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List of Books Received

January 2021 (125.1)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Note: the number of books received was lower than usual due to COVID-19, which has affected both the shipping and receiving of books. The AJA is working with authors and publishers to continue the work of reviewing books during the pandemic. Questions or comments may be directed to

Ball, Warwick. Archaeological Gazetteer of Afghanistan. Rev. ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2019. Pp. 736. $170. ISBN 9780199277582 (cloth).

Bárta, Miroslav. Analyzing Collapse: The Rise and Fall of the Old Kingdom. New York: American University in Cairo Press 2019. Pp. xv + 253. $60. ISBN 9789774168383 (e-book).

Bassir, Hussein, ed. Living Forever: Self-Presentation in Ancient Egypt. New York: American University in Cairo Press 2019. Pp. xxviii + 272. $60. ISBN 9789774169014 (e-book).

Berenfeld, Michelle. The Triconch House (Aphrodisias 11). Wiesbaden: Reichert 2020. Pp. 160. $104. ISBN 9783954904051 (cloth).

Bockmann, Ralf, Anna Leone, and Philipp von Rummel, eds. Africa – Ifrīqiya: Continuity and Change in North Africa from the Byzantine to the Early Islamic Age. Papers of a Conference Held in Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano, 28 February–2 March 2013. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2019. Pp. viii + 322. €58. ISBN 978-3-447-11333-5 (e-book).

Buchwald, Jed Z., and Diane Greco Josefowicz. The Riddle of the Rosetta: How an English Polymath and a French Polyglot Discovered the Meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Princeton: Princeton University Press 2020. Pp. 576. $39.93. ISBN 9780691200903 (cloth).

Caputo, Clementina. The House of Serenos. Part I: The Pottery (Amheida V). New York: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World and New York University Press 2020. Pp. 272. $85. ISBN 978-1-47980-465-8 (cloth).

Collins-Clinton, Jacquelyn. Cosa: The Sculpture and Furnishings in Stone and Marble (MAAR Suppl. 15). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2020. Pp. 360. $125. ISBN 978-0-472-13159-4 (cloth).

Dahlén, Ashk P., ed. Achaemenid Anatolia: Persian Presence and Impact in the Western Satrapies 546–330 BC. Proceedings of an International Symposium at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 7–8 September 2017. Uppsala: Uppsala University Publications 2020. Pp. 267. $41.88. ISBN 978-91-513-0794-7 (cloth).

Delfino, Davide, Fernando Coimbra, Daniela Cardoso, and Gonçalo Cruz, eds. Late Prehistoric Fortifications in Europe: Defensive, Symbolic and Territorial Aspects from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Age. Proceedings of the International Colloquium ‘FortMetalAges,’ Guimarães, Portugal. Oxford: Archaeopress 2020. Pp. 256. ₤45. ISBN 978-1-78969-254-9 (cloth).

Dessales, Hélène. Receuils de William Gell: Pompéi publiée et inédite (1801–1829). Paris: Hermann 2020. Pp. 436. €32. ISBN 979-1037002129 (paper).

De Stefano, Francesco. L’immagine e il contesto: Produzioni figurative e immaginario sociale nelle comunità della Siritide e del Metapontino (VIII–VI secolo a.C.) (ASAtene 4). Florence: Scuola Archeologica di Atene 2019. Pp. 251. €34. ISBN 978-060-9559-14-0 (e-book).

Donev, Damjan. The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd–3rd c. AD). Oxford: Archaeopress 2019. Pp. viii + 380. ₤54. ISBN 978-1-78969-349-2 (e-book).

Emanuelsson-Paulson, Therese. “Polygonal Columns in Greek Architecture.” Ph.D. diss. Stockholm University 2020. Pp. 485. Price not available. ISBN 978-91-7797-762-9 (paper).

Fenwick, Corisande. Early Islamic North Africa: A New Perspective. New York: Bloomsbury Academic 2020. Pp. xiv + 210. $26.95. ISBN 9781350075191 (e-book).

Ferrara, Francesco Maria. Basileus e Basileia: Forme e luoghi della regalità macedone (Thiasos Monograph 14). Rome: Quasar 2020. Pp. 438. €50. ISBN 978-88-5491-047-8 (paper).

Godart, Louis, and Anna Sacconi. Les archives du roi Nestor: Corpus des inscriptions en Linéaire B de Pylos. Vol. 2, Series Gn-Xn (Pasiphae 14). Rome: Fabrizio Serra 2020. Pp. 420. €945. ISBN 978-88-3315-191-5 (cloth).

