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List of Books Received

January 2019 (123.1)

Books Received

List of Books Received

Agostinetti, Paola P., ed. Celti d’Italia: I Celti dell’età di La Tène a sud delle Alpi (Biblioteca di Studi Etruschi 59). Pp. xiv + 621. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2017. $143. ISBN 978-88-7689-305-6 (paper).

Aristodemou, Georgia A. and Theodosios P. Tassios, eds. Great Waterworks in Roman Greece: Aqueducts and Monumental Fountain Structures. Function in Context (Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 35). Pp. v + 258. Archaeopress, Oxford 2018. £35. ISBN 978-1-78491-764-7 (paper).

Ataç, Mehmet-Ali. Art and Immortality in the Ancient Near East. Pp. xv + 285. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $99.99. ISBN 978-1-107-15495-7 (cloth).

Avanzini, Alessandra, and Michele degli Esposti, eds. Husn Salut and the Iron Age of South East Arabia (Arabia Antica 15). Pp. 423. L’Erma di Bretschneider, Rome 2018. €260. ISBN 978-88-913-1636-3 (paper).

Baird, Jennifer A. Dura-Europos (Archaeological Histories). Pp. 240. Bloomsbury Academic, New York 2018. $26.95. ISBN 978-1-4725-3087-5 (paper).

Card, Jeb J. Spooky Archaeology: Myth and the Science of the Past. Pp. x + 413. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque 2018. $75. ISBN 978-0-8263-5965-0 (cloth).

Carlson, Kristen, and Leland C. Bement, eds. The Archaeology of Large-Scale Manipulation of Prey: The Economic and Social Dynamics of Mass Hunting. Pp. vi + 291. University Press of Colorado, Louisville 2018. $73. ISBN 978-1-60732-681-6 (cloth).

Chappell Hodge, Shannon, and Kristina A. Shuler, eds. Bioarchaeology of the American Southeast: Approaches to Bridging Health and Identity in the Past. Pp. xx + 302. The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa 2018. $74.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-1991-5 (cloth).

Coralini, Antonella. Pompei. Insula IX 8: Vecchi e nuovi scavi (1879–) (Studi e scavi, nuova serie 40). Ante Quem, Bologna 2017. €70. ISBN 978-88-7849-115-1 (paper).

Crabtree, Pam J. Early Medieval Britain: The Rebirth of Towns in the Post-Roman West (Case Studies in Early Societies). Pp. xviii + 227. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $34.99. ISBN 978-0-521-71370-2 (paper).

Crawford, Sally, Dawn M. Hadley, and Gillian Shepherd, eds. The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Childhood. Pp. 720. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2018. $145. ISBN 978-0-19-967069-7 (cloth).

Davies, Glenys. Gender and Body Language in Roman Art. Pp. xii + 357. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $120.00. ISBN 978-0-521-84273-0 (cloth).

de Ruyt, Claire, Thomas Morard, and Françoise van Haeperen, eds. Ostia Antica: Nouvelles études et recherches sur les quartiers occidentaux de la cité. Actes du colloque international (Rome–Ostia Antica, 22–24 septembre 2014) (Belgisch Historisch Instituut te Rome, Artes 8). Pp. 311. Belgisch Historisch Instituut te Rome, Brussels 2018. €75. ISBN 978-90-74461-89-4 (paper).

Effros, Bonnie. Incidental Archaeologists: French Officers and the Rediscovery of Roman North Africa. Pp. xvi + 371. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y. 2018. $49.95. ISBN 9781501702105 (cloth).

Erickson, Brice L. The Historical Greek Village (Lerna VIII). Pp. xxvi + 494. American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton 2018. $150. ISBN 978-0-87661-308-5 (cloth).

Evans, Jane DeRose. Coins from the Excavations at Sardis: Their Archaeological and Economic Contexts. Coins from the 1973 to 2013 Excavations (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis 13). Pp. xxi + 305. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2018. $90. ISBN 9780674987258 (cloth).

Fiema, Zbigniew T., Jaakko Frösén, and Maija Holappa. Petra: The Mountain of Aaron. The Nabataean Sanctuary and the Byzantine Monastery (The Finnish Arcaheological Project in Jordan 2). Pp. viii + 601 + DVD of virtual tour. Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Helsinki 2016. €140. ISBN 978-951-653-410-0 (cloth).

Graells i Fabregat, Raimon. Corazas helenísticas decoradas: Οπλα Καλα, los ‘Siris Bronzes’ y su contexto (Studia Archaeologia 223). Pp. 406. L’Erma di Bretschneider, Rome 2018. €200. ISBN 978-88-913-1619-6 (paper).

