2021
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

For more information:


Hédervárról Eperjesen át Liverpoolig: két elefántcsont diptychon a késő római világból
(From Hédervár and Eperjes to Liverpool: Two Ivory Diptychs from the Late Roman World)

Until 28 February 2021
Szépművészeti Múzeum

For more information:


Lo sguardo dell’antropologo. Connessioni con il Museo di Antropologia ed Etnografia dell’Università di Torino
(The Anthropologist’s View. Connections with the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the University of Turin)

13 June 2020–15 November 2020
Museo Egizio

For more information:

Etruschi. Viaggio nelle terre dei Rasna
(Etruscans. Journey to the Lands of the Rasna)

6 June 2020–29 November 2020
Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna

Curators: Laura Bentini, Marinella Marchesi, Laura Minarini, and Giuseppe Sassatelli

Catalogue: Bentini, Laura, Marinella Marchesi, Laura Minarini, and Giuseppe Sassatelli. Etruschi. Viaggio nelle terre dei Rasna. Pp. 528. Electa, Milan 2019. €50. ISBN 978-8891828309 (paper).

For more information:

Il teatro romano di Luna. Settant’anni di ricerche archeologiche
(The Roman Theater of Luna. Seventy Years of Archaeological Research)

25 July 2020–13 December 2020
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Luni

Curators: Antonella Traverso and Marcella Mancusi

Catalogue: Gervasini, Lucia and Marcella Manusi. Il teatro romano di Luna: 70 anni di ricerche archeologiche. Pp. 416. SAGEP, Genova 2020. €50. ISBN 978-8863737097 (paper).

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Sotto il cielo di Nut. Egitto divino
(Under Nut's Sky. Divine Egypt)

11 March 2020–20 December 2020
Museo Archeologico

Catalogue: Ceruti, S., and A. Provenzali, eds. Sotto il cielo di Nut. Forme del divino nell'Antico Egitto. Pp. 226. Officina Libraria, Rome 2019. €27,55. ISBN 978-8833670881(paper).

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Tesori ritrovati. Il banchetto da Bisanzio a Ravenna
(Recovered Treasures. The Banquet from Byzantium to Ravenna)

13 June 2020–20 December 2020
Museo Classis

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Il Colosseo si racconta: la storia infinita di una icona tra archeologia, filmati e lingue orientali
(The Colosseum Tells Its Story: The Never-Ending Story of an Icon between Archaeology, Videos, and Oriental Languages) 

21 December 2018–31 December 2020
Parco Archeologico del Colosseo

Curator: Rossella Rea

Catalogue: Rea, Rossella. Il Colosseo si racconta. Pp. 144. Mondadori Electa, Milan 2019. €9,50. ISBN 978-8891824066 (paper).

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Costruire per gli dei. Il cantiere nel mondo classico
(Building for the Gods. The Construction Site in the Classical World)

12 June 2019–31 December 2020
Il Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi di Agrigento

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Germanico Cesare… A un passo dall’Impero
(Germanicus Caesar ... One Step away from the Empire)

10 October 2019–31 December 2020
Museo Archeologico e Pinacoteca

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L’Appia ritrovata. In cammino da Roma a Brindisi
(The Appia Rediscovered. On the Way from Rome to Brindisi)

4 March 2020–31 December 2020
Casale di Santa Maria Nova

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La vita all’origine dell'Urbanizzazione: i risultati della missione archeologica a Jebel al-Mutawwaq (Giordania)
(Life at the Origin of Urbanization: The Results of the Archaeological Mission in Jebel al-Mutawwaq (Jordan))

9 October 2020–7 January 2021
Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria

Curators: Andrea Polcaro and Alessandra Caselli

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Collezioni in dialogo: rilievo della tomba di Ptahmose
(Collections in Dialogue: Relief from the Ptahmose Tomb)

3 October 2019–10 January 2021
Museo Gregoriano Egizio, Musei Vaticani
Vatican City

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Raffaello e la Domus Aurea
(Raphael and the Domus Aurea. The Invention of the Grotesques)

24 March 2020–10 January 2021
Domus Aurea

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Venustas. Grazia e bellezza a Pompei
(Venustas. Grace and Beauty at Pompeii)

31 July 2020–31 January 2021
Parco Archeologico di Pompei

Curators: Margherita Tirelli and Marta Mascardi

Catalog: Osanna, Massimo, and Grete Stefani. Venustas. Grazia e bellezza a Pompei. Arte’m, Naples 2020. €20. ISBN 978-8856907520 (paper).