Grawehr, Matthias, Christina Leypold, Martin Mohr, and Ellen Thiermann, eds. Klassik—Kunst der Könige: Kings and Greek Art in the Fourth Century BC. Tagung an der Universität Zürich vom 18–20 Januar 2018 (Zürcher Archäologische Forschungen 7). Rahden, Germany: Marie Leidorf 2020. Pp. 224. €54.80. ISBN 9783867576673 (cloth).

Gürsu, Işilay, ed. Public Archaeology: Theoretical Approaches and Current Practices. Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. vi + 102. ₤30. ISBN 9781912090792 (cloth).

Guttmann-Bond, Erika. Reinventing Sustainability: How Archaeology Can Save the Planet. Oxford: Oxbow 2019. Pp. x + 181. ₤25. ISBN 978-1-78570-992-0 (paper).

Hannestad, Lise. Nicator: Seleucus I and His Empire. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press 2020. Pp. 182. $41.66. ISBN 9788772191737 (paper).

Hirth, Kenneth, and Ann Cyphers. Olmec Lithic Economy at San Lorenzo. Louisville: University Press of Colorado 2020. Pp. 480. $76. ISBN 978-1-64642-057-5 (e-book).

Hodder, Ian, ed. Consciousness, Creativity, and Self at the Dawn of Settled Life. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. 304. $99.99. ISBN 9781108753616 (cloth).

Ilan, David. Dan IV: The Iron Age I Settlement. The Avraham Biran Excavations (1966–1999). Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press 2020. Pp. 654. $125. ISBN 9780878201822 (cloth).

Jacobs, Justin M. The Compensations of Plunder: How China Lost Its Treasures. Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2020. Pp. 348. $27.50. ISBN 9780226712017 (paper).

Jonasch, Melanie, ed. The Fight for Greek Sicily: Society, Politics, and Landscape. Oxford: Oxbow 2020. Pp. x + 400. ₤45. ISBN 978-1-78925-356-6 (cloth).

Kiernan, Philip. Roman Cult Images: The Lives and Worship of Idols from the Iron Age to Late Antiquity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. 358. $120. ISBN 978-1-108-48734-4 (cloth).

Klinkott, Manfred. Das Fundament des Pergamonaltars und die Aufnahme seiner Fassadenfragmente (AvP 3.3). Berlin: De Gruyter 2020. Pp. x + 232. €119.95. ISBN 978-3-11-059814-8 (cloth).

Kouremenos, Anna, and Jody Michael Gordon, eds. Mediterranean Archaeologies of Insularity in an Age of Globalization. Oxford: Oxbow 2020. Pp. xv + 284. $55. ISBN 9781789253443 (e-book).

Kurt, Andrew. Mining, State, and Economy in the Visigothic Kingdom: From Settlement in Aquitaine Through the First Decade of the Muslim Conquest of Spain. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2020. Pp. 422. €129. ISBN 9789462981645 (cloth).

Langner, Martin, and Stefan Schmidt, eds. Die Materialität Griechischer Vasen Mikrohistorische Perspektiven in der Vasenforschung (Beihefte zum CVA Deutschland 9). Munich: Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 2020. Pp. 127. €59. ISBN 978-3-7696-3780-9 (cloth).

Lemos, Irene, and Antonis Kotsonas, eds. A Companion to the Archaeology of Early Greece and the Mediterranean. 2 vols. Medford: Wiley-Blackwell 2019. Pp. 1464. $420. ISBN 978-1-118-77019-1 (cloth).

Levy, Janet. The Genesis of the Textile Industry from Adorned Nudity to Ritual Regalia: The Changing Role of Fibre Crafts and Their Evolving Techniques of Manufacture in the Ancient Near East from the Natufian to the Ghassulian. Oxford: Archaeopress 2020. Pp. x + 323. ₤52. ISBN 978-1-78969-448-2 (paper).

Locicero, Mark A. Liquid Footprints: Water, Urbanism, and Sustainability in Roman Ostia. Leiden: Leiden University Press 2020. Pp. 442. $69.50. ISBN 9789087283230 (cloth).

Lo Monaco, Annalisa. L’Artemide venuta da lontano: Artemide taurica, la tauropolos, e le altre. (MemLinc 9.38.3). Rome: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 2018. Pp. 340. €29. ISBN 978-88-218-1174-6 (paper).

López-Ruiz, Carolina, and Brian R. Doak, eds. The Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2019. Pp. 792. $150. ISBN 9780190499341 (cloth).

Massa, Morella. Efestia (Lemno), una città tra Anatolia NO Tracia e Grecia: Riflessioni sui risultati delle indagini 1929–2010 nell’area santuariale. Pisa: Edizioni ETS 2020. Pp. 148. €25. ISBN 9788846756930 (paper).

