• Louise Steel

    This article explores social practices and the material world at Aredhiou Vouppes, a Late Bronze Age rural community in the Cypriot hinterland. In-depth analysis of the excavation results demonstrates that this site was more complex than current typologies of inland production centers, based mainly on survey data, would suggest. Instead, it was multifunctional and played an important economic role within the wider Cypriot landscape.

  • Samuel Holzman
    Includes Open Access Supplementary Content

    Contrary to the prevalent assumption that stringed instruments were absent from Phrygian music, tortoise-shell lyres excavated at Gordion show that such instruments were played in Phrygia during its heyday.

  • Philip Sapirstein

    This article presents the first results of an ongoing investigation of the Temple of Hera at Olympia. Because it is traditionally believed that the temple was designed with wooden columns that were only later replaced by the stone columns now in situ, the Heraion has been widely cited as a key example for the tectonic theory of the origins of Doric architecture.

  • Jamie Sewell

    The article presents and discusses the results, relevant to the period 350–300 B.C.E., from an interrogation of a new archaeological database containing 583 (proto)urban centers (≥2 ha) of the Italian peninsula. Quantitative and geospatial analyses of site numbers, dated fortifications, and instances of regularized town planning reveal that the Early Hellenistic period was the most dynamic period of peninsular settlement growth in classical antiquity.

  • Glenn J. Corbett
    Donald R. Keller
    Barbara A. Porter
    China P. Shelton
    Includes Open Access Supplementary Content

    The 2016 edition of the “Archaeology in Jordan” newsletter presents short reports on selected archaeological projects conducted during 2014 and 2015 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Reports are generally organized geographically, starting with the eastern panhandle and then moving from north to south.