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Book Reviews January 2007

January 2007 (111.1)

Book Reviews January 2007


The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available for purchase on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

Schliemann's Excavations at Troia 1870–1873
By Donald F. Easton 
Reviewed by Peter Pavúk

Kykladen. Die Frühe Bronzezeit
By Jörg Rambach 
Reviewed by Jeremy B. Rutter

The "Keros Hoard": Myth or Reality? Searching for the Lost Pieces of a Puzzle
By Peggy Sotirakopoulou et al. 
Reviewed by David Gill

Reports on the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete. Vol. 2, The Settlement History of the Vrokastro Area and Related Studies
By Barbara J. Hayden et al. 
Reviewed by Eleni S. Banou

Dan 2: A Chronicle of the Excavations and the Late Bronze Age "Mycenaean" Tomb
By Avraham Biran et al. 
Reviewed by Albert Leonard Jr.

Archilochos Heros: The Cult of Poets in the Greek Polis
By Diskin Clay
Reviewed by Nora Dimitrova

Lakonische Vasenmaler des sechsten Jahrhunderts v. Chr. Supplement
By Conrad M. Stibbe 
Reviewed by Dimitris Paleothodoros

Meisterwerke. Internationales Symposion Anlässlich des 150. Geburtstag von Adolf Furtwängler. Freiburg am Breisgau 30. Juni–3. Juli 2003
By V.M. Strocka
Reviewed by Birte Lundgreen

Anonyme Griechische Porträts des 4. Jhs. v. Chr.: Chronologie und Typologie
By Dirk Piekarski
Reviewed by Jens Daehner

The Roman Remains of Northern and Eastern France: A Guidebook
By James Bromwich
Reviewed by Timothy M. Teeter

The Origins of Roman Historical Commemoration in the Visual Arts
By Peter J. Holliday
Reviewed by Eric R. Varner

Transport Amphorae and Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean: Acts of the International Colloquium at the Danish Institute at Athens, September 26–29, 2002
By Jonas Eiring; John Lund 
Reviewed by Stephan G. Schmid

Les Sarcophages païens du Musée De L'Arles Antique
By Vassiliki Gaggadis-Robin
Reviewed by Glenys Davies

Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces
By Christopher Howgego, Volker Heuchert, and Andrew Burnett 
Reviewed by Ann Johnston

Archaeology of the United Arab Emirates: Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Archaeology of the United Arab Emirates
By Dan T. Potts, H. Al-Naboodah, and P. Hellyer 
Reviewed by David F. Graf

The Sepphoris Synagogue: Deciphering an Ancient Message through Its Archaeological and Socio-Historical Contexts
By Zeev Weiss et al. 
Reviewed by Adam L. Porter