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Museo Archeologico di Castellammare di Stabia

Opened 24 September 2020
Castellammare di Stabia

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Robot: The Human Project
(From the First Mechanical Devices of Ancient Greece to the New Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence)

26 November 2020–28 March 2021
Museo delle Culture (MUDEC)

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Josef Koudelka. Radici
(Josef Koudelka. Roots)

1 January 2021–11 April 2021
Museo dell'Ara Pacis

Catalogue: Koudelka, Josef. Radici. Contrasto, Milan 2020. €89. ISBN 978-8869658259 (paper).

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Gli Etruschi e il MANN
(Etruscans and MANN)

12 June 2020–31 May 2021
Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Curators: Paolo Giulierini and Valentino Nizzo

Catalogue: Nizzo, Valentino, ed. Gli etruschi e il Mann. Pp. 336. Electa, Milan 2020. €38. ISBN 978-8891825520 (paper).

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The Torlonia Marbles. Collecting Masterpieces

14 October 2020–29 June 2021
Musei Capitolini a Palazzo Caffarelli

Curators: Salvatore Settis and Carlo Gasparri

Catalogue: Settis, Salvatore and Carlo Gasparri, eds. The Torlonia Marbles. Pp. 320. Electa, Milan 2020. €37,05. ISBN 978-8891890122 (paper).

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La Roma della Repubblica
(Rome of the Republic)

22 December 2020–31 July 2021
Musei Capitolini a Palazzo Caffarelli

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Tebe nel Nuovo Regno
(Thebes in the New Kingdom)

11 December 2021–18 April 2022
Basilica Palladiana

Curator: Christian Greco

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BNL a Palazzo Altemps
(Ancient Sculpture from the BNL Collection at the Palazzo Altemps)

11 July 2019–11 July 2024
Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Altemps

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Sakkara: leven in een dodenstad
(Saqqara: Living in a City of the Dead)

1 June 2020–22 November 2020
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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: The Glass Collection of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities)

1 June 2020–28 February 2021
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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Romeinen langs de Rijn
(Romans along the Banks of the Rhine)

1 June 2020–28 February 2021
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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Verbeelding van Egypte
(Imagining Egypt)

10 October 2020–28 February 2021
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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Van Nijl tot Amstel 
(From the Nile to the Amstel)

Opened 15 September 2020
Allard Pierson

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Megalithische tempels van Malta
(Megalithic Temples of Malta)

10 October 2020–31 March 2021
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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Op zoek naar Toetanchamon
(In Search of Tutankhamun)

10 October 2020–5 September 2021
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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In de ban van de Ararat: Schatten uit het oude Armenië
(Under the Spell of Mount Ararat: Treasures from Ancient Armenia)

25 April 2021–5 September 2021
Drents Museum

Catalog: van der Sanden, Wijnand. In de ban van de Ararat – Schatten uit het oude Armenië. Pp. 168. Wbooks, Zwolle 2021. €24,95. ISBN 978-9462583733 (cloth).

