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Book Reviews January 2004

January 2004 (108.1)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews January 2004

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Natural Disasters and Cultural Change (pp. 111-–12)
By R. Torrence and J. Grattan
Reviewed by Les Cole

Agency in Archaeology (pp. 112–113)
By Marcia-Anne Dobres and John E. Robb
Reviewed by Louise A. Hitchcock

Thinking through the Body: Archaeologies of Corporeality (pp. 113–115)
By Yannis Hamilakis, Mark Pluciennik, and Sarah Tarlow 
Reviewed by Nancy L. Wicker

Nestor's Wine Cups: Investigating Ceramic Manufacture and Exchange in a Late Bronze Age "Mycenaean" State (pp. 115–116)
By Michael L. Galaty 
Reviewed by Patrick M. Thomas

Prehistoric Britain: The Ceramic Basis (pp. 117–118)
By Ann Woodward and J.D. Hill 
Reviewed by Alison Sheridan

The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls (pp. 118–119)
By Jodi Magness
Reviewed by Sidnie White Crawford

Shechem. Vol. 3, The Stratigraphy and Architecture of Shechem/Tel Balatah, in 2 Vols. (pp. 119–120)
By Edward F. Campbell 
Reviewed by Steven M. Ortiz

The Cyprus Collections in the Medelhavsmuseet (pp. 120–121)
By Vassos Karageorghis et al. 
Reviewed by Derek B. Counts 

Vasen für Etrurien: Verbreitung und Funktionen attischer Keramik im Etrurien des 6. und 5. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (pp. 122–123)
By Christoph Reusser 
Reviewed by Dimitris Paleothodoros

Actes du Congrès International sur Antioche de Pisidie (pp. 123–125)
By Thomas Drew-Bear, Mehmet Taşlıalan, and Christine M. Thomas 
Reviewed by Andrew L. Goldman

Mountain and Plain: From the Lycian Coast to the Phrygian Plateau in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Period (pp. 125–126)
By Martin Harrison and Wendy Young
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller 

Pots for the Living, Pots for the Dead (pp. 126–127)
By Annette Rathje, Marjatta Nielson, and Bodil Bundgaard Rasmussen 
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker

Antike Lampen im Landesmuseum Mainz (pp. 127–128)
By Annette Kirsch
Reviewed by Eric C. Lapp

L'Organisation de l'armée sous les Antigonids: Problèmes anciens et documents nouveaux (pp. 128–130)
By M.B. Hatzopoulos 
Reviewed by Everett L. Wheeler

Mapping Augustan Rome (pp. 130–132)
By Lothar Haselberger et al.
Reviewed by Diane Favro

Frontinus' Legacy: Essays on Frontinus' De aquibus urbis Romae (pp. 132–133)
By D.R. Blackman et al.
Reviewed by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

The Natural History of Pompeii (pp. 133–134)
By Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski and Frederick G. Meyer 
Reviewed by Kimberly Flinthamilton

Der spätrömische Limes in Syrien: Archäologische Untersuchungen an den Grenzkastellen von Sura, Terapyrgium, Cholle und in Resafa (pp. 134–135)
By Michaela Konrad, H.R. Baldus, and T. Ulbert 
Reviewed by Sam Lieu 

Memoria de los antepasados: Puesta en escena y desarrollo del elogio fúnebre romano by Javier Arce; Imagen y memoria: Monumentos funerarios con retratos en la Colonia Augusta Emerita (pp. 135–137)
By Jonathan Edmonson, Trinidad Nogales Basarrate, Walter Trillmich 
Reviewed by Mary T. Boatwright

Akten des Symposiums "Frühchristliche Sarkophage," Marburg (pp. 137–138)
By Guntram Koch and Karin Kirchhainer
Reviewed by Dale Kinney

Ancient Abila: An Archaeological History (pp. 138–139)
By John D. Wineland 
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

Interpreting Late Antiquity: Essays on the Postclassical World (pp. 139–141)
By G.W. Bowersock, Peter Brown, and Oleg Grabar 
Reviewed by Hagith Sivan