Graells i Fabregat, Raimon, Fausto Longo, and Gabriel Zuchtriegel, eds. Le armi di Athena: Il santuario settentrionale di Paestum. Pp. 256. Arte’m, Naples 2017. €25. ISBN 978-88-569-0608-0 (paper).

Harrison-Buck, Eleanor, and Julia A. Hendon, eds. Relational Identities and Other-Than-Human Agency in Archaeology. Pp. vi + 296. University Press of Colorado, Louisville 2018. $73. ISBN 978-1-60732-746-2 (cloth).

Helg, Riccardo. Frontes: Le facciate nell’architettura e nell’urbanistica di Pompei e di Ercolano (DISCI Archeologia 21). Pp. xvi + 339. Bononia University Press, Bologna 2018. €45. ISBN 978-88-6923-305-0 (paper).

Hingley, Richard. Londinium: A Biography. Roman London from Its Origins to the Fifth Century. Pp. xvi + 383. Bloomsbury Academic, London 2018. $34.95. ISBN 978-1-3500-4729-7 (paper).

Hodder, Ian, ed. Religion, History, and Place in the Origin of Settled Life. Pp. xii + 293. University Press of Colorado, Boulder 2018. $75. ISBN 978-1-60732-736-3 (cloth).

Hodder, Ian. Where Are We Heading? The Evolution of Humans and Things. Pp. xvi + 179. Yale University Press, New Haven and London 2018. $27.50. ISBN 978-0-300-20409-4 (cloth).

James, Peter. Saving the Pyramids: Twenty-First-Century Engineering and Egypt’s Ancient Monuments. Pp. xi + 144. University of Wales Press, Cardiff 2018. £12.99. ISBN 978-1-78683-250-4 (cloth).

Juhel, Pierre, with Dorota Sakowicz and Paul Morillon. Armes, armement et contexte funéraire dans la Macédoine Hellénistique: Avec un appendice sur les trouvailles d’armes relatives à l'archaïsme et aux débuts de l’époque classique en Macédoine et sur ses confins (Akanthina 11). Pp. 105. University of Gdansk, Gdansk 2017. £25. ISBN 978-83-7531-182-2 (cloth; available through Casemate/Oxbow/David Brown Books).

Kästner, Ursula, and Stefan Schmidt, eds. Inszenierung von Identitäten: Unterirdische Vasenmalerei zwischen Griechen und Indigenen (Beihefte zum CVA Deutschland 8). Pp. 166. Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich 2018. $70. ISBN 978-3-7696-3779-3 (cloth).

Kristiansen, Kristian, Thomas Lindkvist, and Janken Myrdal, eds. Trade and Civilisation: Economic Networks and Cultural Ties, from Prehistory to the Early Modern Era. Pp. xi + 554. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $140. ISBN 978-1-108-42541-4 (cloth).

Malotki, Ekkehart and Ellen Dissanayake. Early Rock Art of the American West: The Geometric Enigma. Pp. xiv+ 298. University of Washington Press, Seattle 2018. $34.95. ISBN 978-0-295-74361-5 (paper).

Masturzo, Nicolò. Missione archeologica italiana di Iasos VI: Iasos l’Area a sud dell’Agorà I. Il tempio distilo d’età ecatomnide e l’architettura ionica (Archaeologica 176). Pp. xv + 158. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2016. $77. ISBN 978-88-7689-297-4 (paper).

Matyszak, Philip. The Greeks (Lost Civilizations). Pp. 208. Reaktion Books, London 2018. $25. ISBN 978-1-78023-900-2 (cloth).

Morpurgo, Giulia. I sepolcreti etruschi di Bologna nei terreni De Luca e Battistini: Fine VI–inizi IV secolo a.C (DISCI Archeologia 20). 2 vols. Pp. xvii + 603. Bononia University Press, Bologna 2018. €100. ISBN 978-88-6923-304-3 (paper).

Nongbri, Brent. God’s Library: The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts. Pp. xi + 403. Yale University Press, New Haven and London 2018. $35. ISBN 978-0-300-21541-0 (cloth).

Orsi, Paolo. I Taccuini. Vol. 1, Riproduzione anastatica e trascrizione dei Taccuini 1–4. Reproduced and transcribed by Giuseppina Monterosso and Gioconda Lamagna. (Monumenti antichi 75, serie miscellanea 20). Pp. 274. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2018. €125. ISBN 978-88-7689-299-8 (paper).

Papadimitriou, Nikos, and Maria Toli, eds. Αρχαία Κύπρος: Πρόσφατες εξελίξεις στην αρχαιολογία της ανατολικής Μεσογείου. Pp. 335. Mouseio Kykladikis Technis, Athens 2017. Price not available. ISBN 978-618-5060-23-7 (paper).

