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Book Reviews July 2008

July 2008 (112.3)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews July 2008

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Mediterranean Prehistoric Heritage: Training, Education and Management (pp. 543–544)
By Ian Hodder and Louise Doughty
Reviewed by Sarah Colley

The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East: Transforming the Human Landscape (pp. 544–545)
By Alan H. Simmons
Reviewed by Marion Benz

Representations of Political Power: Case Histories from Times of Change and Dissolving Order in the Ancient near East (pp. 545–546)
By Marlies Heinz and Marian H. Feldman
Reviewed by Mark B. Garrison

I Micenei: Archeologia, storia, società dei Greci prima di Omero (p. 547)
By Massimo Cultraro
Reviewed by Kazimierz Lewartowski

The Organization of the Anatolian Local Cults during the Thirteenth Century B.C.: An Appraisal of the Hittite Cult Inventories (pp. 547–549)
By Joost Hazenbos
Reviewed by Giulia Torri

Eros on the Nile (pp. 549–550)
By Karol Myśliwie and Geoffrey L. Packer
Reviewed by Maryline Parca

Pyrgouthi: A Rural Site in the Berbati Valley from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity. Excavations by the Swedish Institute at Athens 1995 and 1997 (pp. 550–551)
By Jenni Hjohlman, Arto Penttinen, and Berit Wells
Reviewed by Cynthia K. Kosso

Frühes Ionien: Eine Bestandsaufnahme. Panionion-Symposium Güzelçamli, 26 September1 Oktober 1999 (pp. 552–553)

By Justus Cobet, Volkmar von Graeve, Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, and Konrad Zimmerman
Reviewed by Alan M. Greaves

Griechische Doppelreliefs (pp. 553–554)
By Johann-Christoph Wulfmeier
Reviewed by Carol Lawton

The Excavations at Ancient Halieis. Vol. 2, the Houses: The Organization and Use of Domestic Space (pp. 554–555)
By Bradley A. Ault
Reviewed by Elizabeth Langridge-Noti

Rois, cités, nécropoles: Institutions, rites et monuments en Macédoine. Actes des colloques de Nanterre (December 2002) et d'Athènes (Janvier 2004) (pp. 555–556)
By Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, Miltiade B. Hatzopoulos, Yvette Morizot
Reviewed by Jacek Rzepka

Etruscan Myth, Sacred History, and Legend (pp. 556–557)
By Nancy Thomson de Grummond
Reviewed by Alexandra Carpino

Antiquity Recovered: The Legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum (pp. 557–558)
By Victoria C. Gardner Coates et al.
Reviewed by Anne Laidlaw

The Aphrodite of Aphrodisias (p. 559)
By Lisa M. Brody
Reviewed by Anne Marie Carstens