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Volume 116 (2012) Index

Volume 116 (2012) Index

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Adornato, G., Phalaris: Literary Myth or Historical Reality? Reassessing Archaic Akragas: 483–506

Archaeological Institute of America, Awards Presented at the 113th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America: 363–68

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Book Reviews

Alroth, B., Rev. of Prêtre, ed., Le donateur, loffrande et la déesse: Systèmes votifs dans les sanctuaires de déesses du monde grec. Actes du 31e colloque international organisé par lUMR Halma-Ipel (Université Charles-de-Gaulle/Lille 3, 13–15 Décembre 2007)

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Howe, T.N., Rev. of Senseney, The Art of Building in the Classical World: Vision, Craftsmanship, and Linear Perspective in Greek and Roman Architecture

Kardulias, P.N., Rev. of Jennings, Globalizations and the Ancient World

Kielt Costello, S., Rev. of Marchesi and Marchetti (Watson, trans.), Royal Statuary of Early Dynastic Mesopotamia

Kleiner, D.E.E., Rev. of Prusac, From Face to Face: Recarving of Roman Portraits and the Late-Antique Portrait Arts

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Krentz, P., Rev. of Buraselis and Meidani, eds., Marathon: The Battle and the Ancient Deme

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Maeir, A., Rev. of Sasson, Animal Husbandry in Ancient Israel: A Zooarchaeological Perspective on Livestock Exploitation, Herd Management and Economic Strategies

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Nanoglou, S., Rev. of Lillios and Tsamis, Material Mnemonics: Everyday Memory in Prehistoric Europe

Neils, J., Rev. of Fehr, Becoming Good Democrats and Wives: Civic Education and Female Socialization on the Parthenon Frieze

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Papalexandrou, N., Rev. of Despinis, Ἄρτεµις Βραυρωνία: Λατρευτικά ἀγάλµατα καί ἀναθήµατα ἀπό τά ἱερά τῆς θεᾶς στή Βραυρώνα καί τήν Ἀκρόπολη τῆς Ἀθήνας

Peña, J.T., Rev. of Reynolds, Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean, AD 100–700: Ceramics and Trade

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Tsetskhladze, G., Rev. of Dietler, Archaeologies of Colonialism: Consumption, Entanglement, and Violence in Ancient Mediterranean France

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Turfa, J.M., Rev. of Gabrielli, Ceramica etrusco-corinzia del Museo archeologico di Tarquinia

Uhlenbrock, J.P., Rev. of Bookidis, The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Terracotta Sculpture

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Winkes, R., Rev. of Caneva, Il codice botanico di Augusto: Roma, Ara Pacis. Parlare al popolo attraverso le immagini della natura/The Augustus Botanical Code: Rome, Ara Pacis. Speaking to the People Through the Images of Nature

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Zagermann, M., Rev. of Collins and Allason-Jones, eds., Finds from the Frontier: Material Culture in the 4th–5th Centuries

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Volume 116 (2012) Index

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