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Volume 117 (2013) Index

Volume 117 (2013) Index

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Aprile, J.D., Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: The New Political Economy of Nichoria: Using Intrasite Distributional Data to Investigate Regional Institutions: 429–36

Archaeological Institute of America, Awards Presented at the 114th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America: 293–301

Ball, L.F., and J.J. Dobbins, Pompeii Forum Project: Current Thinking on the Pompeii Forum: 461–92

Baltes. See Dillon and Baltes.

Barr-Sharrar, B., Some Comprehensive New Publications on Ancient Macedonia: 599–608

Boozer, A.L., Frontiers and Borderlands in Imperial Perspectives: Exploring Rome’s Egyptian Frontier: 275–92

Brogan, T.M., “Minding the Gap”: Reexamining the Early Cycladic III “Gap” from the Perspective of Crete. A Regional Approach to Relative Chronology, Networks, and Complexity in the Late Prepalatial Period: 555–67

Broodbank, C., “Minding the Gap”: Thinking About Change in Early Cycladic Island Societies from a Comparative Perspective: 535–43

D’Ambra, E., Mode and Model in the Flavian Female Portrait: 511–25

Davis, J.L., “Minding the Gap”: A Problem in Eastern Mediterranean Chronology, Then and Now: 527–33

Dillon, S., and E.P. Baltes, Honorific Practices and the Politics of Space on Hellenistic Delos: Portrait Statue Monuments Along the Dromos: 207–46

Dobbins. See Ball and Dobbins.

Feinman, G.M., Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: Reenvisioning Ancient Economies. Beyond Typological Constructs: 453–59

Finné. See Weiberg and Finné.

Frankel. See Webb and Frankel.

Galanakis, Y., Early Prehistoric Research on Amorgos and the Beginnings of Cycladic Archaeology: 181–205

Galaty. See Parkinson et al.

Graham, A.S., The Word Is Not Enough: A New Approach to Assessing Monumental Inscriptions. A Case Study from Roman Ephesos: 383–412

Hritz, C., Urbanocentric Models and “Rural Messiness”: A Case Study in the Balikh River Valley, Syria: 141–61

Hruby, J., Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: The Palace of Nestor, Craft Production, and Mechanisms for the Transfer of Goods: 423–27

Kouka, O., “Minding the Gap”: Against the Gaps. The Early Bronze Age and the Transition to the Middle Bronze Age in the Northern and Eastern Aegean/Western Anatolia: 569–80

Letesson, Q., Minoan Halls: A Syntactical Genealogy: 303–51

McMahon, A., Space, Sound, and Light: Toward a Sensory Experience of Ancient Monumental Architecture: 163–79

Meyers, G.E., Women and the Production of Ceremonial Textiles: A Reevaluation of Ceramic Textile Tools in Etrusco-Italic Sanctuaries: 247–74

Miller, N.F., Symbols of Fertility and Abundance in the Royal Cemetery at Ur, Iraq: 127–33

Nakassis. See Parkinson et al.

Papadopoulos, J.K., Always Present, Ever Changing, Never Lost from Human View: The Athenian Acropolis in the 21st Century: 135–40

Papadatos, Y., and P. Tomkins, Trading, the Longboat, and Cultural Interaction in the Aegean During the Late Fourth Millennium B.C.E.: The View from Kephala Petras, East Crete: 353–81

Papantoniou, G., Cyprus from Basileis to Strategos: A Sacred-Landscapes Approach: 33–57

Parkinson, W.A., D. Nakassis, and M.L. Galaty, Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: Introduction: 413–22

Proulx, B.B., Archaeological Site Looting in “Glocal” Perspective: Nature, Scope, and Frequency: 111–25

Pullen, D.J., “Minding the Gap”: Bridging the Gaps in Cultural Change Within the Early Bronze Age Aegean: 545–53

Pullen, D.J., Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: Exchanging the Mycenaean Economy: 437–45

Rutter, J.B., “Minding the Gap”: From Filling Archaeological Gaps to Accounting for Cultural Breaks: A 2013 Perspective on a Continuing Story: 593–97

Sapirstein, P., Painters, Potters, and the Scale of the Attic Vase-Painting Industry: 493–510

Shaya, J., The Public Life of Monuments: The Summi Viri of the Forum of Augustus: 83–110

Shelmerdine, C.W., Crafts, Specialists, and Markets in Mycenaean Greece: Economic Interplay Among Households and States: 447–52

Tomkins. See Papadatos and Tomkins.

Webb, J.M., and D. Frankel, Cultural Regionalism and Divergent Social Trajectories in Early Bronze Age Cyprus: 59–81

Weiberg, E., and M. Finné, Mind or Matter? People-Environment Interactions and the Demise of Early Helladic II Society in the Northeastern Peloponnese: 1–31

Wiener, M.H., “Minding the Gap”: Gaps, Destructions, and Migrations in the Early Bronze Age Aegean. Causes and Consequences: 581–92

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McCredie, J.R., Evelyn Byrd Harrison, 1920–2012

Book Reviews

Alram-Stern, E., Rev. of Pullen, Nemea Valley Archaeological Project. Vol. 1, The Early Bronze Age Village on Tsoungiza Hill

Anderson, M.A., Rev. of Laurence and Newsome, eds., Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: Movement and Space

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Zournatzi, A., Rev. of Álvarez-Mon and Garrison, eds., Elam and Persia

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Volume 117 (2013) Index

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