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Book Reviews July 2003

July 2003 (107.3)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews July 2003

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

The Archaeology of Colonialism (pp. 493–494)
By Claire L. Lyons and John K. Papadopoulos 
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

Darwin and Archaeology: A Handbook of Key Concepts (pp. 494–495)
By John P. Hart and John Edward Terrell 
Reviewed by Darcy F. Morey 

Ethnoarchaeology in Action (pp. 495–496)
By Nicholas David and Carol Kramer 
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker 

Style and Function: Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Archaeology (pp. 496–497)
By Teresa D. Hurt and Gordon F.M. Rakita 
Reviewed by Stephen Shennan

Geophysical Data in Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice (p. 497)
By Armin Schmidt 
Reviewed by Louise Krasniewicz

La brique antique et médiévale: Production et commercialisation d'un matériau (pp. 497–498)
By Patrick Boucheron, Henri Broise, and Yvon Thébert
Reviewed by Marcus Rautman

Dogs in Antiquity: Anubis to Cerberus: The Origins of the Domestic Dog (pp. 498–500)
By Douglas Brewer, Terence Clark, and Adrian Phillips
Reviewed by Kate Clark

Classical Cats (pp. 498–500)
By Donald Engels 
Reviewed by Kate Clark

The Early Neolithic in Greece: The First Farming Communities in Europe (pp. 500–502)
By Catherine Perlès 
Reviewed by Marianna Nikolaidou

Pseira. Vol. 2, Building AC (The "Shrine") and Other Buildings in Area A (pp. 502–503)
By Philip P. Betancourt and Costis Davaras
Reviewed by Peter Warren

The Archaeology of Israelite Samaria. Vol. 2, The Eighth Century BCE (pp. 503–504)
By Ron E. Tappy 
Reviewed by Steven M. Ortiz

Music in Ancient Israel/Palestine: Archaeological, Written and Comparative Sources (pp. 504–505)
By Joachim Braun 
Reviewed by Simon Goldhill

Early Dilmun Seals from Saar: Art and Commerce in Bronze Age Bahrain (pp. 505–506)
By Harriet Crawford 
Reviewed by Daniel Thomas Potts 

Memoirs of the Oriental Department of the Russian Archaeological Society. Vol. 26 (pp. 506–507)
By V.M. Masson
Reviewed by Jeffrey D. Lerner

Cleaning and Controversy: The Parthenon Sculptures 1811–1939 (pp. 507–509)
By Ian Jenkins
Reviewed by Jenifer Neils

Style and Politics in Athenian Vase-Painting: The Craft of Democracy, ca. 530–460 B.C.E. (pp. 509–510)
By Richard T. Neer 
Reviewed by John H. Oakley

Τὸ Θωράκιο Τοῦ Ναοῦ τῆς Ἀθηνᾶς Νίκης (pp. 510–511)
By Maria S. Brouskari 
Reviewed by Peter Schultz

Household and City Organization at Olynthus (pp. 511–513)
By Nicholas D. Cahill 
Reviewed by Barbara Tsakirgis

The Treasuries at Delphi: An Architectural Study (pp. 513–514)
By Elena C. Partida 
Reviewed by Frances van Keuren

The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports. Vol. 7, The Corinthian Pottery (pp. 514–515)
By Arcadia Kocybala 
Reviewed by Hanne Thomasen 

Thasos: Matières premières et technologie de la préhistoire à nos jours, actes du colloque international, Thasos, Liménaria, 26–29/9/1995 (pp. 515–517)
By Chaido Koukouli-Chrysanthaki, Arthur Muller, and Stratis Papadopoulos 
Reviewed by Zofia Halina Archibald

The Tomb of Lars Porsenna at Clusium, and Its Religious and Political Implications (pp. 517–518)
By William M. Gaugler, William J. Venuti, and Peter A.J. Englert 
Reviewed by P. Gregory Warden

Gens Augusta: Untersuchungen zu Aufstellung, Wirkung und Bedeutung der Statuengruppen des julisch-claudischen Kaiserhauses (pp. 518–519)
By Dietrich Boschung 
Reviewed by Charles Brian Rose

Agrarian Change in Late Antiquity: Gold, Labour, and Aristocratic Dominance (pp. 519–521)
By Jairus Benaji 
Reviewed by Cynthia Kosso