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Book Reviews October 2009

October 2009 (113.4)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews October 2009

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Selective Remembrances: Archaeology in the Construction, Commemoration, and Consecration of National Pasts (pp. 657–658)
By Philip L. Kohl, Mara Kozelsky, and Nachman Ben-Yehuda 
Reviewed by Bettina Arnold

The Best Training-Ground for Archaeologists: Francis Haverfield and the Invention of Romano-British Archaeology (pp. 658–659)
By P.W.M. Freeman 
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

The Disappearance of Writing Systems: Perspectives on Literacy and Communication (pp. 659–660)
By John Baines, John Bennet, and Stephen Houston
Reviewed by Alan Millard

L'art égéen. Vol. 1, Grèce, Cyclades, Crète jusqu'au milieu du IIe millénaire av. J.-C. (pp. 660–661)
By Jean-Claude Poursat
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Ακρωτηρι Θηρας Δυτικη Οικια: Τραπεζες-Λιθινα-Μεταλλινα-Ποικιλα (pp. 661–662)
By C.G. Doumas, A. Moundrea-Agrafioti, A. Devetzi, A. Michailidou, C.A. Televantou, and I. Tzachili 
Reviewed by Eleni Hatzaki

Archaeology and History in Sardinia from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages: Shepherds, Sailors, and Conquerors (pp. 662–663)
By Stephen L. Dyson and Robert J. Rowland 
Reviewed by Robert H. Tykot

Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100–700 B.C.E. (pp. 663–664)
By Susan Langdon 
Reviewed by Carolyn Chabot Aslan

Fragments of Archaic Crete: Archaeological Studies on Time and Space (pp. 664–665)
By Lena Sjögren
Reviewed by Brice Erickson

Skulpturen und Statuenbasen: Von der Klassischen Epoche bis in die Kaiserzeit (pp. 666–667)
By Axel Filges and Wolfgang Günther 
Reviewed by Stella Skaltsa

Il Santuario dei Palici: Un centro di culto nella Valle del Margi (pp. 667–668)
By Laura Maniscalco
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Pistiros III: Excavations and Studies (pp. 668–669)
By Jan Bouzek, Lidia Domaradzka, and Zofia Halina Archibald 
Reviewed by Emil Nankov

Private Worship, Public Values, and Religious Change in Late Antiquity (pp. 669–670)
By Kim Bowes 
Reviewed by Sarah E. Bassett