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Keizer Domitianus
(Emperor Domitian)

14 October 2021–20 March 2022
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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Archeologia i sztuka. Badania nie tylko powierzchniowe
(Archaeology and Art. More Than a Surface Survey)

7 November 2020–30 November 2020
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu

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Identidade e Cultura. Património Arqueológico de Sharjah (EAU)
(Identity and Culture. Archaeological Heritage of Sharjah (UAE))

14 November 2019–31 December 2020
Museu Nacional de Arqueologia

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Esculturas Infinitas. Do Gesso ao Digital
(Infinite Sculpture. From the Antique Cast to the 3D Scan)

18 September 2021–25 January 2021
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

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Превью выставки «В поисках античного Боспора. К 150-летию со дня рождения М. И. Ростовцева»
(Preview of the Temporary Exhibition: In Search of the Ancient Bosporus. On the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Mikhail Rostovtzeff)

27 October 2020–8 November 2020
The State Hermitage Museum
Saint Petersburg

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Оман – страна ладана 
– The Land of Frankincense)

2 December 2020–23 January 2021
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

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Две Пальмиры. Архитектура
(Two Palmyras. Archaeology)

13 November 2020–24 January 2021
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

For more information:

Железный век
(The Iron Age. Europe without Borders)

11 November 2020–28 February 2021
The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg

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Ptujski Frad, Vzhodni Stolp: Osrčje Petovione
(At the Heart of Poetovio: Ptuj in the Time of the Roman Empire)

22 November 2019–31 December 2020
Ptuj Castle

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Art Primer. Artistes de la prehistòria
(Art Primer. Artists of Prehistory)

6 February 2020–22 November 2020
Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya

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Dones i homes de l'antic Egipte
(Women and Men of Ancient Egypt)

23 October 2019–31 December 2020
Museu Egipci de Barcelona

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Luchando contra el expolio
(Fighting Against Looting)

14 June 2020–31 December 2020
Museo Arqueológico de Murcia

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Reciclando Emerita
(Recycling Emerita)

17 May 2019–December 2020
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

Curator: Rafael Sabio González

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Artes Romae. Arte y artesanía en Augusta Emerita
(Artes Romae. Art and Craft in Augusta Emerita)

July 2020–December 2020
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

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Ídolos. Miradas Milenarias
(Idols. Ancient Marvels)

28 July 2020–10 January 2021
Museo Arqueológico Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid

Catalog: Bueno Ramírez, Primitiva and Jorge A Soler Díaz, eds. Ídolos. Miradas Milenarias. Pp. 389. Alicante, Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante 2020. ISBN 978-8409179350 (cloth).

For more information:

Arqueología de los paisajes sonoros
(Archaeology of Soundscapes)

6 October 2020–January 2021
Museo Arqueológico Nacional 

For more information:

El Teatro Romano de Cartagena: Proyectos de Futuro
(The Roman Theater of Cartagena: Future Projects)

8 October 2020–28 February 2021
Museo del Teatro Romano de Cartagena

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Faraón. Rey de Egipto
(Pharaoh. King of Egypt)

1 June 2020–14 March 2021
Caixa Forum

For more information:

Arte y mito. Los dioses del Prado
(Art and Myth. The Gods of the Prado)

15 October 2020–14 March 2021
Caixa Forum

Catalogue: Fundació Bancaria “la Caixa”. Arte y mito: Los Dioses del Prado. Pp. 134. Obra Social la Caixa, Barcelona 2020. €17,10. ISBN 978-8499002842 (paper).

For more information:

La imagen humana: Arte, identidades y simbolismo
(The Human Image: Art, Identities, and Symbolism)

29 April 2021–29 August 2021
Caixa Forum

For more information:

Tutankhamón - La Tumba y sus Tesoros
- His Tomb and His Treasures)

23 November 2019–10 November 2021
Espacio 5.1 – IFEMA

For more information:


Tutanchamun: Sein Grab und die Schätze
(Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Treasures)

10 July 2020–8 November 2020
Halle 622

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Mondhörner. Rätselhafte Kultobjekte der Bronzezeit
(Moon Horns. Enigmatic Cult Objects from the Bronze Age)

9 August 2020–15 November 2020

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Oriental Grand Tour. Fotografien aus der Sammlung Ruth und Peter Herzog  
(Oriental Grand Tour. Photographs from the Ruth and Peter Herzog Collection)

13 September 2020–13 December 2020
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

For more information:

Une Odyssée photographique. Fred Boissonnas et la Méditerranée
(A Photographic Odyssey. Fred Boissonnas and the Mediterranean)

25 September 2020–31 January 2021
Musée Rath

Catalogue: Musée Rath. Une Odyssée photographique. Fred Boissonnas et la Méditerranée. Pp. 280. Silvana Editoriale, Milan 2020. €31,95. ISBN 978-8836643943 (paper).

