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A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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In my final letter from the editor, I would like to call your attention to some of the recent design innovations in the AJA and to thank those of you who have been so stalwart in your support of me, particularly over the past year. Following on the complete redesign of the cover, there is now a new look for the journal’s interior. In addition to a redesigned article title page, the January 2015 issue debuted the restructured masthead and table of contents pages. AJA Online has also been completely revamped to offer a more streamlined mobile experience and to better reflect the new look of the journal itself. I thank Madeleine Donachie, Katrina Swartz, and Vanessa Lord for all their hard work and creativity; it has been a real pleasure and an honor to work with such a devoted staff.

I would like to thank my advisory board for their sage advice and support during my tenure as Editor-in-Chief. Their commitment to the discipline and their willingness to give of their time to ensure the high quality of the journal has been inspiring. Let me also express my gratitude to the Book Review Editors for their long service to the journal, and to my editorial assistants for all their hard work. I feel very fortunate indeed to have such dedicated and professional colleagues. I wish all the best to the next Editor-in-Chief, Jane Carter, who I am sure will continue to improve the quality of the journal as she introduces innovations and changes of her own. My final issue as Editor-in-Chief will be October 2016; the next editor’s first issue will be January 2017.

Finally, while archaeology may be a study of the past, it is a discipline that operates in the present. We have learned the hard way this year that the study and protection of the past and its material remains can be a very dangerous, even deadly undertaking. To all our colleagues currently working under exceedingly difficult circumstances to manage, preserve, and protect the archaeological heritage of the Mediterranean world in this period of horrific warfare, political instability, and crushing financial austerity, we honor your service and we hope for better and more peaceful times.

Sheila Dillon

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

By Sheila Dillon

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 120, No. 1 (January 2016), p. 1

DOI: 10.3764/aja.120.1.0001

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