Middleton, Guy D., ed. Collapse and Transformation: The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in the Aegean. Oxford: Oxbow 2020. Pp. xiv + 258. ₤60. ISBN 978-1-78925-425-9 (cloth).

Mizoguchi, Koji, and Claire Smith. Global Social Archaeologies: Making a Difference in a World of Strangers. New York: Routledge 2019. Pp. 297. $62.99. ISBN 978-1-62958-307-5 (paper).

Müller, Frank G.J.M. The So-Called Aldobrandini Wedding: Research from the Years 1990 to 2016. Translated by Gary P. Vos. Amsterdam: FM Art Publications 2019. Pp. xii + 187. €140. ISBN 9789090319186 (e-book).

Nantet, Emmanuel, ed. Sailing from Polis to Empire: Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean During the Hellenistic Period. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers 2020. Pp. 148. Open access at ISBN 9781783746958 (PDF).

Oakley, John H. A Guide to Scenes of Daily Life on Athenian Vases. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press 2020. Pp. 272. $34.95. ISBN 978-0-299-32724-8 (paper).

Patterson, Helen, Robert Witcher, and Helga Di Giuseppe. The Changing Landscapes of Rome’s Northern Hinterland: The British School at Rome’s Tiber Valley Project (Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 70). Oxford: Archaeopress 2020. Pp. 372. £55.00. ISBN 9781789696158 (paper).

Peng, Peng. Metalworking in Bronze Age China: The Lost-Wax Process. Amherst: Cambria Press 2020. Pp. xxxiv + 477. $139.99. ISBN 9781604979626 (cloth).

Piesker, Katja, and Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt, eds. Umgebaut: Umbau-, Umnutzungs- und Umwertungsprozesse in der antiken Architektur (Diskussionen zur Archäologischen Bauforschung 13). Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner 2020. Pp. 448. €86. ISBN 978-3795435783 (cloth).

Pitts, Martin, ed. The Roman Object Revolution: Objectscapes and Intra-cultural Connectivity in Northwest Europe. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2019. Pp. xv + 244. €99. ISBN 9789463728201 (e-book).

Queyrel, François. La sculpture hellénistique. Vol. 2, Royaumes et cités. Paris: Hermann 2020. Pp. 436. €62. ISBN 979-1-0370-0162-7 (e-book).

Richard, Suzanne, ed. New Horizons in the Study of the Early Bronze III and Early Bronze IV of the Levant. University Park: Penn State University Press 2020. Pp. 480. $124.95. ISBN 978-1-57506-740-7 (cloth).

Rohmer, Jérôme. Hauran VI d’Aram à Rome: La Syrie du Sud de l’âge du Fer à l’annexion romaine (XIIe siècle av. J.-C.–Ier siècle apr. J.-C.) (BAHBeyrouth 217). Beirut: Institut français du Proche-Orient 2020. Pp. 650. €70. ISBN 978-2-35159-763-7 (e-book).

Rouillard, Pierre, Laurent Costa, and Jesús Moratalla, eds. Des carrières en archipel: Au pays de la Dame d’Elche (Alicante, Espagne) (Collection de la Casa de Velázquez 178). Madrid: Casa de Velázquez 2020. Pp. viii + 221. €41. ISBN 9788490963142 (paper).

Stanton, Travis W., and Kenichiro Tsukamoto. The Past in the Present: An Introduction to Archaeology. Dubuque: Kendall Hunt 2019. Pp. 250. $99.50. ISBN 9781524980009 (paper).

Stern, Ian. Excavations at Maresha Subterranean Complex 169: Final Report, Seasons 2000–2016 (Annual of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology 11). Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press 2019. Pp. 407. $100. ISBN 9780878201792 (cloth).

Sterry, Martin, and David J. Mattingly, eds. Urbanisation and State Formation in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2020. Pp. 764. $175. ISBN 9781108637978 (cloth).

Thomas, Ariane, and Timothy Potts, eds. Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins. Los Angeles: Getty Publications 2020. Pp. 236. $65. ISBN 978-1-60606-649-2 (cloth).

Verner, Miroslav. The Pyramids (New and Revised): The Archaeology and History of Egypt's Iconic Monuments. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press 2021. Pp. 480. $79.95. ISBN 9789774169885 (cloth).

Williams, Howard, Caroline Pudney, and Afnan Ezzeldin, eds. Public Archaeology: Arts of Engagement. Oxford: Archaeopress 2019. Pp. xiv + 270. ₤58. ISBN 978-1-78969-373-7 (e-book).

List of Books Received

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 125, No. 1 (January 2021)

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