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Book Reviews October 2005

October 2005 (109.4)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews October 2005

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Ethical Issues in Archaeology (pp. 793–794)
By Larry J. Zimmerman, Karen D. Vitelli, and Julie Hollowell-Zimmer 
Reviewed by J. Ned Woodall

A Companion to Archaeology (pp. 794–795)
By John Bintliff 
Reviewed by Daniel J. Pullen

The Analysis of Urban Animal Bone Assemblages: A Handbook for Archaeologists (pp. 795–796)
By T.P. O'Connor 
Reviewed by Dale Serjeantson

Colouring the Past: The Significance of Colour in Archaeological Research (pp. 796–797)
By Andrew Jones and Gavin McGregor
Reviewed by Irene Good

The Archaeology of Contact in Settler Societies (pp. 797–798)
By Tim Murray 
Reviewed by Peter van Dommelen

Rad und Wagen. Der Ursprung einer Innovation Wagen im Vorderen Orient und Europa (pp. 798–799)
By Mamoun Fansa and Stefan Burmeister
Reviewed by Elena Izbitser

Η Ναξοσ και το κρητο-μυκηναικο Αιγαιο: Στωματογραφια κεραμικη, οικονομικη οργανωση του υστεροελλαδικου ΙΙΙΙΒ οικισμου τησ Γροττασ (pp. 799–800)
By Michael B. Cosmopoulos
Reviewed by Carol R. Hershenson

Book of the Sphinx (pp. 800–801)
By Willis Goth Regier 
Reviewed by Joshua T. Katz

New Measurements and Observations of the Treasury of Massaliotes, the Doric Treasury and the Tholos in the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia at Delphi (pp. 801–802)
By J. Ito et al. 
Reviewed by Margaret M. Miles

La Céramique thasienne à figures noires (pp. 802–804)
By A. Coulié
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Ireland 1, University College Dublin, University College Cork (pp. 804–806)
By Alan W. Johnston and Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood
Reviewed by K.W. Arafat

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Great Britain 19, Winchester College (pp. 804–806)
By John Falconer and Thomas Mannack
Reviewed by K.W. Arafat

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Deutschland 9, Berlin, Antikensammlung ehemals Antiquarium. Attische Rotfigürige Hydrien, attische Firnis-Hydrien (pp. 804–806)
By Elke Böhr 
Reviewed by K.W. Arafat

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Deutschland 76. Dresden 1, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Skulpturensammlung (pp. 806–807)
By Rolf Hurschmann 
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Geology and Settlement: Greco-Roman Patterns (pp. 807–808)
By Dora P. Crouch 
Reviewed by Michael D. Higgins

Archéologie des sanctuaires en Gaule romaine (pp. 808–809)
By W. van Andringa 
Reviewed by Maureen Carroll

Materiali votivi dal Foro Triangolare di Pompei (pp. 809–810)
By Maria Teresa D'Alessio
Reviewed by L. Richardson Jr.

The Ancient Synagogue from Its Origins until 200 C.E: Papers Presented at an International Conference at Lund University, October 14–17, 2001 (pp. 810–813)
By Birger Olsson and Magnus Zetterholm
Reviewed by Adam L. Porter

The Synagogue of Ancient Ostia and the Jews of Rome (pp. 810–813)
By Birger Olsson, Dieter Mitternacht, and Olof Brandt
Reviewed by Adam L. Porter

Der zweite Stil in pompeijanischen Wohnhäusern (pp. 813–814)
By Ernst Heinrich 
Reviewed by L. Richardson Jr.

Ancient Mosaics and Wallpaintings (pp. 814–815)
By Helen Whitehouse 
Reviewed by Rolf Winkes

Blood in the Arena: The Spectacle of Roman Power (pp. 815–816)
By Alison Futrell
Reviewed by Steven M. Cerutti

The Roman Banquet: Images of Conviviality (pp. 816–817)
By Katherine M.D. Dunbabin 
Reviewed by Robert I. Curtis

Late Iron Age and Roman Silchester. Excavations on the Site of the Forum-Basilica 1977, 1980–86 (p. 818)
By Michael Fulford and Jane Timby 
Reviewed by Philip de Jersey

Griechenland in der Kaiserzeit: Neue Funde und Forschungen zu Skulptur, Architektur und Topographie (pp. 819–820)
By Christoph Reusser 
Reviewed by Barbara E. Borg

Silver and Society in Late Antiquity: Functions and Meanings of Silver Plate in the Fourth to Seventh Centuries (pp. 820–822)
By Ruth E. Leader-Newby
Reviewed by Anthony Cutler