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The Keros Hoard Revisited

April 2008 (112.2)

The Keros Hoard Revisited

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Head and part of a neck from the Keros Hoard
Head and part of a neck from the Keros Hoard

I am adamant that the objects formerly in the Erlenmeyer Collection are neither more characteristic of the Keros Hoard nor more valid members of it than the other objects I have associated with this extremely large body of material, now firmly identified as coming from Kavos on Keros. My persistence, as explained in the present Forum Response, is both grounded in a somewhat "privileged" knowledge of the ways of the principal dealer involved and informed by a long familiarity with many of the pieces associated with the hoard. After providing the necessary background, I offer criteria that I consider sufficient to associate objects with the hoard, and along the way I add more fragments to the catalogue provided by Sotirakopoulou in The "Keros Hoard": Myth or Reality?


DOI: 10.3764/aja.112.2.299

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