The Present State and Future Scope of Roman Archaeology: A Comment


Roman archaeology is in good shape, institutionally, financially, and in terms of the high quality of current research. Both fieldwork and publication have increased in quality in the last few decades and the discipline is better at disseminating information widely, albeit through fairly traditional media. The discipline is fortunate in the quality and commitment of its academic leaders and the energy and creativity of many other researchers, in universities, museums, and archaeological companies and units. The increase of activity has, however, led to a marked degree of specialization. The effects are more obvious in some national traditions than others. Anglophone scholars in particular have not produced the same works of analytical synthesis as have either their Hellenist colleagues or some of their European counterparts. The pressures leading to this situation are discussed. The prospect for Roman archaeology in the next few decades nevertheless looks very promising indeed.

DOI: 10.3764/aja.108.3.417