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Book Reviews April 2005

April 2005 (109.2)

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews April 2005

The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Figuring It out, What Are We? Where Do We Come from? The Parallel Visions of Artists and Archaeologists (pp. 287–289)
By Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Judith Weingarten

The Human Fossil Record (pp. 289–291)
By Jeffrey H. Schwartz et al.
Reviewed by David W. Frayer

The Proto-Neolithic Cemetery in Shanidar Cave (pp. 291–292)
By R.S. Solecki, R.L. Solecki, and A.P. Agelarakis
Reviewed by Brian L. Peasnall

Prehistoric Sitagroi: Excavations in North-East Greece, 1968–1970. Vol. 2, The Final Report (pp. 292–293)
By Ernestine S. Elster and Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Nikos Efstratiou

Το Ιερό του Ερμή και τησ ΑΦροδιτής στη Σύμη Βιάννου, 3, Τα χαλκινά άνθρωπομόΦα ειδλια (pp. 294–295)
By Angeliki Lebessi 
Reviewed by Aliki Moustaka

Des Minoens en Égypte? "Keftiou" et "les îles au milieu du Grand Vert" (pp. 295–297)
By Yves Duhoux 
Reviewed by E.J.W. Barber

Late Helladic Simple Graves. A Study of Mycenaean Burial Customs (pp. 297–298)
By Kazimierz Lewartowski 
Reviewed by Patrick M. Thomas

Affairs and Scandals in Ancient Egypt (pp. 298–299)
By Pascal Vernus and D. Lorton 
Reviewed by T.G. Wilfong

Uruk Früheste Siegelabrollungen (pp. 300–301)
By Rainer Michael Boehmer
Reviewed by Barbara A. Porter

The "Ur-Nammu" Stela (pp. 301–303)
By Jeanny Vorys Canby
Reviewed by Claudia E. Suter

The Archaeology of Syria: From Complex Hunter-Gatherers to Early Urban Societies (ca. 16,000–300 BC) (pp. 303–304)
By Peter M.M.G. Akkermans and Glenn M. Schwartz 
Reviewed by Nicolò Marchetti

Ancient Perceptions of Greek Ethnicity by Irad Malkin; Heterological Ethnicity. Conceptualizing Identities in Ancient Greece (pp. 304–307)
By Johannes Siapkas 
Reviewed by A. Dakouri-Hild

The Sacrificial Rituals of Greek Hero-Cults in the Archaic to the Early Hellenistic Periods (pp. 307–308)
By Gunnel Ekroth
Reviewed by Nora Dimitrova

Peloponnesian Sanctuaries and Cults. Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium at the Swedish Institute at Athens, 11–13 June 1994 (pp. 308–311)
By Robin Hägg
Reviewed by Carla M. Antonaccio

Panathenaïka. Symposion zu den Panthenaïschen Preisamphoren. Rauischholzhausen, 25–29 November 1998 (pp. 311–312)
By Martin Bentz and Norbert Eschbach 
Reviewed by Ann Blair Brownlee

Greek Vase Painting: Form, Figure and Narrative. Treasures of the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid (pp. 312–314)
By P. Gregory Warden 
Reviewed by J. Michael Padgett 

Greek Historical Inscriptions 404–323 BC (pp. 314–315)
By P.J. Rhodes and Robin Osborne 
Reviewed by James P. Sickinger

Hellenistic Palaces: Tradition and Renewal (pp. 315–317)
By Inge Nielsen 
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

Les Portraits des Attalides. Fonction et representation (pp. 317–318)
By François Queyrel 
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

Die Roemischen Lampen aus Pergamon vom Beginn der Kaiserzeit bis zum Ende des 4Jhs. n. Chr. (pp. 318–319)
By Andreas Heimerly
Reviewed by Hector Williams

Etruscan and Republican Roman Mouldings, a Reissue of the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome XXVIII, 1965. 2 vols. (pp. 319–320)
By Lucy Shoe Meritt and Ingrid E.M. Edlund-Berry 
Reviewed by James C. Anderson Jr.

Discs of Splendor: The Relief Mirrors of the Etruscans (pp. 320–322)
By Alexandra A. Carpino 
Reviewed by Ingela M.B. Wiman

Pompeii (pp. 322–323)
By Alison E. Cooley
Reviewed by L. Richardson Jr.

Pompeian Households. An Analysis of the Material Culture (pp. 323–324)
By Penelope E. Allison 
Reviewed by L. Richardson Jr.

Untersuchungen zu Form und Funktion kleinformatiger Porträts der römischen Kaiserzeit (pp. 324–325)
By Karsten Dahmen 
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bartman 

Städtebau und Bauherren im römischen Kleinasien: Ein Vergleich zwischen Pergamon und Ephesos (pp. 325–328)
By Helmut Halfmann
Reviewed by Christopher Ratté

Romano-British Coin Hoards (pp. 328–329)
By Richard Anthony Abdy 
Reviewed by Kris Lockyear 

Corpus des mosaïques romaines du portugal, 2. Conventus pacensis. Vol. 1, La villa de torre de palma (pp. 329–330)
By J. Lancha et al. 
Reviewed by Roger Ling

After Antiquity: Ceramics and Society in the Aegean from the 7th to the 20th Century A.D. A Case Study from Boeotia, Central Greece (pp. 330–332)
By Joanita Vroom
Reviewed by Kostis Kourelis

Traditional Pottery and Potters in Cyprus. The Disappearance of an Ancient Craft Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries (pp. 330–332)
By Ioannis Ionas 
Reviewed by Kostis Kourelis