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A Letter from the AJA

A Letter from the AJA

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We are pleased to announce that the AJA has joined JSTOR’s Current Scholarship Program (CSP), an effort launched earlier this year that will bring together both previously published and current content on the JSTOR platform. This means that, beginning with this issue, every article published in the AJA, from the first publication in 1885 to the most recent issue, will be available on JSTOR, either through an electronic subscription package or as a single article purchase. Read more about JSTOR access.

Many readers will already be familiar with JSTOR, a not-for-profit digital archive that helps scholars, researchers, and students find and use published research from more than 1,000 academic journals, including the AJA. Indeed, the Journal has long participated in the JSTOR Archive Collections; adding our current content is therefore a natural extension of that collaboration. If you have used JSTOR in the past, this new platform for our current content will look very familiar to you. Participating in CSP also affords us new opportunities for additional online publications that could differ significantly from our printed articles.

CSP provides readers and scholars around the world with a single access point for content and, importantly, ensures the long-term preservation of our content. It has powerful discovery, linking, and research features that will serve you well. The AJA is proud to continue to be part of a network that supports the dissemination of quality scholarship through affordable and sustainable means.

The AJA website has a slightly new look and feel, and we encourage a visit. As always, our quarterly book reviews are posted as free, downloadable PDFs; we also have a museum review by Miriam Caskey, an appendix that complements the article by David Ben-Shlomo on transport stirrup jars, and an image gallery for Benjamin R. Gearey’s field report on the excavations at Domuztepe.

And finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in our recent reader survey. This information will help us chart the next decade of growth and development for the AJA.

Naomi J. Norman

Madeleine J. Donachie
Director of Publishing

A Letter from the AJA

By Naomi J. Norman and Madeleine J. Donachie

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 115, No. 3 (July 2011), p. 327

DOI: 10.3764/aja.115.3.0327

© 2011 Archaeological Institute of America