Ömer Çelik

Ömer Çelik is a staff archaeologist at the Hatay Archaeology Museum. He was born and raised in Antioch. He studied protohistory and Near Eastern archaeology at Istanbul University. Currently, he is finishing his master's degree at Mustafa Kemal University in the Department of Archaeology. Since 2002, Çelik has performed mosaic rescue and archaeological excavations around the province of Hatay. Some of these include mosaic salvage excavations at Lower and Upper Harbiye (in Antioch), mosaic salvage excavations at Arsuz-Arpaçiftliği and rock tomb excavations at Kurtbağı (in Iskenderun), mosaic salvage excavations at Incirli (in Kırıkhan), and archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Epiphaneia (in Erzin) (2006–2012).