The Erechtheion and the Panathenaic Procession

View of the Acropolis.
View of the Acropolis.

The Old Temple of Athena Polias was destroyed in 480 B.C. Later it was rebuilt on a new site (the Erechtheion). This article argues that the temple was moved to make room for the Panathenaic procession. A large open area was created where the participants of the procession could gather to behold the sacrifices and the presentation of the peplos. A re-evaluation of the evidence shows that the naos of Athena Polias was probably located in the west part of the Erechtheion. The Caryatid Porch and the North Porch can be understood as visual links, connecting festival area, naos, and lower city.


DOI: 10.3764/aja.110.3.389