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Book Reviews April 2006

April 2006 (110.2)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews April 2006

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists (pp. 311–312)
By Getzel M. Cohen and Martha Sharp Joukowsky 
Reviewed by Cheryl Claassen

Excavation (pp. 312–313)
By S. Roskams 
Reviewed by John Collis

Durankulak 2: Die prähistorischen Gräberfelder von Durankulak (pp. 313–314)
By Henrieta Todorova
Reviewed by Zofia H. Archibald

Zwischen Karpaten und Ägäis. Neolithikum und ältere Bronzezeit. Gedenkschrift für Viera Němejcová-Pavuková (pp. 314–315)
By Bernhard Hansel and Elena Studenikova 
Reviewed by Maureen Basedow

Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt (pp. 316–317)
By Corinna Rossi 
Reviewed by Annette Imhausen

Crete beyond the Palaces: Proceedings of the Crete 2000 Conference (pp. 317–319)
By Leslie Preston Day, Margaret S. Mook, and James D. Muhly 
Reviewed by Lefteris Platon

Tiryns 10: Die Palastkeramik (pp. 319–320)
By Walter Voigtländer 
Reviewed by Walter Gauss

Aegean Seals. An Introduction (pp. 320–322)
By Olga Krzyszkowska 
Reviewed by Judith Weingarten

Early Riders: The Beginnings of Mounted Warfare in Asia and Europe (pp. 322–323)
By Robert Drews 
Reviewed by Nicholas Sekunda

Les Lyciens et la mort: Une étude d'histoire sociale (pp. 323–324)
By Anne-Valérie Schweyer 
Reviewed by Konstantinos Kopanias

Corinth 20: The Centenary 1896–1996 (pp. 324–326)
By Charles K. Williams and Nancy Bookidis 
Reviewed by Mark L. Lawall

Megara Hyblaia and Selinous: The Development of Two Greek City-States in Archaic Sicily (pp. 326–327)
By Franco De Angelis 
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

The Parthenon and Its Sculptures (pp. 327–328)
By Michael B. Cosmopoulos 
Reviewed by Mary B. Hollinshead

Epinetron. Storia di una forma ceramica fra archeologia e cultura (pp. 328–329)
By Chiara Mercati 
Reviewed by Pamela Benbow

Athens and Macedon: Attic Letter-Cutters of 300 to 229 B.C. (pp. 329–330)
By Stephen V. Tracy 
Reviewed by Elizabeth Kosmetatou

Antike Bildmosaiken (pp. 331–332)
By Bernard Andreae
Reviewed by Roger Ling

Etruscan Inscriptions from the Collections of Olof August Danielsson. Addenda to CIE II 1, 4 (pp. 332–333)
By Charlotte Wikander and Örjan Wikander 
Reviewed by Larissa Bonfante

The Orientalizing Bucchero from the Lower Building at Poggio Civitate (Murlo) (pp. 333–334)
By Jon Berkin
Reviewed by Judy K. Deuling

Statues in Roman Society: Representation and Response (pp. 334–335)
By Peter Stewart 
Reviewed by Lea Stirling

Des Artisans a la Campagne: Carrière de meules, forge et voie gallo-romaines à Châbles (p. 336)
By Timothy J. Anderson et al. 
Reviewed by Ervan G. Garrison

Celts from Antiquity (pp. 337–338)
By Gillian Carr and Simon Stoddart
Reviewed by Mike Turner

Die geometrischen Mosaiken der Villa bei Piazza Armerina: Analyse und Werkstattfrage (pp. 338–339)
By Petra C. Baum-vom Felde
Reviewed by Nancy J. Mactague

Textilien des Mittelmeerraumes aus spätan-tiker bis frühislamischer Zeit (pp. 339–340)
By Sabine Schrenk
Reviewed by Thelma K. Thomas