Peres, Tanya M., and Aaron Deter-Wolf, eds. Baking, Bourbon, and Black Drink: Foodways Archaeology in the American Southeast. Pp. ix + 237. The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa 2018. $64.95. ISBN 978-0-8173-1992-2 (cloth).

Perlès, Catherine, with appendix by André Colonese. Ornaments and Other Ambiguous Artifacts from Franchthi. Vol. 1, The Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic (Franchthi 15). Pp. xxi + 303. Indiana University Press, Bloomington 2018. $50. ISBN 978-0-253-03184-6 (paper).

Porten Palange, Francesca Paola Lucerne a volute monolicni e bilicni dal Teatro di Caesarea Maritima (Archaeologica 177). Pp. xv + 148. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2017. $86.98. ISBN 978-88-7689-303-2 (paper).

Prag, Kay. Excavations by K.M. Kenyon in Jerusalem 1961–1967. Vol. 6, Sites on the Edge of the Ophel (Levant Suppl. 18). Pp. xv + 300. Oxbow, Oxford 2017. $80. ISBN 978-1-78570-653-0 (cloth).

Reinhard, Andrew. Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games. Pp. 224. Berghahn, New York 2018. $27.95. ISBN 978-1-78533-872-4 (paper).

Sabloff, Jeremy A., and Paula L.W. Sabloff, eds. The Emergence of Premodern States: New Perspectives on the Development of Complex Societies (SFI Press Seminar Series 2). Pp. 370. The Santa Fe Institute Press, Santa Fe 2018. $24. ISBN 978-1-947864-12-2 (cloth).

Sarris, Apostolos, Evita Kalogiropoulou, Tuna Kalayci, and Lia Karimali, eds. Communities, Landscapes, and Interaction in Neolithic Greece (International Monographs in Prehistory Archaeological Series 20). Pp. xxxii + 480. International Monographs in Prehistory, Ann Arbor, Mich. 2017. $39. ISBN 9781879621473 (paper).

Sassù, Alessio. Iktinos: L’architetto del Partenone (Maestri dell’arte classica 5). Pp. xiv + 138. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2016. $46. ISBN 978-88-7689-298-1 (paper).

Schoevaert, Julien. Les boutiques d’Ostie: L’économie urbaine au quotidien. Ier s. av. J.-C.–Ve ap. J.-C. (CÉFR 537). Pp. xviii + 310. École française de Rome, Rome 2018. €39. ISBN 978-2728312948 (paper).

Shennan, Stephen. The First Farmers of Europe: An Evolutionary Perspective (Cambridge World Archaeology). Pp. xviii + 253. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $34.99. ISBN 978-1-108-43521-5 (paper).

Shipley, D. Graham J. The Early Hellenistic Peloponnese: Politics, Economies, and Networks 338–197 BC. Pp. xxxii + 355. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018. $120. ISBN 978-0-521-87369-7 (cloth).

Sperti, Luigi, ed. Scultura di Iulia Concordia e Aquileia (RdA Suppl. 31). Pp. x + 163. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2017. $81. ISBN 978-887689-292-9 (paper).

Stern, Karen B. Writing on the Wall: Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity. Pp. xxiii + 283. Princeton University Press, Princeton 2018. $35. ISBN 978-0-691-16133-4 (cloth).

Sveinbjarnardóttir, Guðrun, and Helgi Þorláksson, eds. Snorri Sturluson and Reykholt: The Author and Magnate, His Life, Works, and Environment at Reykholt in Iceland. Pp. 488. Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2018. $75. ISBN 9788763546126 (cloth).

Thomas, David C. The Ebb and Flow of the Ghūrid Empire. Pp. xxxi + 381. Sydney University Press, Sydney, Australia 2018. $85. ISBN 978-1743325414 (paper).

Tiesler, Vera, and María Cecilia Lozada, eds. Social Skins of the Head: Body Beliefs and Ritual in Ancient Mesoamerica and the Andes. Pp. xv + 283. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque 2018. $85. ISBN 978-0-8263-5963-6 (cloth).

Todisco, Luigi. Prassitele di Atene: Scultore e bronzista del IV secolo (Maestri dell’arte classica 6). Pp. xii + 148. Giorgio Bretschneider, Rome 2017. $43. ISBN 978-88-7689-301-8 (paper).

Waddell, John. Myth and Materiality (Oxbow Insights in Archaeology 4). Pp. x + 182. Oxbow, Oxford 2018. $25. ISBN 978-1-78570-975-3 (paper).

Walker, John H. Island, River, and Field: Landscape Archaeology in the Llanos de Mojos. Pp. xii + 208. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque 2018. $75. ISBN 978-0-8263-5946-9 (cloth).


List of Books Received

American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 123, No. 1 (January 2019)

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