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"Minding the Gap": Bridging the Gaps in Cultural Change Within the Early Bronze Age Aegean

Principal shapes of the Kastri/Lefkandi I assemblage.
Principal shapes of the Kastri/Lefkandi I assemblage.

In one of the arguments about the Early Cycladic (EC) III "gap" in material culture, Jeremy Rutter recognized the Anatolianizing Kastri/Lefkandi I assemblage to be of great importance for developments in ceramics on the Early Helladic mainland. Now accepted by most scholars as having appeared in the EC/Early Helladic (EH) IIB period, rather than EC/EH III, the Kastri/Lefkandi I assemblage is not thought to be a coherent, unified package of material and social culture. Instead, there is great variation among regions of mainland Greece in how (and when) various components of the Kastri/Lefkandi I assemblage were adopted. This article explores the impact of Kastri/Lefkandi I shapes on the material culture and feasting practices of the Early Helladic mainland.

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