For more information:

Zeitsprünge – Basler Geschichte in Kürze
(Leaps in Time – A Brief History of Basel)

22 June 2019–29 August 2021
Historisches Museum Basel - Barfüsserkirche

Catalogue: Büttner, Jonathan, Gudrun Piller, and Daniel Suter. Zeitsprünge – Basler Geschichte in Kürze. Pp. 172. Christoph Merian, Basel 2020. €24. ISBN 978-3856169336 (paper).

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United Kingdom

Changing Shapes: Metamorphosis in Art

16 October 2020–31 January 2021
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts

For more information:

Conservation in Action

14 January 2020–8 March 2021
Perth Museum and Art Gallery

For more information:

Lasers, Hoarding, and Roman Gold Coinage

Until March 2021
Ashmolean Museum

For more information:

Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery

11 September 2020–18 April 2021
Museum of London Docklands

Curator: Kate Sumnall

For more information:

Treasures of the British Library

Opened 20 October 2020
The British Library

For more information:

Animal Mummies: What's Inside

Reopened 24 October 2020
Natural History Museum at Tring

For more information:

A Golden Jubilee: 50 Years of the Barber Coin Collection

23 September 2020–27 June 2021
Barber Institute of Fine Arts

For more information:

Museum of Archaeology Gallery

1 January 2021–31 December 2021
Museum of Archaeology

For more information:

The Middle East


האדם החושב מיהוד
(The Thinker from Yehud)

25 January 2020–1 January 2021
Israel Museum

Curator: Nurith Goshen

 האימפריה המצרית בכנען
(The Egyptian Empire in Canaan)

6 September 2020–6 September 2021
Rockefeller Archaeological Museum

Curator: Fawzi Ibrahim

For more information:

ארון־קבורה נושא כתב חרטומים
(Anthropoid Coffin with a Hieroglyphic Inscription)

Opens 1 May 2022
Rockefeller Archaeological Museum

Curator: Fawzi Ibrahim

For more information:

חנניה בר דודלוס מירושלים
(Hanania Son of Dudolos of Jerusalem: The First Epigraphic Testimony to the Name Jerusalem Spelled Yerushalayim)

Opens 9 October 2022
Israel Museum

Curators: David Mevorach and Rachel Caine-Kreinin

For more information:


عين الصقر في ذكرى الشيخ سعود آل ثاني
(A Falcon’s Eye: Tribute to Sheikh Saoud Al Thani and His Collecting Vision)

2 August 2020–10 April 2021
Museum of Islamic Art

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East Asia and Oceania


The Greatest Games: Stories from the Ancient Olympics

Opens 2021
RD Milns Antiquities Museum
Brisbane, Queensland

For more information:

Tutankhamum: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

Opens 2021
Australian Museum
Sydney, New South Wales

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ライデン国立古代博物館所蔵 古代エジプト展
(Leiden National Museum of Antiquities Ancient Egypt Exhibition – Egypt Land of Discoveries)

19 September 2020–6 December 2020
Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

For more information:

19 December 2020–31 March 2021

Shizuoka City Museum of Art

For more information:

文明をつなぐもの 中央アジア
(Connecting Civilizations — From Ancient Central Asia to East Asia)

1 September 2020–13 December 2020
Miho Museum

For more information:

(Ancient Egypt – The Creation of the World)

21 November 2020–4 April 2021
Edo-Tokyo Museum

For more information:特別展「国立ベルリン・エジプト博物館所蔵%E3%80%80古/

South Korea

세계문화관 개관
(Egypt: Life, Death, and Rebirth)

16 December 2019–7 November 2021
National Museum of Korea

For more information: