Barbara A. Barletta

Barbara A. Barletta is a professor of classical art and archaeology at the University of Florida. She has a long-standing interest in the origin and use of the architectural orders. Her book on the topic, The Origins of the Greek Architectural Orders, appeared in 2001, with a paperback edition in 2009 (Cambridge and New York). Since then, she has explored the introduction of Ionic traits in the Parthenon in her contribution to the volume The Parthenon: From Antiquity to the Present, edited by Jenifer Neils (Cambridge and New York 2005) and in an article in the AJA (“In Defense of the Ionic Frieze of the Parthenon,” AJA 113 [2009] 547–68). She is currently preparing a publication of the Ionic Temple of Athena at Sounion.