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Book Reviews July 2006


The following book reviews were published in the printed AJA only and are available on JSTOR. For more information, see access options.

First Farmers: The Origins of Agricultural Societies
By Peter Bellwood 
Reviewed by Petra Dark

Revealing the Buried Past: Geophysics for Archaeologists
By Chris Gaffney and John Gater 
Reviewed by Richard Jones

Die ägäische Frühzeit, 2 Serie: Forschungsbericht 1975–2002, 2.1: Die Frühbronzezeit in Griechenland mit Ausnahme von Kreta
By Eva Alram-Stern
Reviewed by Daniel J. Pullen

Teichiussa. Näherung und Wirklichkeit
By Walter Voigtländer 
Reviewed by Anne Marie Carstens

Culture through Objects: Ancient near Eastern Studies in Honour of P.R.S. Moorey
By Timothy Potts, Michael Roaf, and Diana Stein
Reviewed by Marian H. Feldman

The Tomb of Three Foreign Wives of Tuthmosis III
By Christine Lilyquist, James E. Hoch, A.J. Peden
Reviewed by Kate Spence

La basse vallée de l’Euphrate syrien du néolithique à l’avénement de l’Islam: Géographie, archéologie et histoire
By Bernard Geyer and Jean-Yves Monchambert
Reviewed by Giorgio Buccellati

Archaeology in the Borderlands: Investigations in Caucasia and Beyond
By Adam T. Smith and Karen S. Rubinson
Reviewed by Gregory E. Areshian

Ancient Greek Sculpture: Offering in Memory of the Sculptor Stelios Triantes
By D. Damaskos 
Reviewed by Konstantinos Kopanias

La ceramica figurata a soggetto tragico in Magna Grecia e in Sicilia
By Luigi Todisco
Reviewed by Richard Green

La tombe princière de Vix
By Claude Rolley
Reviewed by Beryl Barr-Sharrar

Greek and Cypriote Antiquities in the Archaeological Museum of Odessa
By Vassos Karageorghis and Vladimir P. Vanchugov
Reviewed by David Frankel 

Cypriot Antiquities in Dublin: The Collections of the National Museum of Ireland and University College Dublin
By Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood
Reviewed by David Frankel

Ancient Art from Cyprus in the Collections of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides
By V. Karageorghis et al. 
Reviewed by David Frankel

The Petra Pool-Complex: A Hellenistic Paradeisos in the Nabataean Capital (Results from the Petra “Lower Market” Survey and Excavations, 1998)
By Leigh-Ann Bedal 
Reviewed by Stephan G. Schmid

The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum: Life and Afterlife of a Sculpture Collection
By Carol Mattusch and Henry Lie
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bartman

Architecture in Roman Britain
By Guy de la Bédoyère 
Reviewed by Kris Lockyear

The Roman Army in Jordan
By David Kennedy
Reviewed by S. Thomas Parker

Ancient Fishing and Fish Processing in the Black Sea Region
By Tÿnes Bekker-Nielsen 
Reviewed by Judy Powell

Das germanische Königsgrab von Mušov in Mähren
By Jarošav Peska et al. 
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

The Archaeology of Midas and the Phrygians: Recent Work at Gordion
By Lisa Kealhofer 
Reviewed by Lynn E. Roller

Uruk: Siegelabdrücke auf hellenistischen Tonbullen und Tontafeln
By Gunvor Lindström 
Reviewed by Ronald Wallenfels

Die Stadt als Lebensraum. Eine kulturhistorische Analyse zum spätantiken stadtleben in Norditalien
By Annette Haug 
Reviewed by Neil Christie